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Ultrasound: baby #4 is …?

07 Mar
March 7, 2008


Well, we finally had our ultrasound today and discovered what the sex is of our fourth child.  Micah, Caleb and Noah were all pretty curious to find out – okay, maybe not Noah.  He’s only two so he doesn’t really get what’s going on yet.  But anyway, there was a bunch of confusion – originally we were to have the ultrasound a couple weeks ago, but our midwife went into labor with her own pregnancy on the day of our appointment, which was just plain rude if you ask me!  ; )

So we got rescheduled to today!  Heather and I were both pretty tense … we wanted to know if this baby, our fourth would be our first girl or not.  The ultrasound tech was playing around with the 3-D imaging; these were two of the best.  You can kind of see the baby’s face in the top photo; down below you can see the hand pretty clearly.  It was kind of like the kiddo was waving to us!  At another point, the baby had a finger shoved up the nose!  Sheesh!

Well, there was no doubt about it.  In fact, I saw the truth before the tech told us … we’ll be saving our girl names for another day!  This little critter is a BOY!  Looks like I’ll have my five MAN paintball team I’ve been joking about for the last few years after all!  We’re both pretty excited – the whole pregnancy got a lot more real today!  : )  It was fun seeing him on the screen, waving, yawning, kicking … July 19th is coming up fast (due date)!


Underwear Do's and Don'ts

05 Mar
March 5, 2008

Well, my boys are pumped.  This is what happens when Caleb goes to the library with Grandma McNutt … he comes home with a book about underwear.  Underwear Do’s and Don’ts, to be exact, by Todd Parr.  It contains such pearls of wisdom as “do go shopping for underwear with a hippo, don’t let her try it on,” and “do have lots of different kinds of underwear, don’t wear it all at once,” and, of course, “do wear striped underwear if you’re a zebra, don’t wear polka-dotted ones.”  Basically, after a day, all three of them had it memorized.  Now they just sit around reading it and giggling about all the underwear stuff.  Sheesh!

Thanks, Mom!

University of Maine trip

04 Mar
March 4, 2008

I spoke at a staff conference today at the University of Maine at Orono, which was a blast!  I ended up speaking at three sessions, so it made for a full day, but it was fun.  It was a great group of people, I had fun sharing my story and talking a little bit about healthy weight loss.  On top of that, they had some great questions, so we had a good discussion time as well (and by discussion, I mean long periods of me talking with occasional moments of me letting people ask questions!)!  It was definitely nicer weather for my trip this time around; when I was there a month ago there was a snowstorm in the works, so it took significantly longer to get there and back.

I’ve already gotten a couple emails from people who have said that they’re going to make some healthy changes in their life, ignore the gimmick diets out there and do it right, which is just awesome feedback to arrive home to!  Add to that the reports from the people who have already lost impressive amounts of weight since I was there a month ago, and it’s made for an exciting time!

And speaking of University of Maine Orono, my brother Danny, an alumni, arrives in Maine later tonight!  It will be fun to catch up with him, and my boys are bouncing off the walls they’re so excited that Uncle Danny is in town!

Family snow time (photos)!

03 Mar
March 3, 2008

On Saturday, we had some fun playing in our front yard.  It’s actually a bit of a slope – not so threatening for older types, but perfect for our crowd of boys to sled on.  At 6, 4 & 2 years old, they all thought it was a massive, bone crushing double black diamond hill worthy of their fear.  It was also fun because we recently picked up a snow skate (kind of like a skateboard for snow) from Olympia Sports (actually, quite a deal; they’re 70% off if they still have any).  Anyway, here are some pics!


I tried rockin’ the snow skate … it went better than when I tried snow boarding, but I’m still not going to post the photos of the results …


Caleb also gave it a try.  He got pretty good at it, but the following photo was the result of one of his earlier tries:


Micah tried pulling a Superman on the snow skate.  It actually worked pretty good, and other than eating some snow on the way down, he picked up some decent speed.


Noah and I were using the disc to slide down, which worked pretty good most of the time.  The last one, though, we picked up some serious speed.  You can see below that we are inches from the house.  What you can’t see is the remains of our bush which is crushed beneath us and the only thing that stopped us from hitting the building!


Baby #4 on the way!

23 Jan
January 23, 2008


There you see it!  Our fourth child is on the way … much to our surprise!  This ultrasound is actually at nine weeks, which was about a month ago.  We’re excited, but still recovering from the shock – we found out about five weeks ago!  We had been so crazy busy the first couple months of the pregnancy that we didn’t even notice, so they brought us in and did an ultrasound to figure out hold the baby is, hence the early pictures (usually you don’t get one until twenty weeks or so).  The due date is July 19th, so the little tyke will be born right around MY birthday!

It was amazing to see the ultrasound (if I get around to it, I’ll youtube it); the heart beating, at one point the baby was kicking and waving its arms and legs … incredible to think just how tiny it is right now!

Pokemon Snap (snow day!)

14 Jan
January 14, 2008

Wow.  We are getting BUCKETS of snow.  It started in the wee hours of the morning (do people still say wee?), and it’s been going non-stop all day.  Which means we are cooped up in a little house with three maniac boys (according to Heather, four maniac boys … but she’s just crazy).

Enter the Nintendo Wii.  : )  I love the virtual console on the system; you can download classic games over the internet to the system.  Sweet!  The boys have been on a Pokemon kick lately, begging us to get them something to do with it, so I finally caved on got them their first Pokemon game: Pokemon Snap, the Nintendo 64 game.  Unlike all the other Pokemon games which are fighting games, this one is  kind of safari photo shoot adventure.  You ride a car and try to snap photos of all the different Pokemons on the island.  The better the picture, the greater the points.  If I’m honest, I thought it sounded kind of lame, but Heather liked the non-violent aspect to it, the boys were pumped about the Pokemons, and I was excited to quiet ’em all down for a while.  Three hours later, all five of us are STILL playing it.  It’s a complete blast!  Because different creatures come out randomly each time you play, it’s new every time; add to that the fun of saving your photos and trying to improve the shots of each character makes it a great challenge.

This game gets five out of five possible Nutthouse votes.  It’s unaminous: well worth the $10!  It’s a great family game that the kids will play over and over – and the parents will have fun playing with them!

Christmas in Pennsylvania!

30 Dec
December 30, 2007

Wow, it’s been a crazy week.  Last Sunday, after the morning Christmas service (which I was preaching at), we hit the road for my in-laws in Glen Mills, PA.  Normally a twelve hour drive, we were desperately hoping to be there that night.  See, Christmas eve, the following night, my in-laws would be singing in the choir during the Christmas eve service.  Maybe this doesn’t seem like too big a deal, but only a few years ago Herb (my father in law) was diagnosed with throat cancer, they removed a tumor the size of a golf ball from his throat, he went through radiation, etc.  And while he was told he would most likely survive all of it, he might never speak again and he certainly wouldn’t be singing.  Well, less then a year ago he was finally pronounced cancer free and cured, and was finally strong enough to return to one of his great joys: singing!  So it was a big deal for us to try and make the service so we could finally see him in the choir again!

Well, we didn’t make it that night.  We ended up crashing in a hotel and then resuming obscenely early the next morning and making it in time for the Christmas festivities with all the relatives at 11AM!  Sheesh.  I was pooped.  The service that night was wonderful, the kids loved seeing their grandparents in the choir, and I think the grandparents loved seeing them in the congregation!  The next morning we had our breakfast, gave gifts and settled down to relax when we got the phone call.

Herb’s aunt Vera, who had never married or had kids, so who had always been like a second grandmother to Herb and his family, had passed away.  So Wednesday morning we were loading up the van and heading four hours west to Jonestown to settle her affairs, attend the viewings and funeral, and then finally return to Glen Mills Saturday night.  It’s been a draining week for everyone – everyone knew she would be going home to the Lord any time – but no one expected it on Christmas.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and everyone is just kind of resting finally.  It’s been a crazy holiday … and now we’re winding up for a twelve hour drive home in the morning.  By the time we get home, I’ll have driven over 1600 miles this week.  Wow!