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Who are these Guys? (episode 31 of my new podcast is online)

15 Mar
March 15, 2008

Episode 31 of the Who are these Guys? podcast is online and ready to download!  It’s a podcast intended for youth pastors and youth workers originally launched by Tony Steward of Creative Solutions and Josh Griffin, the current high school pastor at Saddleback Church.  Anyway, when Josh moved up to lead pastor on the high school front at Rick Warren’s little church, his schedule forced him to drop one of the two podcasts he was on (the other being the Simply Youth Ministry podcast), leaving a gaping whole that Tony has filled with crew of guys from around the country … including me!  : )  We use Skype to create a conference call that can be recorded into a show.  The description for episode 31 is:

This week on the Who Are These Guys Podcast we have hosts Tom Roepke, Scott Mullens, Lee Nicholson, and Mr. Meltdown Matthew McNutt.  This week we talk about how to deal with a competitive spirit, and how it usually comes from an inaccurate measurement for gauging the success of your ministry to yourself, your pastor and you congregation. We also talk about mobile blogging, productivity and other resources.

Yes, I’m “Mr. Meltdown.”  I was having some trouble using Skype for the first time and finally connected a couple minutes after they started recording … which crashed the whole thing!  Even so, they still let me into the party and I had a great time joining the discussion.  It’s a fun thing to bounce around ideas and lessons learned with other guys that share that same love of youth ministry.  Anyway, visit the Who are these Guys? blog, subscribe to the show, and give us a listen!  You can either use the first link to download the audio file directly (just right click and select “save target as” to save to your computer), or you can use the second link to subscribe to the show with iTunes and get it automatically!

Who are these Guys?  Episode 31 direct download

Who are these Guys?  Episode 31, iTunes link

Risk, Smash Bros, Apples to Apples & too much Weird Al!

14 Mar
March 14, 2008

We had a great day today!  The local schools had the day off (teacher inservice day), so the teens all had a free day.  It ended up being a ton of fun; I grabbed the church van, rounded up the crew and we hung out at our house today.  Sean, Aleesha, Sophie, Emily, Adam and I played Risk.  I would have totally dominated except the bums teamed up on me.  I’m not bitter, I’m just saying if there hadn’t been some working together against me … they wouldn’t have stood a chance!  : )  In the end, Sean won the game.  The guy totally dominated!

Meanwhile, Heather had a crowd over at the other table playing Apples to Apples, Micah and Caleb were showing other teens how to play with the Nintendo Wii; they absolutely love Super Smash Bros. Brawl!  I thought they might get a kick out of it … but even Noah (my two year old) gets excited watching it!

When it was finally over, we loaded the van back up, cranked some Weird Al (Dare to be Stupid!), and dropped everyone off!  Then I came how and had a “boys’ night” with Micah, Caleb and Noah.  Heather had a ladies’ thing at the church (actually she’s still there!), so we crashed with some popcorn, (caffiene free) soda, pizza and some old school Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons!  I gotta say, it’s an awesome feeling just sitting with my sons relaxing at the end of the day!

Inside a Cutter's Mind (book review)

13 Mar
March 13, 2008


By Jerusha Clark with Dr. Earl Henslin; TH1NK Books, 2007, 240 pp., $12.99

Clark and Henslin have put together an incredible book on the topic of self-injury. This is an issue where it seems many have very little knowledge and a great deal of confusion, yet at the same time, if statistics are at all accurate, we all most likely have teens and adults in our lives impacted by this very issue. What the authors have put together is a thorough exploration of self injury; they deal with the psychology, the underlying issues, the triggers and shame, and they do it all in such a way that it is very understandable and eye opening. They deal with the myths and misunderstandings that are so common, and also provide great wisdom in how to respond, how to play a role in a self-injurer’s recovery, and what methods of treatment are out there. This is a must have for anyone working with young people today. It is well written, thoroughly researched and very relevant.

This review, by me, was originally published in the Journal of Student Ministries.

Vitality = Exercise

10 Mar
March 10, 2008

The following is one of the articles from my column in the Journal of Student Ministries entitled Tending the Temple.  This particular one, “Vitality = Exercise,” talks about – you guessed it – exercise!  It’s from the May/June, 2007, issue.

Tending the Temple: Vitality = Exercise (May/June, 2007)

God Cares About What We Eat

10 Mar
March 10, 2008

The following link is to an article I wrote for the March/April issue of the Journal of Student Ministries.  It’s from my Tending the Temple column; this particular one is on nutrition.  Enjoy!

Tending the Temple: God Cares About What We Eat (March/April, 2007)

Ambulance at church … again!

09 Mar
March 9, 2008

We had quite a Sunday morning!  You might remember a few weeks ago there was a nine year old who was repeatedly passing out during the Sunday morning service, an ambulance came for him, and it made for quite a day?  He’s fine, and has managed to stay awake since then … I haven’t been preaching the last few weeks, though, so that might be playing into that.

Anyway, this morning we had a similar incident.  One of the older ladies began to pass out towards the end of the service.  Thankfully she was sitting behind a nurse, and there were others nearby with level heads and great responses.  In all honesty, quite a few people thought she was having a stroke.  We had a guest speaker who was wrapping up at the time – poor guy kept going, but he knew he had lost the room at that point.  It was good, though – it kept people quiet and in their seats.  Well, the ambulance got their quickly and rushed her off to the emergency room while I led the room in prayer for her.

By the time I was finally able to leave and catch up with the others who had gone with her, almost an hour had passed.  I spent close to an hour sitting with her and praying with her when we finally got the word from the Doctor.  It wasn’t a stroke or her heart, which was a relief.  It turns out, she hadn’t been feeling well, dizzyness, etc., so she had taken a couple pills – but she had taken the wrong ones.  They dropped her blood pressure and caused her to pass out, leaving her sick and sore.  It’s a relief that she’s okay, but it will be a little while before she’s 100%.

Sheesh, two 911 calls in the space of a few weeks?  Usually we go years between calls!

Save Me From Myself (book review)

05 Mar
March 5, 2008


By Brian “Head” Welch

Wow. This was not what I expected. First the warning; if you need a clean, sanitized testimony, this isn’t the book for you. Welch doesn’t hide what his life and marriage were like during his years as the lead guitarist for Korn. Graphic memories, occasional profanity, stories of abuse, drugs and alcohol fill the first half of the book. But they only make the work of Christ in Welch’s life that much more incredible; how through his conversion experience he was able to walk away from the band, the spotlight, and literally millions of dollars – there is no denying the presence of Christ in his life. I bought the book because I have fans of Korn in my youth group and I wanted to have a talking point with them; instead I found a story so riveting that I literally read the whole thing in one day. For me, this is an important addition to my youth room – I want kids picking it up and reading his story. It is well worth the cover price!

This review, by me, was originally printed in the Journal of Student Ministries.

Reality of Failure (audio)

03 Mar
March 3, 2008

This is actually a message I gave a year or so ago, but haven’t gotten around to posting until now.  I have to admit, it’s actually one of my favorites because the passage of scripture that I was interacting with is just an absolute joy to read and explore.

1 Kings 18 records an incredible story about the prophet Elijah, hundreds of pagan priests, fire from heaven, and some fantastic smack talk.  And yet in spite of an absolutely incredible success, Elijah experiences inexplicable failure.  Or is it so unexpected?  What is so beautiful about it to me is that Elijah’s humanity really comes through in this passage; that after such an incredible high he has a horrific low.  And that is normal.  So whether it’s a spiritual failure, a personal failure, or even a weight loss failure – because while this message isn’t about weight loss, it very much delves into the exact feelings of failure that have destroyed so many of my weight loss attempts in the past.

Anyway, if you want to take a listen, you can right click the link below and select “save target as” to save it to your computer.  Enjoy!

The reality of Failure

Venti Jesus, Please (book review)

01 Mar
March 1, 2008

Greg brought a bunch of these books to snow camp to give away and use as prizes, so it reminded me of the review I had written a while back!  It’s a great book, and the teens I spoke with at camp who had already read it all told me they really loved it.  Good stuff, and you can’t beat the price!


By Greg Stier

Dare 2 Share Ministries, Inc., 2008, 108 pp., $4.50 (bulk discounts available),

A quick read, “Venti Jesus Please” is the fictional story of three teenagers hanging out at a coffee shop talking about Jesus. It is told from the perspective of the atheist teen; the other one is a Christian, and the third is an agnostic. Over the course of the conversation the reader gets a great picture of relationship evangelism as well as the message of salvation, so this is good for the kid curious about God as well as the teen wondering how to share their faith. If I’m honest, I had a hard time getting into it at first – but once I got a few pages into it, it grew on me. Stier has done a great job of capturing three distinct voices and wrapping it up without getting too preachy or unbelievable.

This review, by me, originally appeared in the Journal of Student Ministries.

Skit Guys = Hilarious

28 Feb
February 28, 2008

I stumbled across this last night and it brought back some sweet memories of laughing until my face hurt!  I was actually at this performance; in the front row, way over to the left (can’t see me).  It was at Youth Specialties’ youth worker conference in Texas a couple years ago, so this particular sketch is aimed right at youth workers – but it’s still funny!  I absolutely love these guys; you can check out their website here.  The Skit Guys have a great ministry and have put together some of the best ministry related drama resources out there.  I’ve used their skit videos as illustrations in youth group, retreats and even Sunday morning worship services with the whole church!  It’s not often you get a couple guys that can appeal to every generation!