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Three Ways to Stay Healthy on a Fast Food Diet

31 Mar
March 31, 2008

whoaretheseguys_300.jpgHey everyone, I have a guest blog post over on the Who Are These Guys? podcast/blog page!  Check it out, it’s entitled: Three Ways to Stay Healthy as a Youth Pastor on a Fast Food Diet.  You don’t have to be a youth pastor to read it, though – the tips are applicable to anyone going to a fast food joint!  Give it a read and let me know what you think!

Reality Check – my latest article

25 Mar
March 25, 2008

Hey, my latest article is online over at the Simply Youth Ministry website!  Follow the link below and check it out!  It was actually a difficult one to write because I’m still kind of processing the whole thing, but it was also a cathardic getting my thoughts out on ‘paper.’  Anyway, give it a read and let me know what you think!

reality checkreality check
My old youth pastor was on reality TV. I had written papers about him, spoke of him often, and referenced my days in his youth group …

My Paintball 2Xtremes Interview!

11 Mar
March 11, 2008

Woo-hoo!  Got a cool present in the mail yesterday!  Earlier last year I did an interview for Paintball 2Xtremes magazine (PB2X), the biggest paintball magazine in the country.  A lot of you know I absolutely love the sport and have a blast putting together tournaments, playing woodsball, and spending time with friends doing something I have a lot of fun with.  I had fun doing different television, radio and print interviews after I first got home, but I gotta admit, this one was my favorite since I love the ‘zine!  However, the May issue (my issue!) totally sold out everywhere here!  Drove me up the wall!  I have every issue before and after, but I couldn’t find it anywhere!  Well, the other week I finally remembered to pop off an email and ask the editor for a copy and he sent me several!  The article wasn’t on the magazine’s site (otherwise I would have linked to it), so if you want to check it out, just click the link below:

Paintball 2Xtremes, May, 2007 – Matthew McNutt interview

Vitality = Exercise

10 Mar
March 10, 2008

The following is one of the articles from my column in the Journal of Student Ministries entitled Tending the Temple.  This particular one, “Vitality = Exercise,” talks about – you guessed it – exercise!  It’s from the May/June, 2007, issue.

Tending the Temple: Vitality = Exercise (May/June, 2007)

God Cares About What We Eat

10 Mar
March 10, 2008

The following link is to an article I wrote for the March/April issue of the Journal of Student Ministries.  It’s from my Tending the Temple column; this particular one is on nutrition.  Enjoy!

Tending the Temple: God Cares About What We Eat (March/April, 2007)

McNutt’s weight loss plan

03 Feb
February 3, 2008
banner 2

I’ve finally gotten around to summarizing my weight loss plan into an easy to read, short guide.  It’s based on the lessons I learned from Dr. Huizenga, Dr. Altman and Cheryl Fohberg, RD; the experts from the Biggest Loser.  It also has some of my own personal takes on those lessons.  Go to the articles section of my blog to read more about the spiritual side of honoring God with your health – these summaries here are simply the basics of weight loss as I understand it and the primary tools I used.  I hope it helps and feel free to ask any questions you may have – it will help me to refine them further!  Also, I would encourage anyone who wants to download the audio files from my audio page from the Biggest Loser Boothbay weight loss group; in them I explain the plan more thoroughly, as well as answer questions from the group.

McNutt’s weight loss plan

Weight loss journal

Weight loss journal sample (it’s only partially filled in; I’m still working on it!)

Eating Habits

24 Jan
January 24, 2008

This was a post I wrote back in October, 2006, on my old website talking about my eating habits.  It’s still pretty accurate, so I pasted here and I’d love to answer any questions people might have!

I keep saying I’m going to post about what I’m eating … and then not doing it! I guess it’s just seemed easier to do than I thought it would be! I get the feeling at times that people think I have some magical lists of foods, that I have somehow landed on the secret combination that miraculously melts away the pounds.

I wish.

It’s basic math. Our bodies burn a certain number of calories a day by existing. If you eat more calories than what you burn, you have an overage … which translates to putting on weight. Your body will store those calories in the form of fat for the future. If you eat less calories than your body needs in a day, then your body will convert that fat back into burnable energy and you will work it off. So the key is, to up the number of calories you are burning in a day through exercise, and to be strict about counting the calories you are eating.

I am eating healthy carbs, fiber, healthy fat, protein. The new Biggest Loser calorie counter book gives a basic overview of what that balance should look like. Because I am 6’5″ with a large frame, the doctors for the show recommended that I eat about 2000 calories a day (one of the highest allotments out of the contestants … some of the women are only eating around 1200). What that looks like practically is three 500 calorie meals and two 250 calorie snacks. Yes, it can vary; maybe I’ll have a 650 calorie lunch … so then my mid afternoon snack is only 100 calories, etc.

The key has been finding lower calorie foods so that I can eat enough to feel full. For example, yesterday we had burgers. Now a normal hamburger on a normal bun, with normal condiments, etc., would be 500-600 calories or more. At a fast food restaurant, it would be 800-1200 calories, depending on the burger. Yikes. However, by having turkey burgers, fat free cheese, low calorie buns, low calorie ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onions, jalapeños, etc., I can have two burgers for about 500 calories or so. Then instead of fries (500-800 calories) I’ll have some steamed or grilled veggies (30-80 calories depending how many I have). So at the end of the meal, I am just as full as I used to be … but I’ve done it in such a way that does not shoot my calorie count for the day.

For breakfast, I eat a lot of Kashi brand cereals and oatmeals. They are high in fiber which takes longer to digest … consequently, I stay full longer. Ever wonder why you eat some foods and an hour later you’re hungry again? No fiber. Goes right through you.

Basically, you need to get a calorie counter book (like the Biggest Loser one) and start looking up what you eat. Find lower calorie versions of the food you like; it’s out there, you just have to look for it. Think grilled instead of fried. Veggies instead of fries. Salads instead of appetizers. Fat free dressings instead of regular (fat free Italian is about 25 calories … as opposed to about a 160 calories for the same size serving in regular). It might taste a little different at first, but you get used to it quick.

Anyway, just some random thoughts about eating … it’s hard to really put everything down in one short blog. If I was really ambitious, I’d probably write a few … but it’s easier to just answer questions if anyone has any!

Tending the Temple (audio added)

24 Jan
January 24, 2008

Tending the Temple was a message I delivered back in January of 2007.  In a lot of ways, it’s my personal spiritual and physical changes in thinking and practice that took place over the eight months of Biggest Loser and my pursuit of health and weight loss.  I think one of the biggest surprises for me – because I had sworn that I wouldn’t try to “spiritualize” weight loss – was discovering just how much the physical and spiritual are intertwined.  Part of my growth was in recognizing that God created us to be spiritually healthy and physically healthy, and in realizing that I could bring honor and glory to Him through how I cared for my body I found the sense of purpose and excitement to finally lose the weight.  (to save the mp3, simply right click the link and select “save target as” to save to your computer)

Tending the Temple mp3 (January, 2007)

Biggest Loser: Boothbay Edition

12 Jan
January 12, 2008
bl boothbay

The following is an article that appeared in the Boothbay Register, our local newspaper.  You can see it on their site here.  The photo is the picture they ran with it in the paper.  All in all, I thought it was a great article, and within 48 hours of it appearing I’ve already had close to 30 people sign up for the next challenge.  Wow!  Anyway, here’s the article …

Boothbay Losers Lose Big
Sue Mello, Staff Reporter
     The NBC reality weight loss program, “The Biggest Loser,” pits overweight people in a competition to see who can lose the most weight. “Losers” are removed from their real lives and have the benefits of personal trainers, top-notch exercise facilities, specially prepared food, and no distractions. Being one of those survivor-type shows, contestants are also regularly voted off the show, sometimes precisely for being “too competitive.”
     Boothbay’s Matthew McNutt was one of those competitors quickly booted off the show and deprived of its benefits. However, through determination and hard work, he stuck to his diet and exercise program and succeeded in losing 176 pounds in eight months. What’s even more impressive is that McNutt has managed to keep the weight off and is now sharing his success with others.
     Last September, McNutt launched a 12-week biggest loser contest for the Boothbay region. Like the television show, contestants modified their diets, exercised regularly, met weekly for a “weigh-in,” and competed for cash prizes. Unlike the television version, no one was whisked away from their everyday world, no one was voted out of the competition, and no one’s weight was posted for the world to see. McNutt provided the expertise for eating right and exercising, and the entire group provided the emotional support and accountability needed to stick with the program
On December 15, the fourteen Boothbay losers gathered for a final weigh-in at the Boothbay Baptist Church. The hungry, but happy, participants took turns being privately weighed by McNutt before partaking in an array of healthy foods and drinks. While McNutt weighed and tallied the results, some of the losers talked about the keys to their success.
     Tom Dewey, ultimately Boothbay’s biggest loser, said that when he started the program he was not exercising or watching his diet. “Before I started, fruits and vegetables were my enemy,” he jokes. Dewey started out exercising about 20 minutes a day and now is up to about an hour per day on his Nordic ski machine. Not only has Dewey lost a lot of weight, he says he feels better and sleeps better. He keeps track of what he eats, using the Biggest Loser Calorie Counter Book provided by McNutt. He has also cut back on his carbohydrate intake, and made some key substitutions, such as water for whole milk and frozen yogurt for ice cream.
     Sisters Anne Dolloff and Kim Morton were both exercising before starting the program, but were not as careful about their eating habits. Both women say that they have become more mindful about what they eat. They also plan ahead now, making sure that they have the right kind of food available, particularly at work.
     McNutt observed that weight problems can result not only from eating the wrong foods, but also from delaying eating until one is ravenous. Hungry people frequently make poor food choices and overeat. McNutt’s losers eat regularly in moderation, and plan for healthy snacks and meals.
     Tammi Morrison cited the weekly weigh-ins and pep talks as the major key to success. She said that McNutt’s program tied together both the physical and psychological aspects of weight loss. Coming together as a group to talk about their progress, cheer each other on, and mentally prepare for challenges, such as the holidays, was the perfect recipe for success for all the participants.
     Before presenting the biggest loser personal and team awards, McNutt noted, in an oblique reference to his own “Biggest Loser” experience, “I’m really excited that every person who stuck with the program lost weight. I’ve really enjoyed hearing that beyond the weight loss, you’ve found a difference in your clothes. You’ve noticed a difference in how you feel. Even though you didn’t win the money, you have to keep reminding yourself of that.”
     Tom Dewey, who lost an amazing 63.5 pounds — 19.5 percent of his body weight, won the first prize of $275 for the biggest individual loser. Cindy Sanborn came in second, with a 10.8 percent body weight loss, and Kim Morton and Karen Nickerson tied for third, each losing 9.9 percent of her body weight. The team of Karen Nickerson and Cindy Sanborn won the first team award of $275, with a combined weight loss of 10.34 percent of their body weight. Dewey, Linda Corcoran and McNutt’s mom came in second losing 9.8 percent of their combined weight. Sanborn noted that she didn’t enter the competition to lose weight but to reduce her cholesterol and triglycerides levels. She said that she was not “one to stick with things” and was thankful for McNutt’s inspiration and program.
     McNutt plans to continue with the biggest loser challenge in Boothbay in January–for both his sake and others. He noted that studies show that about 80 percent of people who lose weight, put it back on. However, for those people who stay in a supportive group, the success rate doubles. “Permanent activity change that is associated with a group is essential. The big key is staying involved in some kind of group. Some sort of reminder, some sort of accountability is needed . . . Knowing that I had you guys to face on Saturday morning kept me from overeating. I do this, also, because I don’t want to be in that 80 percent,” McNutt concluded.
     The next challenge
     The next biggest loser 12-week challenge will begin with a three-hour kick-off and informational session on Saturday, January 19 at 9 a.m. McNutt will give an overview of the diet plan he used to lose 176 pounds in eight months. There will be weekly follow-ups on Wednesday nights from 5:30-6:30 p.m. with time for questions and answers, weekly prizes, and challenges. Participants will work in teams of three. McNutt reports that the team concept increases accountability, which is one of the greatest tools in weight loss. Money from the course registration will be split into three prizes: the female Biggest Loser, the male Biggest Loser, and the Biggest Loser team of three.
     Interested? Contact Matthew McNutt at xxx-xxxx. Registration costs $30, which includes a Biggest Loser Calorie Counter book. Pre-registration is recommended, as space is limited. Meetings will take place at Boothbay Baptist Church (across from Bet’s Fish Fry). Everyone is welcome to participate!

My article at SYM!

02 Jan
January 2, 2008
 Hey everyone … the following is an article I wrote for the Simply Youth Ministry website … click the link to get the whole thing!
my spiritual health and my physical healthmy spiritual health and my physical health
Two years ago I became too heavy for the doctor’s scale to even register my weight – apparently the scale designers don’t think people over 350 …