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12 Mar
March 12, 2012

Some random thoughts …

I have a thousand ideas for blog posts, but when I sit down at my computer I am either too tired to bother, or I draw a blank. Sheesh.

On a side note, I have been enjoying writing lately. An article went live last week with Immerse, another on the way with Simply Youth Ministry, and a several others I finished that will hopefully be out there soon. On top of that, I’ve finally started working on some book proposals. This all feels really good to me.

I am one sore dude. I’ve been doing an hour at the gym, Monday through Friday, for the last several weeks. Part of pushing it has meant amping the settings every day. So it feels good to be a little sore all the time – it means something is going on, and I’m seeing a lot of changes in my endurance levels. Sweet.

There is not enough time to do all that I want to do. This is annoying.

Our Bearded Dragon, Pebbles, is one weird little lizard. Seriously. Every day at least one of us finds ourselves saying, ‘hey, Pebbles is being weird again.’ Why? Because he is weird. But also fun. Lately he’s been getting a little more comfortable so when we bring him out he ends up running all over us … and then tries to make a break for it so he can explore more of the house. However, he needs to finish growing to his full 24 inches before we let that happen. He needs to be bigger than the hiding places so we don’t lose him!

Alcatraz has been a disappointment for me. Terra Nova was cancelled which is a bummer. Fringe is probably in it’s last season. I need some new sci-fi … when are they going to wake up and bring back Firefly?

Favorite gym comic

03 Mar
March 3, 2012

It’s a trap!

15 Jan
January 15, 2012

This weekend marked a momentous occasion in the McNutt household. The boys and I watched the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Sweeeeeet. And thus concludes their critical lessons in awesome-ness.

Which paves the way for them to see The Phantom Menace when it hits theaters in 3D next month. I’m pretty excited about having a new annual tradition of going to a Star Wars movie together (they’re releasing all six in 3D, one per year). They don’t totally understand the reasons why I was so adamant that they were not allowed to see the newer Star Wars films until after they had seen the original masterpieces, but some day they will thank me.

And maybe they do get it. Micah liked being surprised to find out Luke and Leia were twins. And he thought it was cool that decades ago people would have been shocked to find out Vader was their father (my kids already know from all the other Star Wars cartoons and toys).

Anyway, it was a LOT of fun to watch it all with them. And they loved the Ewoks kicking the Empire’s butt.

Unfortunately, they’ll probably like Jar Jar.

My blog wordle

08 Jan
January 8, 2012

I created a Wordle for the fun of it (it’s easy, click the link) based on my blog. Basically, it takes all the words I’ve written in my almost 1200 posts and took the most frequently used words to create the above image. Then, it scaled the words’ size based on how often they’ve been used in my blog. In other words, the largest word is the most frequently used word out of my frequently used words.

It’s actually fascinating to me because I think of my blog as primarily a youth ministry themed blog with some weight loss posts as well, but it’s pretty obvious from my word use that my blog may actually be a weight themed blog with some youth ministry posts! And honestly, I know most of my readers/blog frequenters are here to read about weight related topics (that comes through loud and clear when I check out the stats on individual posts). At the same time, my observation has been that my ministry related posts are the ones that generate the most comments (not including Biggest Loser casting posts – which have generated tens of thousands of comments).

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting view on what triggers my ‘publish’ button on my blog. Weight is a word that is present in my thinking, speaking and writing more than I even realize. What about you? What words do you use more than you realize?

My Kindle hates me

03 Jan
January 3, 2012

It’s a new year and all that, so like many Americans I am trying to get back on the bandwagon. Daily weigh-ins, counting calories, (horror!) exercise … you get the picture. I officially started this morning (yeah, I’ve been back at this for a while now, like multiple hours).

Which brings me to my point: my Kindle hates me. Seriously. I’m pretty sure it wants me to fail. I have the most basic one which means its screensaver is actually advertisements – they change periodically. Up until now, they’ve been movie ads. But not today, not the first day I’m trying to get back on track. This is what I’ve been staring at all morning and afternoon:

Not cool, Kindle. Not cool.

My Kindle lasted 48 hours

29 Dec
December 29, 2011

I got a Kindle for Christmas (technically, I got gift cards for Christmas that I then used on a Kindle). This was, of course, very exciting for several reasons. One, I’m a nerd. Two, I like to read. And three, I’ve been wanting to get one for a while now for ministry related books – they’re a lot cheaper in digital form.

Yes, I like reading fiction as well, and have really enjoyed ripping through books on my Kindle app on my iPhone, but some how it doesn’t work as well for me when it’s books of substance.

Anyway, all that to say that I have been loving my Kindle. I’m reading through Blue Like Jazz at the moment – previewing the film ahead of it’s April’s release date reawakened my interest in it (it’s been a long time since I read it). I wanted to remember it all before the film comes out – I’d like to go with a group and be ready to discuss it all after.

But back to my subject line: my Kindle lasted 48 hours.

Micah discovered it. He started reading The Wizard of Oz and couldn’t put it down.

This is both tragic and awesome all at once. I loved the Oz series when I was his age; Frank L. Baum wrote 14 books in the series a hundred years ago. Literally a hundred years ago – I wasn’t just saying that. After he died other authors continued the series with a bunch more books. All of which I started reading when I was ten. It took me a couple years to rip through all of them (and then I read them all again). So it was fun to see him being captivated by the story – and he was even more excited to find out there was a ton more books (and I was excited to find out they’re all free on Kindle). So what’s the tragic part?

I had my Kindle to myself for 48 hours. And now Micah loves it. And I can’t discourage him from reading, right?

Bearded Dragon Gamer

15 Dec
December 15, 2011

Hilarious! I wish this was our bearded dragon … although I have to confess, I’m totally tempted to get the game and try it with Pebbles …

Anyway, there is nothing like watching a lizard totally dominate a video game. I mean seriously, he has some amzing eye-tongue coordination.

Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody)

05 Dec
December 5, 2011

Epic, epic win. Love this video! Thanks to my sister for the heads up!

Bits of Awesome and Not Awesome

24 Oct
October 24, 2011

So, apparently I’m becoming one of those geeks that snaps photos of other cars while I’m driving with my cell phone.

Above, please note exhibit A. Also known as ‘Not Awesome.’ All I could think while I drove behind this truck is, ‘I hope that porta potty isn’t … unclean,’ and more importantly, ‘I really, really hope those straps are going to hold because a car wash won’t cut it if they don’t.’

Below is exhibit B, or ‘Awesome.’ I snapped this bit of gloriousness while booking it to the hospital to try and catch up with Tim after the helicopter took him. It gave me three seconds of happiness in an otherwise horrible day. And then I gunned it past him and continued booking it to the hospital.

So for the record, the church cargo van can totally outrun the General Lee. That’s awesome.



Yup, this describes me perfectly

13 Oct
October 13, 2011

It should be fairly obvious which part of the pie I fall in. And yes, when I drink tea I always opt for Earl Grey. Hot.

That will never change.