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Why I'm excited about tonight!

31 Jan
January 31, 2008

Lost is back on tonight, baby!  Eight all new episodes.  I’m very, very happy.  I’ve waited eight long months to find out what’s happening next!  I’m also expecting Lost to be huge in the ratings … it’s one of the only shows with new episodes!


30 Jan
January 30, 2008
Saw this on the Yahoo photo page.  Made me laugh, so here it is!

Baby #4 on the way!

23 Jan
January 23, 2008


There you see it!  Our fourth child is on the way … much to our surprise!  This ultrasound is actually at nine weeks, which was about a month ago.  We’re excited, but still recovering from the shock – we found out about five weeks ago!  We had been so crazy busy the first couple months of the pregnancy that we didn’t even notice, so they brought us in and did an ultrasound to figure out hold the baby is, hence the early pictures (usually you don’t get one until twenty weeks or so).  The due date is July 19th, so the little tyke will be born right around MY birthday!

It was amazing to see the ultrasound (if I get around to it, I’ll youtube it); the heart beating, at one point the baby was kicking and waving its arms and legs … incredible to think just how tiny it is right now!

So very, very happy.

21 Jan
January 21, 2008


They’ve just released a teaser trailer for the new Star Trek movie.  Watch it.


I’m so very, very happy.

ARGH! Totally frustrated!

18 Jan
January 18, 2008

I am absolutely going to go crazy!  I bought one of these WD Essential hard drives a few months ago to keep all my files on.  Because of all the different video projects and other media type stuff I do for the church and for fun, there’s just no way I can fit it all on my laptop.  So I bought the above 500 gigabyte (that’s a lot) hard drive (I also have a 160 gb drive and a 200 gb drive … sheesh).  Anyway, this thing is critical.  It has EVERYTHING on it.  All my files.  All my resources.  The works.

It pooped out on me.  WD is going to send me a free replacement since it’s still under warranty … but they don’t cover the recovery cost of trying to get everything back!  It would have been cheaper to just buy two drives to begin with and keep a backup copy of everything than what this is going to take.  I am completely frustrated.  Just needed to vent!

** Update:  I just heard back that the average cost for recovering data from a damaged harddrive is over $700!  Rediculous!

Starbucks … what happened?

07 Jan
January 7, 2008

I’m not normally into reviewing businesses on my blog, but … coffee (without anything added to it) is caffiene free, so I’ll pretend that I’m giving some diet tips …

Anyway, lately I’ve been pretty frustrated with my Starbucks experiences.  The name Starbucks used to mean a high quality experience to me, well worth the $3-5 per drink and over priced snacks.  I enjoyed the atmosphere, the music, and most importantly, the quality of the food!  My personal favorite was the hot spiced apple caramel cider.  That stuff used to be amazing … but not lately.  The last three (different) Starbucks I have gotten it at used bottles of Mott’s Apple Juice.  Juice?!?  If I’m paying four bucks for a drink, they can at least use cider, you know, like what’s in the name!  It really ruins the flavor and experience.  On top of that, the last couple times we’ve bought cookies for the kids.  $1.89 each.  Ouch.  But it quiets ’em down for a while, so it’s worth it … if the cookies are free.  I had been noticing that they didn’t seem soft or even remotely like they had been baked that day, but I didn’t think too much of it until last time … when the barista actually pulled out a bunch of individually wrapped cookies and started breaking ’em open for us.

Seriously?  Pre-packaged cookies for $1.89?  Fresh cookies aren’t that hard to do; my mom owns a coffee shop.  We have bags of frozen cookie dough in the back, and a special cookie oven under the counter.  We can bake 18 at a time in about twenty minutes – they taste awesome and are worth the cost.

Here’s what I think is happening; Starbucks got huge based on a high quality experience replicated across the country.  People go because they know what to expect.  But now they’re cutting costs to make more and more money.  Apple juice instead of cider because it’s cheaper and has a longer shelf life.  Prepackaged cookies instead of fresh because they are cheaper, less labor on site and last forever.  Steaming the same milk over in over in the same containers instead of rinsing them because it saves labor efforts.  Making two shots at a time to save time … and then leaving the extra sitting there until the next order comes along (someone trained at a Starbucks told me that one).  Are they really trying to become the McDonalds of coffee shops?  Sure, they’re everywhere … but they’re going to lose their reputation of quality.  I know I’m done!


05 Jan
January 5, 2008

Wow, I got totally shut down.  Got an email yesterday from YouTube telling me my video clip from the season three finale of Biggest Loser was a copyright violation and that NBC had requested it be pulled.  I guess I was kind of caught off guard because I have had a few other clips of my time on the show on YouTube for a year now and it hasn’t been a big deal.  I guess the difference is … those other ones had a couple thousand views each over a year’s worth of time.  The finale clip had about 22,000 views in a few months – and half of those were in the last couple weeks.  That baby was picking up momentum!

Anyway, I had been telling myself it was okay to have my Biggest Loser clips on YouTube since I was in them … but after that email, I guess it’s time to wake up!  Consequently, I deleted all of them.  Oh well!  Speaking of YouTube, here’s a little gem from my sophomore year of highschool …