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For crying out loud, Biggest Loser!

22 Mar
March 22, 2012

I think I can honestly say I haven’t ever really cried over a Biggest Loser episode. Even when it was my own season, I teared up at some of the stuff with my friends on the ranch, but it never really moved me to that point. When season four premiered and they made what became the black team with Jillian think they were being sent home the first day (like what actually did happen to myself and 35 others on season three), I was really angry/agitated for a few hours, but that was different.

Anyway, I’ve been exercising my way through season 13. I watch it on my phone while I work out at the YMCA next to our church. Thankfully, I happened to finish the above episode at home instead of blubbering my way through it on the treadmill in front of a bunch of strangers! It got me TWICE in one weigh in; Buddy’s personal victories, and Mark’s reaction to his son Chism’s weigh in. It was a great picture of a parent not hesitating to put their child first.

Sheesh. That was unexpected. If you want to watch it, skip to the end of the episode.

Favorite gym comic

03 Mar
March 3, 2012

Just five more minutes

01 Mar
March 1, 2012

I am about eight weeks into my recent weight loss endeavors. In all honesty, it feels like I’m finally doing it right all the way for the first time since I finished on Biggest Loser. I’m logging my calories, exercising hard, dealing with my mental baggage – the weight is just a symptom and if I don’t deal with the roots it will come back or manifest in another way, and I have all types of accountability. Between being part of a challenge with some other friends, and checking in with Cheryl Forberg (Biggest Loser’s nutritionist for seasons 1-12) and other former Losers in the same boat, I am all over having others involved. Here are some of my observations …

The fifth and six week were once again almost my undoing. For whatever reason, however I’m wired, that just always seems to be the point in time when my body and my mind full on rebel. Change is tough, especially change that involves breaking decades worth of habits and patterns. I didn’t gain week during that time, but I didn’t lose much either. On top of my own natural tendency to break at that point, I had a lot of stressful things going on as well (retreats, conference). In a lot of ways it was a waiting game that I tried to will power my way through. I’ve lived through it enough to know that if I could just power through it, I would eventually get back into the zone. Sure enough, this week I have been like a new man.

Five minutes. Just five more minutes. That is my mantra on the treadmill. The first five minutes are always a killer – everything in me is screaming to stop, to skip it, to let it go for today. If I can just get through that first five minutes, my body accepts the workout and goes hard. That buys me time until about the 30 minute mark. From that point on (I generally shoot for an hour, with my heart rate up around 155-165) I basically lie to myself. Every time I’m ready to quit (every few minutes), I tell myself just five more and then I will. Just focusing on a string of small goals gets me through it every time.

Same with the weight loss. I don’t think about the big number. I think about the next milestone; which for me is every five pounds of loss, and every time I can get my actual weight to a number that ends in five or zero. Since I started at a number than ends in two, this basically means I hit a ‘milestone’ every two-three pounds I lose. These are small goals that seem very doable for me. My next one is one pound away – that’s all that got me into the gym today. This has gotten me to 36 pounds worth of weight loss over the last eight weeks. Part of me misses my Biggest Loser days when I was losing a pound or more a day the first couple months (I lost 81 pounds the first eight weeks), but honestly, I’m pretty good with what I’ve done.

Anyway, I thought I’d give a little update since I was kind of loud about getting back on track in January and then have been quiet about it since!

Biggest Loser sermon series

24 Feb
February 24, 2012

I love this! I wish I was a part of it!

At Northwood Church in Keller, Texas, they are doing a sermon series this month called “Losing It,” featuring five former Biggest Loser contestants. Each of them are tackling different topics, with the overall theme being losing whatever it is that is holding you back from transforming your life.

You can read about the series and speakers here, download the audio here, or find it on iTunes here (they’re podcasting it!).

I would love to do something like this at our church!

The cast of Biggest Loser walks off the show?

22 Feb
February 22, 2012

According to TMZ and Fox News, the remaining cast members on the ranch walked off this past week mid-filming with the news that (like every season since mine) eliminated contestants would be returning to compete for the big prize. Rather than have the added competition, they hoped to prevent it from happening. According to the articles, filming has halted altogether for a week or so while producers try to figure out what to do next.

If it’s all true, personally I think it would be the biggest thing to hit reality TV if producers went ahead and let them go – since they broke their side of the deal/contract, and replaced them all with eliminated contestants. Biggest Loser and NBC would get more publicity mileage out of that than anything since Matt and Suzy’s wedding way back in season two!

I’ve seen things all over Facebook, my own blog comments and elsewhere that people are afraid this will finally kill the show.

It won’t.

Biggest Loser is too much of a cash cow for NBC to have it disappear after this season. It does seem like they will be switching back to one season a year. At this point casting hasn’t officially launched yet and there’s just no way they can be ready to film in April for a season to start airing in September. Personally, I think that’s better. It would build up anticipation, allow the cast to be inspirational longer before moving on to a new cast, and after a hiatus it would create renewed interest. Anyway, at this point with no casting news yet, I’m thinking the best bet is they hold off until closer to summer, start filming season 14 in August and have it premier in January, 2013. It just makes sense having a weight loss show launch at New Year’s when everyone is thinking about it anyway.

What are your theories?

I’m the other one

27 Jan
January 27, 2012

I’m resistant to admit it, not comfortable with the truth, but it’s hard to argue with reality. Statistics say nine out of ten people with eating disorders are female. I’m the other one.

It’s a strange thing to be a guy with an eating disorder. Everyone talks about it like it’s a girl thing, which almost makes it worse in some ways, because it’s not something guys are ‘supposed’ to have. There’s this layer of humiliation in having a lifelong eating disorder. And a deeper layer of humiliation for being a guy with one.

In high school I was teased incessantly about my weight – by classmates AND teachers. Even then it was a yo-yo experience with my weight never standing still. By the time I hit college my weight was dramatically all over the place. I would binge. Then I would starve myself. In a typical year, my weight was vary sixty pounds or more from semester to semester. I was confronted for anorexia. I would go for days at a time without eating, and then only have a small meal or crackers before going several more days without eating. That continued until I was confronted by some caring friends about it. They took my appetite suppressant pills and chucked them. And then took them again a year later when I confessed that I was falling back into it.

Recently Dr. Cheryl of Biggest Loser fame (the show nutritionist for seasons 1-12) called me and some other former losers out for being bingers when we showed up for the show … and still being bingers today. The crazy thing is, I didn’t really think of myself that way. It’s true, though, literally the first thing I did after the final weigh in for Biggest Loser was to go binge myself sick. And it’s why my weight isn’t a stagnant thing. What I mean is, I have friends who may be over weight, but they tend to stay at the same number. My weight never stands still; I am either flying up the scale, or working my way down. I don’t seem to have a weight that I naturally settle at.

What it does mean is that getting healthy for me isn’t just about counting calories and exercise. There are deeper issues that I’m trying to work through for the first time. It’s an exhausting and painful process, but one that will hopefully deal with the root issues behind my eating disorder and change my relationship with food, body image and health for good. It’s actually part of the reason why my process literally began a couple months before I starting trying to physically lose weight.


Weight loss tip: Panera Bread ROCKS

26 Jan
January 26, 2012

So, Panera Bread is my new favorite place to go eat. I’m in full on calorie counting mode, which is normally a HUGE challenge in 99% of restaurants out there. Some of the places that make it the easiest have the calorie counts listed for a handful of healthy/diet friendly dishes, but leave the rest a mystery. Other places you have to ask for the nutritional information and they hunt it out. It’s just a big hassle that a lot of people are too self conscience to do and end up just ordering a salad or grilled chicken.

Back to Panera Bread. Their entire menu board is set up like the photo to the right; with the dish, price, and calorie count for the two sizes in green. For every single dish and meal; sandwiches, soup, salads, breads, etc. It was awesome.

So, diet tip for the day: for a fast food alternative, and a great low cost dining option that is full of healthy options, Panera Bread is the way to go.

Favorite new low calorie foods

11 Jan
January 11, 2012

I’m full on counting calories – my goal is to stay below 2100 calories a day (my Biggest Loser calorie goals). The trick is to manage calories in such a way that I’m not hungry; if I stick with low enough calorie options I can stay full (which helps manage my appetite) and still lose weight. I still have my old favorites, but there are a couple new ones I’m really loving. Fiber One 80 Calories Honey Squares (how’s that for a long cereal name? Sheesh) is awesome. 80 calories for a 3/4 cup serving that also has a ton of dietary fiber (that’s good – it takes longer to digest, which makes appetite management so much easier). Between that and fat free milk (90 calories a cup), I’m having a full breakfast for around 300-350 calories.

I’m also loving Wonder’s Smart White (or wheat) bread. It’s only 50 calories a slice, loaded with dietary fiber and all the other nuitrition normally found only in wheat breads, and it tastes great. There have been 50 calorie a slice bread for a while, but this is different. The other low calorie breads are crazy thin sliced, and smaller all around – when I make a sandwich with them I feel like it’s only half a sandwich. Wonder’s bread is the same size as regular bread, both in diameter and thickness. It’s good stuff. Anytime you can get something significantly lower in calories that still seems just like the high calorie version, that’s a win in my book. Ultimately, it means I can have two ham sandwiches in the 400-500 calorie range. I love that.

What low calorie foods are you finding? I’m hungry for more ideas!

My blog wordle

08 Jan
January 8, 2012

I created a Wordle for the fun of it (it’s easy, click the link) based on my blog. Basically, it takes all the words I’ve written in my almost 1200 posts and took the most frequently used words to create the above image. Then, it scaled the words’ size based on how often they’ve been used in my blog. In other words, the largest word is the most frequently used word out of my frequently used words.

It’s actually fascinating to me because I think of my blog as primarily a youth ministry themed blog with some weight loss posts as well, but it’s pretty obvious from my word use that my blog may actually be a weight themed blog with some youth ministry posts! And honestly, I know most of my readers/blog frequenters are here to read about weight related topics (that comes through loud and clear when I check out the stats on individual posts). At the same time, my observation has been that my ministry related posts are the ones that generate the most comments (not including Biggest Loser casting posts – which have generated tens of thousands of comments).

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting view on what triggers my ‘publish’ button on my blog. Weight is a word that is present in my thinking, speaking and writing more than I even realize. What about you? What words do you use more than you realize?

The seven biggest mistakes I made after Loser

04 Jan
January 4, 2012

Shay Sorrells was a contestant on season eight of Biggest Loser. I got to hang out with her last spring at the Biggest Loser reunion – she’s definitely on my list of favorite losers! She’s hilarious, amazing and fun to be around. She wrote a great post the other day on the biggest mistakes she made since leaving Biggest Loser – I think I identify with all of them! I’ve copied a few of my favorite parts, but you can read the whole thing here.

You could easily call these the seven deadly sins of weight loss as well. I learned them after losing a tremendous amount of weight, but it could help any who are just starting or who are in the middle of their weight loss phase…

2. I took a break… A great person, who meant well, and had very great intentions gave me some really bad advice. They advised me to take a break after finale. To give my body a few weeks to heal from all of the intense grueling workout sessions. Believe me, those words were honey to my ears and I gladly welcomed a day where my body didn’t ache as if I had just fought a whole army alone. By the time Finale of Loser had come my body had stopped losing weight for over a month. I had tirelessly tried changing up my workouts and upping the intensity to get the scale moving again. Which is why logically taking a break made sense. But what I should have done was slow down. Kept a regimen but decreased the intensity drastically upped my calories a few hundred (2-3) and kept an eye on my healthy fat intake. By taking a break it lead to sedentary hours and that led back to old habits which led to longer breaks and eventually weight began to creep back on. When I decided I had enough of a break.. it was devastatingly hard to get back into the groove. In fact I am still trying to find that groove. Guess I need to star in “ how Shay got her groove back…” or maybe not. So this lesson also applies to those of you out there who have hit a plateau or have reached a maintenance phase. Whatever you do don’t abruptly stop! Slow the pace an intensity down, find alternatives workouts that aren’t so intense and enjoy the active moments.

5. I thought I would be okay on my own…This is a mistake that I have often made in many areas of my life. WIth the emotional baggage that I continually am working on and trying to shed I have trust issues and I also have issues asking for help. I stopped reaching out to others- including my BL family and friends. I decided that I needed to walk this walk alone and that I needed to figure everything out before I reached out. Boy was I wrong. By doing this I cut off accountability and I cut off people who understood what I was facing and could have helped me. Accountability is one of the most important things you can do in your journey, wether that is joining a program like WW with weekly meetings or an online group of friends or joining a local running club etc. Your accountability group should be there to offer advice, listen, and call you out if necessary. Having accountability can help to push beyond your comfort zone and give you a kick in the butt you may need.

6. I started caring more about what others thought of me… As I started slipping into my dark hole I stopped going to events, even with my personal friends and family, I just couldn’t face anyone because I was terrified to let people down or disappoint anyone. I refused public appearances and I denied that I was even on TBL. I didn’t want anyone to know I was a failure. I had botched up a super awesome gift that I had been given. I started comparing myself to others and their successes. This is possible one of the worst things to ever do. I knew that and couldn’t stop myself. I was so down and all I could think was… I failed. I let everyone down. When you begin to compare your self and worry about what others think you WILL NEVER MEASURE UP, YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH. A journey of weight loss is a personal journey and while you may run with others no one runs for you. You cannot compare your journey with another or you will always see fault.

Read the whole thing here.