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06 Apr
April 6, 2012

Not to toot my own horn, ’cause I’m just not that type of guy (riiiiight) … but …


Good Friday just became Awesome Friday.

I hit a big milestone in my current weight loss endeavors (I started in January), sailing past the 50 pounds lost mark this morning (I dropped several pounds, so total loss is at 52 lbs). It felt good.

There have been a couple things different this time around – really in a lot of ways the first time I’ve been doing all this right since I left the show. I have two different groups for accountability (a competition, and a bunch of other Biggest Loser alumni), I’ve been counting calories and eating healthy, and I’ve been exercising regularly for about five hours a week at the local YMCA.

Which adds up to me losing weight at a consistent pace, feeling better, fitting in my ‘thinner’ clothes, and feeling a real change in my endurance levels.

I actually had to start changing up my workouts at the YMCA this past week. I had been just walking aggressively on the treadmill, steadily increasing the pace and the incline to keep pushing myself. However, I’ve started to reach the limits there, so now I’m starting off on the elliptical to get my heart rate up, then switching to the treadmill to finish the hour. Currently I’m up to 15 minutes (next workout I’m going for 20), then over to the treadmill. Eventually I’ll be doing the whole hour on the elliptical, then when that gets to easy I’ll start off jogging and then switch to the elliptical (that’s how I continually upped the intensity back in my Biggest Loser days).

For crying out loud, Biggest Loser!

22 Mar
March 22, 2012

I think I can honestly say I haven’t ever really cried over a Biggest Loser episode. Even when it was my own season, I teared up at some of the stuff with my friends on the ranch, but it never really moved me to that point. When season four premiered and they made what became the black team with Jillian think they were being sent home the first day (like what actually did happen to myself and 35 others on season three), I was really angry/agitated for a few hours, but that was different.

Anyway, I’ve been exercising my way through season 13. I watch it on my phone while I work out at the YMCA next to our church. Thankfully, I happened to finish the above episode at home instead of blubbering my way through it on the treadmill in front of a bunch of strangers! It got me TWICE in one weigh in; Buddy’s personal victories, and Mark’s reaction to his son Chism’s weigh in. It was a great picture of a parent not hesitating to put their child first.

Sheesh. That was unexpected. If you want to watch it, skip to the end of the episode.

Biggest Loser sermon series

24 Feb
February 24, 2012

I love this! I wish I was a part of it!

At Northwood Church in Keller, Texas, they are doing a sermon series this month called “Losing It,” featuring five former Biggest Loser contestants. Each of them are tackling different topics, with the overall theme being losing whatever it is that is holding you back from transforming your life.

You can read about the series and speakers here, download the audio here, or find it on iTunes here (they’re podcasting it!).

I would love to do something like this at our church!

The season 13 walkers got cut!

23 Feb
February 23, 2012


According to TMZ, and they are a fount of accurate information (yes, sarcasm), filming has resumed on the Biggest Loser Ranch without two of the contestants that walked. There’s also a strong possibility that it will be worked into the story of the season.

Of course it will be worked into the season! Guaranteed, they will tease it for weeks ahead of time and get better ratings for that episode than even the finale! It will be a free advertising goldmine for the show.

On another note, the producers had to cut them. Otherwise it sends a message to reality contestants everywhere that they can team up and hijack a show. That can’t be an option for the networks, there’s too much money on the line for them to not have absolute control over everything that happens.

I wonder, though, if the producers still don’t quite know what they’re doing. NBC switched production away from 3 Ball studios after season 12 for undisclosed reasons and gave it to Reveille. Every other reality show in existence is usually filmed in the space of 3-5 weeks. They may portray them as 12-18 week shows (Apprentice, Survivor, etc.), but each of those ‘weeks’ only take 2-3 days to film. Because of the actual reality of weight loss, Biggest Loser is the only show out there that has an isolated cast for as many as six or more months filming on location. This does something to contestants, and 3 Ball had learned through trial and error a LOT about how to make that work.

I’m not sure that Reveille is there yet.

Bob Harper doesn’t like the cast?

23 Feb
February 23, 2012

It seems like everyone is complaining about the thirteenth season of Biggest Loser, and now according to Radar Online, Bob Harper can be added to the list of people saying they don’t like the contestants. He’s also quoted as calling them bullies.

Part of me wonders if some of the response to the thirteenth season is reaction to the subtle changes having a different company make the show involves. 3 Ball studios made seasons 1-12, but for whatever reason, NBC switched production over to Reveille. Which means the editing and production team is completely new. Even with familiar faces (trainers, host), that’s going to change up the challenges, the feel, and even the tone of the show.

But here’s the thing, I don’t think Bob gets attached to the contestants like he used to anyway, so I don’t really buy into quotes about the cast. Back in the day during the initial seasons, Bob and Jillian literally lived on the ranch with the contestants and did everything with them. It’s why they’re all still so close to each other (trainers and contestants). By my season the trainers no longer lived on the ranch and were just on site during the week. From what I understand from other Biggest Loser alumni, during recent seasons, the trainers are only on site one or two days a week. Ultimately, this is a budget saving device for the show (they pay per day, and as the trainers gain popularity and seniority, that pay per day goes up), and it’s probably what has kept Bob around for thirteen seasons in the US, the special editions, and the Australian Biggest Loser for several seasons (no one could sustain the onsite presence at that pace and last). All that to say, no one gets close if they only see each other at the gym once a week and at a weigh in. So  of course Bob isn’t going to like the contestants in the same way that he did the ones he lived with.

The cast of Biggest Loser walks off the show?

22 Feb
February 22, 2012

According to TMZ and Fox News, the remaining cast members on the ranch walked off this past week mid-filming with the news that (like every season since mine) eliminated contestants would be returning to compete for the big prize. Rather than have the added competition, they hoped to prevent it from happening. According to the articles, filming has halted altogether for a week or so while producers try to figure out what to do next.

If it’s all true, personally I think it would be the biggest thing to hit reality TV if producers went ahead and let them go – since they broke their side of the deal/contract, and replaced them all with eliminated contestants. Biggest Loser and NBC would get more publicity mileage out of that than anything since Matt and Suzy’s wedding way back in season two!

I’ve seen things all over Facebook, my own blog comments and elsewhere that people are afraid this will finally kill the show.

It won’t.

Biggest Loser is too much of a cash cow for NBC to have it disappear after this season. It does seem like they will be switching back to one season a year. At this point casting hasn’t officially launched yet and there’s just no way they can be ready to film in April for a season to start airing in September. Personally, I think that’s better. It would build up anticipation, allow the cast to be inspirational longer before moving on to a new cast, and after a hiatus it would create renewed interest. Anyway, at this point with no casting news yet, I’m thinking the best bet is they hold off until closer to summer, start filming season 14 in August and have it premier in January, 2013. It just makes sense having a weight loss show launch at New Year’s when everyone is thinking about it anyway.

What are your theories?

I’m the other one

27 Jan
January 27, 2012

I’m resistant to admit it, not comfortable with the truth, but it’s hard to argue with reality. Statistics say nine out of ten people with eating disorders are female. I’m the other one.

It’s a strange thing to be a guy with an eating disorder. Everyone talks about it like it’s a girl thing, which almost makes it worse in some ways, because it’s not something guys are ‘supposed’ to have. There’s this layer of humiliation in having a lifelong eating disorder. And a deeper layer of humiliation for being a guy with one.

In high school I was teased incessantly about my weight – by classmates AND teachers. Even then it was a yo-yo experience with my weight never standing still. By the time I hit college my weight was dramatically all over the place. I would binge. Then I would starve myself. In a typical year, my weight was vary sixty pounds or more from semester to semester. I was confronted for anorexia. I would go for days at a time without eating, and then only have a small meal or crackers before going several more days without eating. That continued until I was confronted by some caring friends about it. They took my appetite suppressant pills and chucked them. And then took them again a year later when I confessed that I was falling back into it.

Recently Dr. Cheryl of Biggest Loser fame (the show nutritionist for seasons 1-12) called me and some other former losers out for being bingers when we showed up for the show … and still being bingers today. The crazy thing is, I didn’t really think of myself that way. It’s true, though, literally the first thing I did after the final weigh in for Biggest Loser was to go binge myself sick. And it’s why my weight isn’t a stagnant thing. What I mean is, I have friends who may be over weight, but they tend to stay at the same number. My weight never stands still; I am either flying up the scale, or working my way down. I don’t seem to have a weight that I naturally settle at.

What it does mean is that getting healthy for me isn’t just about counting calories and exercise. There are deeper issues that I’m trying to work through for the first time. It’s an exhausting and painful process, but one that will hopefully deal with the root issues behind my eating disorder and change my relationship with food, body image and health for good. It’s actually part of the reason why my process literally began a couple months before I starting trying to physically lose weight.


The seven biggest mistakes I made after Loser

04 Jan
January 4, 2012

Shay Sorrells was a contestant on season eight of Biggest Loser. I got to hang out with her last spring at the Biggest Loser reunion – she’s definitely on my list of favorite losers! She’s hilarious, amazing and fun to be around. She wrote a great post the other day on the biggest mistakes she made since leaving Biggest Loser – I think I identify with all of them! I’ve copied a few of my favorite parts, but you can read the whole thing here.

You could easily call these the seven deadly sins of weight loss as well. I learned them after losing a tremendous amount of weight, but it could help any who are just starting or who are in the middle of their weight loss phase…

2. I took a break… A great person, who meant well, and had very great intentions gave me some really bad advice. They advised me to take a break after finale. To give my body a few weeks to heal from all of the intense grueling workout sessions. Believe me, those words were honey to my ears and I gladly welcomed a day where my body didn’t ache as if I had just fought a whole army alone. By the time Finale of Loser had come my body had stopped losing weight for over a month. I had tirelessly tried changing up my workouts and upping the intensity to get the scale moving again. Which is why logically taking a break made sense. But what I should have done was slow down. Kept a regimen but decreased the intensity drastically upped my calories a few hundred (2-3) and kept an eye on my healthy fat intake. By taking a break it lead to sedentary hours and that led back to old habits which led to longer breaks and eventually weight began to creep back on. When I decided I had enough of a break.. it was devastatingly hard to get back into the groove. In fact I am still trying to find that groove. Guess I need to star in “ how Shay got her groove back…” or maybe not. So this lesson also applies to those of you out there who have hit a plateau or have reached a maintenance phase. Whatever you do don’t abruptly stop! Slow the pace an intensity down, find alternatives workouts that aren’t so intense and enjoy the active moments.

5. I thought I would be okay on my own…This is a mistake that I have often made in many areas of my life. WIth the emotional baggage that I continually am working on and trying to shed I have trust issues and I also have issues asking for help. I stopped reaching out to others- including my BL family and friends. I decided that I needed to walk this walk alone and that I needed to figure everything out before I reached out. Boy was I wrong. By doing this I cut off accountability and I cut off people who understood what I was facing and could have helped me. Accountability is one of the most important things you can do in your journey, wether that is joining a program like WW with weekly meetings or an online group of friends or joining a local running club etc. Your accountability group should be there to offer advice, listen, and call you out if necessary. Having accountability can help to push beyond your comfort zone and give you a kick in the butt you may need.

6. I started caring more about what others thought of me… As I started slipping into my dark hole I stopped going to events, even with my personal friends and family, I just couldn’t face anyone because I was terrified to let people down or disappoint anyone. I refused public appearances and I denied that I was even on TBL. I didn’t want anyone to know I was a failure. I had botched up a super awesome gift that I had been given. I started comparing myself to others and their successes. This is possible one of the worst things to ever do. I knew that and couldn’t stop myself. I was so down and all I could think was… I failed. I let everyone down. When you begin to compare your self and worry about what others think you WILL NEVER MEASURE UP, YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH. A journey of weight loss is a personal journey and while you may run with others no one runs for you. You cannot compare your journey with another or you will always see fault.

Read the whole thing here.

Downside of Rapid Weight Loss

03 Jan
January 3, 2012

On the one hand, I’m a pretty big fan of rapid weight loss. I lived it. During my season of Biggest Loser I managed to hit my weight loss goals in six months, and then spend the next few months losing an unhealthy amount of extra weight to try and win a bunch of money. Yeah …

Anyway, I tend to land on the side of the argument that says rapid weight loss done through exercise and healthy eating is a good thing. I certainly didn’t have any negative health side effects.

But there is a downside.


I actually told someone recently that weight loss is easy, keeping it off is hard. They thought I was crazy, kept telling me it’s NOT easy. But here’s the thing: I know it’s physically possible for me to drop 60 pounds in one month. Because I did it. I lost 100 pounds in the first three months. And not just when I was morbidly obese – the final month before the finale, when I was already under the weight the doctors wanted me, I managed to drop another 30 pounds. I know for a fact that whatever my weight is, if I exercise ten hours a week and eat between 1800-2100 calories a day, regardless of how heavy or thin I am, I will consistently lose at least five pounds a week.

So now I’m obnoxiously overconfident and overweight again. Because I always put off the dieting because part of me rationalizes that I can lose the weight I need to lose in a pretty short span of time. Part of me knows it’s physically possible for me to be at my finale weight by this summer. Which makes it easy to put off ‘for a few more days.’

But there’s one detail missing: the enormous accountability of a massive television audience and the potential to win a massive cash prize. Take away those incentives, and I just never manage to pull off that ten hours a week of exercise. Who has that kind of time?

I think I’m finally learning to rethink my own expectations and set more realistic goals for myself. I need patience, and ultimately, to have a more long term focus than just shooting for the end of a contest. And I need to wake up: weight loss is HARD. And that’s the real reason I’ve kept putting it off.

Five years ago …

13 Dec
December 13, 2011

Wow, with tonight’s Biggest Loser season 12 finale I’m flashing back to five years ago when it was my season (season three) standing on that stage! That was a fun, fun night. There is no way to actually describe what a live tv experience is like; adrenaline, excitement, incredible nervousness, suspense (am I going to win the big bucks?). What a blast!

(the video is just some highlights and my big weigh-off with Poppi)