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Biggest Loser: Couples

02 Jan
January 2, 2008


I have to say, this season’s format is perhaps my favorite in some time; I wasn’t thrilled about the men vs. women (season two), I thought it was mean to mislead the 36 at home contestants of season three (we had no idea we would be sent home the first day until Caroline Rhea said it on camera), and it was cruel to let the black team of season four think they were being cut before it began.  However, I love this whole couples thing; accountability and support are absolutely key to weight loss, and I think these duos have better grounds for support and motivation than any other team.  At the same time, there is much great potential for conflict as years of baggage can come into play.  Should be interesting!

I kind of felt for Bob when everyone was rushing to Jillian … but let’s be real here; in all three seasons that Jillian has trained, her people have been the ones to win (Ryan, season 1; Matt, season 2; Bill, season 4), so it wasn’t really surprising.

So, my favorite for the season?  Grey team.  I don’t even know their names, but I’m partial to the color.  Maybe I’ll wear my grey shirt when I’m watching … speaking of which, I totally got a kick out of seeing myself two or three times in the opening clips of the episode.  So far I’ve been in every season since mine … even if it’s only for a few fractions of a second …

Biggest Loser memories

01 Jan
January 1, 2008
bl2 finale

 I was just flipping channels and happened across the Bravo channel … which is running a marathon of Biggest Loser season two today!  I only watched a few minutes, but it was strange – I hadn’t seen that season since I originally watched it … back then I was wishing it could be me, having no idea that only a few months later I would be winging my way out to the ranch for my turn!  It was fun seeing Dr. Jeff, Matt, Seth, Mark and others who inspired me to finally get healthy.  In particular, Dr. Jeff’s story was the one that finally pushed me over the edge to apply for the show – his desire to lose weight for his patients really resonated with my desire to lose weight for the teens I work with as a youth pastor.

I am kinda looking forward to the season two finale – I might turn back to Bravo for that.  While we were working out at home, the producers had sent all of the 36 at home contestants a copy of the season two finale for inspiration.  I literally watched it a couple times a week for the first couple months, and then every couple weeks until the finale.  Seeing their transformations and the excitement on their faces as they weighed in at their finale kept me motivated to push through to my finale!  Anyway, I had loaned my copy to someone around the time of my finale and they managed to lose it so I haven’t seen it since … might be fun to rewatch something that was so inspiring to me during my transformation!

Boothbay's Biggest Loser Challenge winner!

19 Dec
December 19, 2007

Wow!  What a final weigh in!  For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been leading a twelve week “Boothbay’s Biggest Loser” challenge here that just wrapped up this last Saturday.  Basically, I charged people $25 (I’m not trying to make $$$ of this; I’m trying to share what I learned through the Biggest Loser), which was split three ways:  to cover the cost of everyone getting a copy of the Biggest Loser Calorie Counter book (essential for any weight loss plan, check the link below), half of what remained would go to the individual with the greatest percentage weight loss ($275), and the other half would go to the team with the greatest combined percentage of weight loss.

Well, 30 people signed up (awesome!!!), and the results are in!  Tom Dewey, a local man who took the challenge to heart, managed to drop close to 65 lbs in just twelve weeks for a 19.5% weight loss which easily won him the title and the $275!  Absolutely amazing!!!  He pulled it off by counting calories, journaling his eating, switching to a healthy diet and regular exercise.  True Biggest Loser style weight loss!  No gimmicks in that!  Two women won the team prize; Karen and Cindy weighed in with a combined 11% (I might have the number off by a fraction or so; don’t have the results right in front of me) weight loss.  I was excited they took the prize because they were actually the other two people with the highest percentages of weight loss in the group!  Most exciting for me, though, was the fact that every single person who started the challenge weighed in lighter than when they began, many significantly so!

In January we’ll be starting another twelve week challenge (towards the end of the month, once the holidays settle down a bit).  It’s exciting because so many people have been wanting to get in on the next one!  There’s even a church in the neighboring community that plans on launching one as well (I’ll attend their first meeting to lay out the plan and answer questions, and their final weigh in, as well as be in regular contact with the group leaders through the challenge)!  Should be fun!

In other news, I’ve been enjoying speaking at different organizations in our great state of Maine!  Last week I was at Central Maine Power’s health conference; before that I was at the Dept. of Transportations’s health conference, and in a couple weeks I’ll be at the University of Maine.  On top of that I’ve been speaking at churches, working on my articles for the Journal of Student Ministries, and even bouncing around some ideas for church resources.  Hey, if I don’t stay enmeshed in weight loss and maintanance culture … I’ll forget to keep the weight off!  That, and it’s something I am completely passionate about now a days!