My next pair of shoes

20 Nov
November 20, 2009

Sweet!  Airwalk shoes is popping out a line of Star Trek shoes (read about it here)!  They’ve got the Star Trek logo on the back, tongue and a delta shield on the laces!  Apparently you can buy them at Payless Shoes stores, although the yellow ones are only available online.  I like the blue ones.  : )  I seriously, seriously want them.

Star Trek shoes.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!

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  1. Todd Porter says:

    That takes the nerd level to warp speed. LOL

    I may have to see if Santa will bring me a pair.

  2. Laurel says:

    Go for it!!!

  3. Matthew McNutt says:

    What I like is that they're just subtle enough for most people to not realize they're Star Trek shoes, but blatant enough for all the Trekkies out there to immediately recognize them! My problem is, I want all three … I'm pretty sure my top choice is blue, but I kinda want a second pair of one of the other colors …

    Normally I wouldn't buy yellow shoes, but the fact that they are exclusively available online makes me want them because most people won't have them …

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