Christmas in Pennsylvania!

Wow, it’s been a crazy week.  Last Sunday, after the morning Christmas service (which I was preaching at), we hit the road for my in-laws in Glen Mills, PA.  Normally a twelve hour drive, we were desperately hoping to be there that night.  See, Christmas eve, the following night, my in-laws would be singing in the choir during the Christmas eve service.  Maybe this doesn’t seem like too big a deal, but only a few years ago Herb (my father in law) was diagnosed with throat cancer, they removed a tumor the size of a golf ball from his throat, he went through radiation, etc.  And while he was told he would most likely survive all of it, he might never speak again and he certainly wouldn’t be singing.  Well, less then a year ago he was finally pronounced cancer free and cured, and was finally strong enough to return to one of his great joys: singing!  So it was a big deal for us to try and make the service so we could finally see him in the choir again!

Well, we didn’t make it that night.  We ended up crashing in a hotel and then resuming obscenely early the next morning and making it in time for the Christmas festivities with all the relatives at 11AM!  Sheesh.  I was pooped.  The service that night was wonderful, the kids loved seeing their grandparents in the choir, and I think the grandparents loved seeing them in the congregation!  The next morning we had our breakfast, gave gifts and settled down to relax when we got the phone call.

Herb’s aunt Vera, who had never married or had kids, so who had always been like a second grandmother to Herb and his family, had passed away.  So Wednesday morning we were loading up the van and heading four hours west to Jonestown to settle her affairs, attend the viewings and funeral, and then finally return to Glen Mills Saturday night.  It’s been a draining week for everyone – everyone knew she would be going home to the Lord any time – but no one expected it on Christmas.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and everyone is just kind of resting finally.  It’s been a crazy holiday … and now we’re winding up for a twelve hour drive home in the morning.  By the time we get home, I’ll have driven over 1600 miles this week.  Wow!

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