Julie’s Got Milk Ad (Biggest Loser)


I just stumbled across the newest Got Milk ad featuring a Biggest Loser contestant and thought I’d post it for fun!  Julie’s story was and is absolutely inspirational and it’s amazing everything she achieved over the course of season four.  If you want to learn more about her, or contact her, you can visit Julie’s MySpace page!

If you’re wondering about drinking milk when on a diet … especially after all my ranting about not drinking your calories, milk is the one exception to that “rule.”  Generally, you don’t want to use up your calories on a beverage that is not going to do anything for managing your appetite, however, there is so much good nutrition in milk that it is actually a vital part of any diet.  I generally shoot for at least three servings of dairy a day, one of which is eight ounces of (skim) milk – usually on my cereal, but sometimes in a glass.  My other two servings are often times slices of cheese on a sandwich or a cheese stick, and a low calorie yogurt or yogurt smoothie.

4 thoughts on “Julie’s Got Milk Ad (Biggest Loser)

  1. there is NO WAY you put a cup of milk in your cereal! that's a lot of milk! I never thought of a smoothie before though!!! Might be better than the OJ I'm using (so many carbs!)


  2. I sure do! I measure out eight ounces and pour it on to my two cups of cereal (which usually totals up somewhere around 450-480 calories depending on the cereal). : ) It's the one calorie liquid I'll have (one cup of skim milk is about 80 calories).


  3. after I posted that I was like, "Of coruse he does cause he has two servings! duh!!!!"

    And I did milk instead of oj on my smoothie…not as sweet, but more protein! Thanks for the great tip!


  4. That's a good idea! I have a friend who gets his dairy by using the Dannon Light and Fit yogurts (60 calories in a serving) instead of milk in his cereal. He hates milk, so it was a great way for him to get his dairy at breakfast.


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