Who are these guys? Episode 34: Photography in ministry

Episode 34 of the Who are these Guys? podcast is online and ready to download!  It’s a podcast intended for youth pastors and youth workers that I am a part of (although, I’m absent on this episode).  🙂  We use Skype to create a conference call that can be recorded into a show.  The description for episode 34 is:

We talk about what cameras work best, what to watch out for in posting images of students and what tools to use to get them online.

It’s a fun thing to bounce around ideas and lessons learned with other guys that share that same love of youth ministry.  Anyway, visit the Who are these Guys? blog, subscribe to the show, and give us a listen!  You can either use the first link to download the audio file directly (just right click and select “save target as” to save to your computer), or you can use the second link to subscribe to the show with iTunes and get it automatically!

Who are these Guys?  Episode 34 direct download

Who are these Guys?  Episode 34 iTunes link

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