Jillian Michaels’ latest podcast with Bob Harper (May 25th)

Jillian Michael’s latest podcast is online and she’s got a special guest in the studio: Bob Harper from Biggest Loser!  He’s on the show to talk with Jillian about Biggest Loser, working together, training contestants, and his new book!  She’s also got some guy from American Gladiators on, but whatever, I know you’re all curious about Bob & Jillian facing off on the radio!

You can find her official page for the radio show over at KFI AM 640, with links and show descriptions.  The show is great to listen to in the car or during your workout.  Personally, I love it because there’s more actual weight loss content and information in one episode of her show than a season of Biggest Loser. Also, you can subscribe to the show on iTunes … but it’s a little bit of a pain.  Search for “KFI Sundays;” it’s the radio station’s weekly podcast, however, it subscribes you to all of their Sunday shows.  My iTunes doesn’t automatically download everything, though, so I just select the Jillian Michael’s show.  Or you can manually download it to your computer through the links below! 

To download it, right click the link below and select “save target as” to save it to your computer.

Jillian’s May 25th podcast from KFI AM 640

One thought on “Jillian Michaels’ latest podcast with Bob Harper (May 25th)

  1. Dear Jillian Michaels:I Love watching The Biggest Loser every Tuesday Night at 7PM NBC KXAAS channel 5.Here in Dallas FortWorth,Texas.you and Bob are so fun.And I Love how all make everyone workout hard.I'am trying to get on to THE BIGGEST LOSER.In Season8 when is the how long befor all stop casting for the show.Dose Bob have a grilfriend,single,dateing,.Your fan Dione Barclay.


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