#1 Tip for Successful Weight Loss

Cheryl Forberg, nutritionist for the Biggest Loser, and one of my personal heroes in my weight loss journey, posted an awesome blog today!  It’s absolutely dead on – and it’s exactely the kind of advice she gave to us contestants that had a huge impact in our ability to lose the weight.  Here’s the intro … follow the link at the end to get the rest!

#1 Tip for Successful Weight Loss

I’m often asked, “If I were to change just one thing, what could I do to help me lose weight and/or improve my health?” I’d definitely make my recommendation based on a list of common denominators that helped overweight contestants win a place on NBC’sThe Biggest Loser. These same factors have helped America earn its top ranking among obese nations of the world. I found that most contestants:

  • had absolutely no idea how many calories their body really needs (and how many more they are actually taking in)
  • skipped breakfast and often, many other meals
  • didn’t eat enough fruit or vegetables
  • didn’t eat enough protein (lean protein)
  • didn’t eat enough whole grains
  • ate too much white stuff; white flour; white pasta, white sugar, white rice, simple carbs
    didn’t feel they had time to plan ahead – they found themselves grabbing something quick for a meal – often consumed in the car or at their desk.
  • often had enough calories in beverages alone to meet their daily caloric needs
  • didn’t drink enough water
  • didn’t exercise enough (if at all)
  • prioritized their spouse, partner, children and/or their jobs over their own health and well-being

Cheryl Forberg’s #1 tip for successful weight loss.

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