I won the High School Musical contest!

I am waaaaaay too excited about this!  Kurt Johnston, the Jr. High pastor at Saddleback Church teamed up with Disney to come up with a discussion guide and resources for churches to use with the new High School Musical 3 movie that’s hitting theaters in October.  If you work with kids at all, you know this thing is going to be huge … which makes it a great way to connect faith with what’s going on in the culture.  You can find the free resources that Kurt and Simply Youth Ministry put together here – I actually downloaded them the other day and have been playing with some ideas on how I wanted to use them … having no idea at the time the sweet prize package I was going to win!

Which brings me to the real point of this post … shameless bragging!  As part of the discussion guide promo, Disney photo shopped Kurt’s head onto the photo of one of the High School Musical actors, and then Kurt asked for funny photo captions … with a bunch of prizes for the top three captions.  Mine took first place, winning me a HSM3 banner, standee, 25 full size movie posters and 100 mini posters.  WOW!  I was totally pumped; you can see the contest page and other entries here.  What was my winning entry you ask?  Here’s the caption that won me first place …

The parents’ crisis intervention team realized after an initial panic that it was not Harry Potter robes on the youth pastor after all.

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