What I’ve been watching

I haven’t done this in a while and realized the tragedy this represents … the internet NEEDS to know what I’ve been wasting my time on!  So without further ado …

  • Ironman – not as great as all the hype, but still a really solid movie.  A little predictable, a little unbelievable, a little rediculous … but a lot of great action.  I’ll definitely see the sequel, but I won’t be buying any of the dvds any time soon.
  • Hancock – also not as exciting as I had hoped.  I thought the whole explanation of his existence was a little weird.  Didn’t really grab me.  On the other hand, some of the stuff was just hilarious to me … hey, it’s a Will Smith movie.  As long as it’s not called “Wild, Wild West,” I’m probably going to like it.
  • Speed Racer – this movie bombed in the theaters and it shouldn’t have!  I loved the special effects, the colors, the story … the whole thing.  I’m actually thinking about watching it again … and yes, I did grab the dvd to this one.
  • What happens in Vegas – Ug.  The Ashton Kutcher film that just didn’t deliver.  Not that funny, too long, and completely unoriginal.  I totally wasted my time.

And for some TV shows …

  • Biggest Loser: Families – did you really think I wasn’t watching this?  Another great season!  If you’re not watching, you should!
  • Fringe – the first episode totally roped me in … but it’s been a little downhill ever since.  I still like it, but it’s starting to lose me.  Just feels a little too generic for me.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Heather and I watch this one.  Not brilliant, not bad … we’re consistently entertained.
  • Heroes – I LOVE this show.  So far it’s my must see of the season.  It’s the number one reason why I broke down and got Tivo.  The thought of missing an episode was too terrifying.
  • The Office – how do they manage to keep getting better and better?  I mean, seriously, it boggles the mind.  I was laughing so loud at the premiere I was worried it would wake the kids.  Absolutely hilarious!

4 thoughts on “What I’ve been watching

  1. I haven't broken down and watched the Office but I really like Steve C. Is it really stupid funny like an Ashton Kutcher thing? Because I hate movies like that. (I.E.American Pie, American Beauty, Knocked Up, etc.) I didn't get through half the movies on those exctep American Beauty and I HATED it. I'm affraid the office is gonna be that way.


  2. If you go to http://www.nbc.com you can catch full episodes of a lot of shows including Heroes! What a great show!!!! They also have Commentary! How can you hate that?! you can catch a lot of great stuff on all three network sights.


  3. So glad to see I'm not the only one who felt like Fringe has gone downhill. I keep holding out hope that it'll perk my interest again, but I'm not holding my breath. Have you caught that new Sanctuary on SciFi? It's a little on the odd side and really should be watched from the beginning if you can catch past episodes in repeats or online if you haven't seen it yet. Based on what else you like watching I think you may enjoy it 🙂


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