My Biggest Loser audition video

Hey guys!  I don’t actually have my audition tape … believe it or not, I was so embarrassed about trying out for the show that I didn’t tell anyone I was sending in a tape (other than my wife), and I didn’t keep any evidence of it for fear of someone stumbling across it!  I didn’t actually believe I would get on – I just wanted the definite no, if that makes sense.  I just didn’t want to be wondering if I could have made it when season three was airing … and then I ended up on it!  When I was applying there was a ten minute limit to the audition videos; here are two clips from it that I do have kicking around, and the rest of the footage was just me wrestling with my sons and doing youth group activities (snowtubing, getting slimed, screaming, running around).  Mostly I was trying to show them that I was up for any challenge or activity that they threw at me!  Hope this helps you all out!  While the second clip is self explanatory, the first one is from a mission trip I led to Uganda a few months before I applied.

4 thoughts on “My Biggest Loser audition video

  1. I would like to thank you so much for having this web site. You have answered a lot of questions that I was asking a lot of other people. Thanks again.


  2. LOL Matt I'm surprised they didn't freak out about the paint gun thing!! Your sons are awesome. No daughters? You have GOT to have a daughter to spoil.



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