4 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Michelle’s Got Milk ad

  1. That's a great picture. She has such a great attitude and spirit about her. I wrote on my own blog (the link is attached to my name) why I think she won. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts as well.

    I just found your site via twitter, thanks for sharing your experiences. I'd love to audition for show myself, but losing weight isn't my problem.

    "The Biggest Loser" is one of the best, if not the best, show on TV. I'd like to see more shows follow their lead vs. a show like Mama's Boys. I saw the first two minutes of it and turned it off.


  2. so excited about michelle's win! she and her mother were def my favorite, besides colleen. jillian's team was VERY tactful … i loved their attitudes.
    i'm excited that vicky and heba lost weight – they look great … but i am also excited that they did not win. it shows that you can't have a lack of integrity and respect and still prosper!!!!!


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