Tending the Temple WINNER!


After 13 weeks of counting calories, exercising, reporting weights and pounding off the pounds, we have our winner!!!

Rebecca lost an amazing 35.6 lbs, for a total percentage loss of 13.87%!  Astounding!  All that hard work really paid off!  As our winner, she’ll be receiving a total prize package worth $140, including The Biggest Loser Cookbook, Weight Loss book and the Complete Calorie Counter, Simply Youth Ministry‘s Power Play volume 4, two boxes of Motor Tabs, a fantastic low calorie fluid replacement system that I love to use, and a free copy of the new book, Destination Transformation!  It’s a great book that I am one of several authors of and I am just absolutely pumped to see it’s immenent arrival! 

Our second place finalist was Felicia who pounded off 24.4 lbs, a total percentage of 9.54%!  I was absolutely blown away by both Rebecca and Felicia’s results!  As a runner up prize, Felicia will receive a box of Motor Tabs and the Biggest Loser Cookbook!  Both of you just need to pop your mailing addresses off to me and I’ll get that right out to you!

Great work, everyone!  Stay tuned – in the next few days we might have an announcement for another (free!) challenge!

26 thoughts on “Tending the Temple WINNER!

  1. I was excited seeing your name, I thought for sure one of the guys had it with some large percentages. I meant to say Congrats!!!!!!you go girl. In my excitement my fingers were typing too fast.


  2. Congrats to everyone in the challenge, Matthew thanks for bringing the biggest loser to us (me). I've never applied to be on the ranch and I guess most people that are obese wish and wish they could be on the ranch. You're story along with Poppi's story have been an encouragement. You said you wanted to get away from everything and lost the weight because you couldn't do it at home. But you did. And Poppi on here website said she started to realize that while she was losing the weight at home she started to realize that she didn't need to be at ranch to lose the weight. Well I'm thankful I'm down 25.6 lbs as of today and still have 79.4 more to lose, but it's not 105 lbs to lose anymore and I'm going to keep working on it 1 lb at a time until I hit those numbers. Want to be the hottest 50 year old. I didn't have to readjust my life because I did it here, taking care of my husband and children and responsibilities. I'm ready for the next challenge and the accountability for weighing has been great. Again thanks for taking out the time, tell your family thanks for the time you put in sending the reminders and thanks for passing what you've learned on to others. I got to be an at home contestant and the reward has been great. Again thanks

    Hey everybody sign up for the challenge again if you didn't meet your goal, so Matthew will have enough people to do this again. God bless you all.


  3. Wow I thought for sure Felicia would win! Amazing results at 24.4 pounds! I believe the ONLY way I won was because I've been doing this since August so I had an unfair advantage maybe by being in the swing of things before. But I thought since I'd lost a lot before we started I may slow down too. For some reason I sped up! I had never heard Jay's results until he was the winner of the week so I didn't know if he was up there with us or not. It sounds like he probably was. If you guys don't mind sharing, how much did you all lose? (the ones that we don't know I mean)

    Karla thanks too, for being my accountability partner! Now girl, you need to join Matt's next challenge and get the ball rolling! I'm here for you, all the way.

    Thank you Matt for having this challenge. It was fun, prize or no prize, to do this with other overweight people. Isn't it amazing we are doing it at home? I'm SO glad I didn't make the Biggest Loser, and even more thankful I never went through with the gastric bypass surgery I prepped for. Thank you Lord for not letting my insurance pay for it!

    P.S. Felicia, can you email me? I would like to keep in touch if you don't mind. rbmomof3 at charter dot net


  4. Congratulations guys!!! yOU GUYS ROCKED IT!!! SO excited for you all!!! I have lost 23 lbs since Matt started this and am excited to keep going! Matt, have you decided if you will be starting another challenge withthe new season nextmonth?


  5. I've been watching this from afar….and I MUST be in this next time…..thanks, Matt for being will to organize this important and exciting contest!!!


  6. My good friend said the best thing to me today. I was telling her about how Bob was concerned for Vicki last week and why and how I had been thinking about how/if this time would be different for me too. Have I learned enough to make this 23 stay off? SHe told me that she sees such a difference in me…that this time around she really believes I will/can be successful because of the way I am going about it…looking at becoming a wholly healthy person and not just a weight loss number. That meant a lot coming from someone who knows me so well, for her to see a difference meant a lot and was super encouraging!!


  7. That's awesome Kim! I don't have any friends that were keeping me accountable unfortunately. But I do have supportive friends who always are truthful with compliments. Isn't it cool when people start telling you that you are encouraging them to lose weight or inspiring them? I think to myself "Man, I'm inspiring someone to lose weight even though I'm still very heavy! That's cool"



  8. Congratulations to you all. I've been following your stats each week and been excited for your accomplishments. I wasn't able to participate this time around but will look forward with anticipation to joining you if Matt does this again. WTG!


  9. ok Matt….2 weeks in a row I have lost nothing. Yet in teh last 2 weeks I have never exercised more…often going twice a day for at least an hour each time…alternating cardio and strength. I have been doing aerobics courses of varying sorts, pilates courses, tried yoga, and even did a spin class(that sucked…my butt still hurts), plus walking on the treadmill. I think I have missed 2 days in 2 weeks and those were scheduled days off….what gives? Any ideas? Oh and I haven't really done any holiday eating either. Only went to one party, but there was no holiday treats there…outsideo f that I have been spending too much time in the gym to socialize ouside of it…


  10. Hey Kim have you taken you measurement to see if you are losing inches. My scal didn't move and when I got to the end of the challenge I measure my, bust, arms, abs legs, calves, thighs etc, etc and found that I had lost inches-in my case gaining some muscle mass. Do you clothes fit the same and sometimes the weight loss will show up weeks later. Hope that helps until Matt can get back to you. Felicia


  11. I have not done measurements Felicia. THose numbers are far worse than the scale number to me. As for clothing, I don't feel like they are fitting crazy different, but I did fit into a skirt the other day that I have not fit into in about a year. So yes there are some clues there but I son't know, I guess it is jsut so discourging to be working so hard and not see a change. THis morning I realized how discouraged I am and sent out an SOS to my support people with a plan in place for the next week while I am travelling. Because of all things, discouragement can send me spiraling if I don't have a plan. Hope you have a great Holiday!! Thanks for the encouragement…I love the people here!


  12. Hey you just came off losing I think 23 pounds for the challenge. Don't get discouraged. I have been trying to get to the one fourth mark for me and I'm still not there yet. It's been since the challenge and I just have to keep moving forward, that is where those measurments came in handy for me. I write different quotes on the pages of my food and exercise journal and what that I hope will be an encouragement for you is : Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Don't give up stay encouraged and keep moving forward. Learn to measure your weight loss successes by something other than the scale. I think I said it before you might be losing fat and gaining muscle. But don't give up that scale will catch up later on. I do check back into this thread every now and then to see if Matt will indeed do another challenge so If you need some encouragement you can find me here.


  13. Hey Rebecca , if Matt does another challenge you think you'll join it? Are you still working at losing more. Hey did you make the shake for Dr. H. Did you use the lactose-free milk or did you use Regular Fat Free Skim Milk? Do you do the exercise(weight lifting?) do you have that exercise mat like the one in the book? Was making the shake more reasonable(price wise) that buying a ready made from the store. How did you stack up to the weight loss in the book. I know question, question so many questions. Hope you have a very blessed Christmas Day. Felicia


  14. Hey and Rebecca just keep weighing in even if you have to send an e-mail to yourself so you can see how you have done. Every Tuesday to get ready for the next season of Biggest Loser and the next chapter (goal) for your weight loss.


  15. Felecia can you email me please? I would love to chat your ear off in private. :o) Here are the answers to your questions so I don't forget to answer them.

    I am not sure yet if I can do Matt's challenge. IF I can (I'll know in a couple weeks..sorry can't say more than that) then I will have to start it early. And if by some wierd miracle I win again I will graciously bow out of the prizes. I wouldn't feel right winning it two times in a row and it's SO fun to win something, I want someone else to get that feeling. It was fun just losing weight of course too but you know what I mean.

    Um..how do I answer the next question? I cannot lose any more weight for another couple of weeks. Dang it I wish I could tell you why but it's confidential at this time. :o(

    I used Skim Milk. EVERY single soy milk or other type of milk wasn't any less calories (more actually) so I just used Skim Milk.

    No I don't do Dr. H's exersizes. I found them to be way too easy. Since I have a local gym that does Body Pump, I do that for the weight lifting. It's very intense and about 50 minutes long. I LOVE it. Unfortunately I bought all the stuff for it though like the bands, the chin up bar (which I cannot lift my own weight STILL) etc.

    I bought my exersize mat from Dick's Sporting Goods. It's very thick and padded because I find the other ones to not be enough padding.

    Making the shake seemed pricy to me because of how expensive fat free Ricotta Cheese was. But it was something I bought anyway. Honestly I quit using the shakes which is a BAAADDD idea, after a while because I got lazy and just didn't want the darn things. So I'm sure some of my weight loss was probably muscle mass. But still I do cardio AND weight training and try and eat some sort of protein afterwards.

    My weight loss wasn't nearly like the books. But here's the back story on it. In April of this year I was 288. (OMG!) Our gym opened in April so I started working out a lot. But I was still eating fast food and all the other crud I normally ate. In August I found Matt's site and Dr. H's book (thanks Matt!) and started doing the exersize AND eating 1500 calories. I was 272 8/4. So I had only lost 16 pounds from April to August which is a lot still for me. I did not work out two hours a day like the book says. I just didn't have that kind of will power. I only worked out between 3-5 times a week. Sometimes I did 6 depending on how my week went but usually it was only 5 max. I found a class I absolutely loved called Water Bootcamp. Man Geri (the instructor) kicks our butts in that class and my heart rate monitor (Polaris 11..it's AWESOME and super accurate more than the body bug even) was showing I was burning 550 calories after I got good at swimming in the proper style, in 45 minutes!! That's a ton of calories for me. Geri had us up to 1000 meters which is 40 plus laps across the pool. So I did that Tuesday and Thursday and actually started doing it another day or two on my own. I did Body Pump two other days. I think Body Pump is a YMCA class. At the end of Matt's challenge I think I weighed 221. But remember that week I lost SO much weight (over 10 pounds) because I had to fast for something medical for 8 hours and it ended up being more like 15 hours with only water. Then the next day I was sick to my stomach feeling and hardly ate anything so unfortunately that made me lose it the wrong way. I gained it all back and am up 5 pounds to about 235 again. I'm not mad about gaining the 10 plus pounds back but I am bummed about the 5 pounds. But dang it I am not allowed to lose any more weight right now so I'm trying to maintain and I haven't been doing well.

    Anyway I better shush or I'm gonna say too much. I WILL be back to my 230 within two weeks. :o) That's my goal, until I get the okay to start losing weight again or .. well that part's top secret! Muahahaha



  16. Yay okay Matt I'll do that! :o) I better go read the directions again since I just skimmed through them and see when it starts.



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