When Church Kids Go Bad

I love the tag line from Les Christie’s new book; ‘How to love and work with rude, obnoxious and apathetic students.’  With a title like ‘When Church Kids Go Bad,’ how can he go wrong?  At first glance, I thought this book was just going to be about the extreme discipline issues, but it’s actually a lot bigger than that.  Christie covers all sorts of topics, from the big issues, to the minor scenarios that happen in every gathering of young people.  I love his tips, his advice, his wisdom, and his exploration of what the deeper issues are behind the bad behavior.  There are some absolutely great ideas in this book on how to create an environment where discipline problems aren’t going to derail you or the ministry.  Plus, you know with a title like that, the stories are going to be GREAT.  Is it bad that some of his examples made me feel a little better about myself???  : )

Definitely one of the best books I’ve read on the subject, certainly the most practical.  A much needed resource for every youth worker out there!

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