FREE New Year Weight Loss Challenge!


You asked for it and here it comes! It’s time for some friendly competition and community! Basically, the time frame is simple: the length of season seven of Biggest Loser! The kickoff will be January 6th, and it will wrap up on the day of the Biggest Loser finale! I’m naming it after my column in The Journal of Student Ministries – there are links below to some of them.  I’ll announce the prizes in the next week or so – but rest assured, you’ll be competing for well over a hundred dollars worth of prize goodness!

The rules are pretty simple … to be a part of the competition you need to email me ( two photos and some contact info (the photos and contact info will NOT be puslished on my site). One photo needs to be a full body ‘before’ photo (with your clothes on!!!), the second needs to be a starting weight photo – in other words, a close up photo of your feet on the scale with your weight on the readout. For the sake of keeping things honest about the timing of the starting and finishing weights, I’ll post an image that needs to be printed and present in the weighing photo on Monday, January 5th.

The final weigh in needs to happen on the same scale as the starting weight, and there will a different image that needs to be printed off and included in that photo which will be posted here a day or so before the Biggest Loser finale.

If you’re going to participate you need to send me your weight each Tuesday. Weekly weigh-ins are great accountability, and while I won’t be posting people’s weights, I will announce the Honor Roll; people that have lost 1% or more of their starting weight that week (always an impressive feat!), as well as the Biggest Loser of the week!

As far as losing the weight … I want you to do it in as healthy a way as possible! Here are some resources that I have put together that you can incoporate into your weight loss plan:

On my Weight Loss page I have a summary of the plan I followed and sample journal pages from my own calorie counting.  On my Articles page, there are a bunch of different health related articles I have written, and on my Audio page there are audio files you can download and listen to from my weight loss groups that I have led.  All of it is free, so download as much or as little as you want!

Questions? Post ‘em here! It should be a lot of fun and a great way to get healthy together!  Blog/Twitter/Carrier Pigeon about the competition – the more we have, the better it is!

91 thoughts on “FREE New Year Weight Loss Challenge!

  1. Matt,

    I am in on this and really need this! I only have one problem, I have no scale with the read outs by the feet… I should be getting a wii fit in a couple of days and the gym scale at the YMCA is one of those with weights at top…


  2. Hi Matt and All the other "potential" best losers out there!

    I have been praying for this for a very long time. I am so excited I could burst. I will send my pictures in on Monday Matt if that is ok?? I'm confused about the BL food program calories or 4321 pyramid? Any thoughts or guidance I can get will be greatly appreciated.

    Be the Best Loser you can be Everyday!


  3. Hey does anyone have any good music recommendations for running. I need some new fast paced stuff. I am big on lyrics, nothing trashy or with bad language in them. My music is getting old!!! My new favorite is THe FInal COUntdown by Europe.


  4. I just sent in my pictures and information. Was it too soon? I hope not, if so I can redo it tomorrow or tuesday- just let me know. I am just so geared up for this. I have needed this forever and with so many others doing it at the same time I don't feel so all alone.

    Is anybody else from east Tn. in this? Just wondering.

    Good luck to everyone!


  5. Kim….I LOVE the final countdown. I actually have a funny story about that. I used to have it as my alarm ring on my phone. Well anyway, a couple years ago, I accidently left my phone at work. Needless to say when the opener went in, she could hear the final countdown playing. She thought someone was in the daycare, but then she found my phone. That was a classic moment and I'll never forget it.


  6. Rae-Ann, that is funny….and possibly scary for the opener!!! I jsut got introduced to it tonight as good exercise music….I think it caused me to overdo it a bit tonight at the gym!!! or at least that is what I will blame it on instead of my own good sense!


  7. Matt – I don't know if you have addressed this earlier but I've been watching the BL and have a question about the first time that everyone works out together. It looks like some were JOGGING on treadmills the first day. BIG people jogging. Did they have you work up to it before coming on the show or did they really have many of you jogging immediately? I'm planning on walking a lot initially to work up to jogging because of my weight and age as there is no way that I want to be out of the running (little pun there 🙂 before I start…. Any thoughts on getting started?


  8. Matt on your season of Biggest Loser one of the contestants couldn't weigh in because of pregnancy. We cannot figure out the timing, she was FIVE months pregnant at the finale. Were they home THAT long before the finale? She wasn't voted off so that's a long time!




  9. Kathryn, I know. I am not Matt. But I am over 300 lbs. I have been walking and slowly increasing my speed over time for the last 4 months. While also doing leg strength and core strength stuff. 2 days ago I began running on the treadmill in 30 second bursts. ALthough I defintely feel like I have been working out hard, I am being very careful to pay attention to my body, especially looking for knee pain as I am like you and don't want to injure myself in the process of getting healthy. I am no Dr. or fitness pro, but everyone I talk to says listen to your body, it is the best indicator of whether you can run now or not. You will know the difference between pain because something isn't right, and pain because you had a good hard workout.


  10. Thank you, Matt. I am a compulsive overeater, sweets addict, but I like competitions (even against myself) and this caught my imagination. I sent you my pictures last night. Today was day One and it wasn't too hard. I have a story about what happened at my latte place this morning. It involves a scone I would have killed for yesterday and had to pass by today because of my new determination. I'll spare the luscious details of this treat in order to not get kicked off before I start, but I decided it was a test put in my way and I passed. May I remain a grownup for the duration of the challenge. Anyway, thanks.


  11. Matt…my husbad, Mark, and I are excited about joining in tomorrow. Which image do you want us to include with the feet pic? (I'm a little confused). Thanks!


  12. Hi Matt! Well the emails with photos should be in your InBox as I type. My husband Alex and I are so excited to get started. We thank you for giving us renewed strength to start over one last time! We pray with your support and others from this site that we can really turn our health around. God Bless!
    Lisa and Alex


  13. Jeanette! Thanks for the tip..I am a part of sparkpeople and did not know about that feature. As helpful as it was though…it just showede me that for the 3rd day in a row, I am significantly under calories at midnight….much too late to pack them in….grrr


  14. Hi Matt, did you publish the image to print somewhere? What am I missing? I will send pictures this afternoon. I sent email stating that I wanted to participate earlier. Thank you.


  15. I have gone back and forth about whether or not I should do this, however I have decided that since my husband has made a committment to do this, then I should also, so when I get home I will take the necessary pictures and send them in. Thanks for doing this!


  16. Rebecca – yup, the timing is that long. : ) We had about eight months from the start of filming until the finale. There were three months of filming on the ranch, and then every one was home for about five months.


  17. Hey ya'll!
    I came here today with my fingers crossed that Matt would be doing this again! I enjoyed the kick off last time and then fell off the wagon after a back injury. But I'm back now!! Let's do this!!! I'll email my photos/weight tonight.

    Good luck everyone!


  18. My friend Karla just told me about your challenge and I immediately went to your website. We are definitely in and ready for the challenge. 2009 is going to be the year for us to get healthy and lose the excess weight.


  19. Matt do you still incorporate that or have you gone down in length of exersize time? I can't see doing it more than an hour a day once we are at our maintain weight.


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