My blog’s first birthday!

Wow, I only started this thing a year ago?  Okay, technically, a year and ONE week ago (December 17, 2007), but I forgot until today so I’m just going to pretend.

Now I’m a full fledged blog-addict.  It’s definitely a fun way to document my thoughts, talk about youth ministry, health, and my hobbies (Star Trek!!!).  I think what has caught me off guard is that any one else even reads the thing!  Here are a few of the high lights:

There are 9 pages, 479 posts (including this one), and a whopping 4,959 comments on those posts (I’m tempted to have a prize for the 5,000th comment … but I don’t want to get a slew of fake comments!)!  As a whole, my blog has had just over 185,000 views over the last year.  What’s funny to me is that there were only about 40 hits the first month.  I was pretty excited the first week I had more than ten views …

Since it’s been a year, I thought it was time to rearrange the layout a little bit.  I’ve put all the navigation for the blog on the left side now; it’s all the same stuff that used to be spread out on the right and left columns but I thought it would be a little easier and cleaner to have it all in one column.  I’ve also switched all the ads to the right column for the same reasons.  You may notice that I’ve added one … Moosehead Coffee Beans!  I don’t know why in the world I hadn’t thought of it until now; it’s my mom’s coffee business.  She roasts and blends the coffee in Boothbay, Maine, and has a coffee shop as well as mail order.  Did I mention that coffee has zero calories?  I’ve also changed the colors a little bit … but I’m not completely sold on them yet.  We’ll see. 

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog!

One thought on “My blog’s first birthday!

  1. Matt I'm not sold on the green haha but who am I anyway right? It's harder to read and really bright. But I love the new layout. Took me a second to figure out what was going on. :o)



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