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I just realized I hadn’t blogged about video games in a while … a tragedy that needs to be remedied NOW!  And what with it being the Christmas season, you know my household has increased its game count!

First, a week or so ago I took advantage of Blockbuster’s buy one get one free sale on used games under $15.  A sweet deal; for a grand total of ten bucks I walked away with ATV Fury for my PSP and Transformers The Game for my XBox 360.  ATV Fury is a pretty decent game – great graphics for the PSP and a lot of fun.  Probably a little dangerous since it makes me want to buy a four wheeler and try some jumps …

Speaking of the PSP, I just downloaded and upgraded to the 5.0 version software.  It’s a really nice improvement, with things running more smoothly and makes it something I’ll definitely use online now.  It’s really strange to me how video game systems are so changeable now.  It used to be when you bought a system it stayed the same forever; now with updates and online capability, these things can change completely while the hardware stays the same.  One system comes out with something, the others can add it, etc.  Very strange, but very cool at the same time.  It’s definitely a plus that they can improve the system, but I don’t like that it really seems to be more about finding more ways to sell us games (now I can buy and download games directly on my PSP instead of just at the store … dangerous for impulse buyers like me!).

Transformers The Game has some positives and negatives.  The graphics are amazing, I love the transforming, the fights, the driving around town.  The transition from vehicle to robot and back again is very smooth and makes for an awesome dynamic in the game play.  On the flip side, load times are just about driving me nuts.  Whenever I’m fighting a boss I’ll land the few key punches, then I have to wait thirty seconds while it loads the next part of the fight.  Not cool.  Still, I’m going to keep playing it … it’s a great game, especially for just five bucks!

Micah and Caleb got three games between the two of them for Christmas; Mario Party 8 and Disney’s Cars for the Wii, and the Viva Pinata party game for the XBox 360.  Cars is kind of weak; I actually thought it would be more kid friendly on the Wii as opposed to the XBox (Caleb LOVED the demo on the XBox), but it’s actually really hard.  I was having a difficult time with it and that’s a bad sign.  The boys all love Mario Party, though, so that was a win.  We haven’t even gotten to Viva Pinata, yet (although they did like the demo on that one, too).

Finally, I got the biggie on my Christmas wish list: Call of Duty World at War.  AMAZING graphics.  Very intense, though.  It’s a World War II game, but over in the Pacific, so it’s different than most WWII shooters out there.  What makes me so tense is that I’ll play a level and think I got all the enemy, and then another one will ambush me out of a tree or pop up out of the grass.  I tried some multiplayer and it’s basically the same system as Call of Duty 4.  That means it totally rocks, but it’s not really anything new, so it’s more like having new maps and weapons then anything else.  I do like that you can turn on a filter to tone down the graphic content/language – that’s a nice addition, since it’s a little intense for my taste otherwise.

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