Biggest Loser marathon today!


Hey everyone, Bravo is airing a marathon of Biggest Loser season three today!  Check it out!  I might be biased, but I’m thinking it’s the best season – certainly the biggest!  We had 50 contestants!  I’m on the first episode and the finale, as well as episodes seven and eight – I was one of the six people that returned to the ranch for the first time Biggest Loser brought back eliminated contestants.

And if you’re wondering, I weighed 190 for about five minutes.  Two hours later I was back to a hydrated 210 lbs.  And even at that weight my doctors wanted me to put 20-30 lbs back on.  I was going for the win!


8 thoughts on “Biggest Loser marathon today!

  1. Matt, your season was the first I watched in its entirety!! You all inspired me and you continue to do so as you continue to keep the weight off. I have a question for you though. Do people still scrutinize what you eat? How do you deal with that? I am finding as I have lost the little bit I have and my family has realized I am doing "something" what I eat gets scrutinized and all talk focuses on diet and exercise and food. It gets overwhelming, especially when I am trying to not make what I am doing a big deal.


  2. I didn't bounce up twenty pounds in two hours … I got rehydrated. I was 210 lbs, sweat off about twenty pounds of water weight going in and out of a sauna just about all night long, was dying of thirst when they weighed me and then drank a ton of gatorade under doctor's orders! They actually weigh us a couple days ahead of time so you don't see us all dehydrated and dying of thirst; we don't see the results until we step on to the big scale, though, so the reactions are very real. All that to say, that twenty pounds was all the water I had sweat off being replaced. You definitely can't put that much fat on in the space of a couple hours!


  3. How much time is it from the time they get on the ranch until the final episode? Heather just said she is 5 months pregnant??? SO does that mean they are home for 5 months before the final weigh in? How much time is on the ranch??

    You look awesome!!!! Great job!!


  4. Hi Matt,

    I think you did a super job! You have inspired me to get committed to a healthier new me! Do you allow yourself one favorite meal a week after weighing in? Also, do you count calories or go by the 4321 food pyramid – I am very confused about the difference.



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