New Year’s weight loss challenge: GO TIME!


Okay people, it’s go time!  Read the original post about the Tending the Temple weight loss challenge here (includes rules & links to my weight loss resources).  The official kicking off date for the challenge is Tuesday, January 6th … but it’s basically any time this week.  Of course, the sooner you get the weight to me, the longer you have to lose the weight, but that’s the game, right?  But I digress.  Here’s what you need to email to me (  a before photo of yourself (fully clothed!), and a photo of your feet on the scale with your starting weight on the scale.  Somewhere in that photo should be the image below of the dude on the scales (this way we know it’s a current photo!).  Include in your email your name, state and email.  I will NOT be posting the photos online, or your real names if you don’t want them posted (in which case, give me a nick name).  I will also NOT be mentioning weights on my site – my weekly updates on people’s progress will be an honor roll of people who have lost one percent or more in a week.

Questions?  Friendly banter?  Weight loss tips and advice?  Discuss away!  Let’s have fun with this!  It sounds like we have a bunch of people ready to go … lets make it happen!


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