My church under construction

You may or may not know that my church is currently going through some serious construction!  Someone got a hold of an aerial shot from a couple days ago and I thought I’d post it here.  First, though, is a shot complements of Google Earth; it’s a satelite photo of how the church used to be.  You can see the white steeple jutting up from what was our sanctuary, sandwiched between the office/preschool wing and the youth wing (woo-hoo!).


Now check out the shot below.  You can see that we’ve demolished sanctuary and we’re building a new one which will basically fill the entire space between the two wings.  It’s great because we’ve really outgrown the old space and even with this new sanctuary we’ll need to have two services on Sunday morning (much, much better than the five we’re doing at the moment!).  My kids love seeing all the cranes, steel beams being hoisted, and construction crews.  There is ALWAYS something going on!


4 thoughts on “My church under construction

  1. We have three of our services in our gym (the west wing/youth wing) and two of the services in a facility next door that has an auditorium that they are generously letting us take over on Sundays through the construction process. Meanwhile, the student ministry is meeting in a school that is behind the church that is letting us use some of their rooms on Sunday mornings. We're spread all over the place! It will be nice once construction is done and we're not spread over three properties and five services!


  2. WOW! That's a big church. Our church isn't nearly that big. We don't even have that many people coming anymore. I usually have 1 child in my Sunday School class every week.


  3. Wow, Matthew!! This must be a great change for your from little Boothbay Baptist! We all miss you so much, but are so proud of you! Glad to know you are doing well 🙂 🙂 as is this beautiful church!


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