Temple Tending Challenge update!


Hey everyone, we have ourselves a competition!  There are about seventy of you signed up and dropping pounds!  Awesome!  And Jay, I saw your comment … don’t worry, there are a bunch of (silent) men who have thrown their hats in the ring as well!

Just to give you a reminder on what the next step is, Tuesday is weigh in day!  All I need from you, though, is your current weight.  No photos or anything like that – those are just at the beginning and the end when the weights are counting towards the prizes.  For tomorrow all you need to do is weigh yourself and let me know what that magical number is!  Then on Wednesday I’ll post the Biggest Loser of the week, and the hall of fame superstars – anyone who lost 1% or more in the space of just a week, always an impressive feat!

Keep it up people!  I love all the discussion and energy!  All that back and forth discussion will help keep you all focused and on track!  Community is one of the best tools for success in weight loss!

55 thoughts on “Temple Tending Challenge update!

  1. The above entry was made by me. I didn't realize that there was more than 1 Anne on here. (not a real common name)

    Jeannette, I also do the Walk away the Pounds videos. I really love them. They get me moving. And that is way more than I was doing before. 🙂


  2. I love Walk Away the Pounds! I did the 2 mile walk earlier this evening.

    Thanks for the formula to figure out the percentage. I lost 3.38%. I thought I did so well (which I did), but I wasn't even in the top 5. Wow! Congrats everyone on our fantastic weight lose!


  3. Kim, Idexxa/Bod Pod tests are fun and interesting, but not essential. You can get a fairly accurate measurement of your body fat percentage by asking a trainer at the gym to use their calipers and do some measurements on you. It's a fraction of the cost, and pretty darn accurate when someone knows what they're doing.


  4. Oh dear God Matt!!! I cannot imagine having someone clip calipers to my body!!! That jsut sounds so horribly shamefully AWFUL!!!! I would rather stand half naked on national television with my weight displayed than have someone actually TOUCH me with calipers to determine how fat I really am!!!

    I was thinking about them because I was reading that the Bod POD and give you a really accurate measurement of metabolism and therefore where youshould be calorie intake wise…


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