Tending the Temple week 1 results!


The first week is finished and you guys have started off with a bang!  All told, out of those who reported in, you all lost over 260 pounds this week!  Amazing!

Our Biggest Loser of the week is Linda C!  Right behind her were Lisa J, Kathryn S, and Rodney W (in that order)!  Amazing work, guys!

Here’s our 1% (or higher) honor roll callout … (in no particular order) Megan M, Todd S, Jen H, Amanda B, Felicia T, Tracey W, Judi T, Margaret F, Jennifer M, Jason D, Jeanette P, Scott T, Matt M, Heidi T, Stephanie P, Anne W, Mandy P, Jodi B, Lisa J, Christina B, Michael C, Jana S, Tony R, Rae-Anne, Cher, Susan P, Joel S, Steve P, Chris F, Alex J, Loren G, Amanda K, Jake F, Anne H, Michelle U, and Karla B!  You guys rock!

Now, on to a cautionary note … some of you had some incredible weight drops this week (anything more than a pound for a woman and two pounds for a man is classified as incredible) … don’t expect massive weekly drops from here on out.  Here’s why: a lot of the unhealthy food we eat causes our bodies to retain water weight.  Which means we basically walk around with several pounds or more of extra water in our system, it causes us to feel sluggish, bloated, etc (which is why some of you already can notice a big difference in how you feel).  When you clean up your diet, your body lets that stuff go, but now that your system is cleaned out, you’ll see more realistic weight loss … which is GOOD.  Keep your expectations realistic and healthy, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t like the numbers on the scale.  As long as it is going down or staying the same, you are doing better than you were before the challenge!!!

Keep up the great work, people!  And if you’re one of the handful that forgot to send in your weight … you can still get it to me.  It’s good to have the accountability, even if you’re late! 

94 thoughts on “Tending the Temple week 1 results!

  1. Believe me I understand Rae-Anne. I just lost a friend myself yesterday morning….she died unexpectedly. 😦 My mother in law suffered a stroke this week and my job as well is hanging by a thread. A single one of these events would normally drive me off the deep end and throw me off course. But we gotta put our priorities in order when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Not that I've breezed through any of this by any means, but I learned during the last competition that succombing to my challenges and not pushing myself, hurt me far worse than anything else could have. I'm sorry you're going through all of this- remember that we're behind you.

    Our library also offers videos & DVDs for free. I've also started recording various workout programs just to see what might be on tv that I like and could workout to. Amazon also has used copies of workout programs that you can pick up for next to nothing (I've seen them as low as $1.99) In fact Biggest Loser Cardio Max is available for $4.98…not sure how much shipping would be. There are also a ton of workout videos online…some are even free! About.com also has quite a few demonstration pages on various exercise routines from beginner to advanced. http://exercise.about.com/cs/exerciseworkouts/a/w


  2. Also if you like Jillian, her Biggest Winner – How to Win by Losing: The Complete Body Workout (5-Disc DVD Set: Shape Up – Front, Shape Up – Back, Cardio Kickbox, Maximize – Full Frontal, Maximize – Back in Action) is available on Amazon for $17.49 for the entire 5 CD set!


  3. Ok all I'm back in this and going to start losing on Monday. Taking the weekend to regroup my head after heaing bad news today.



  4. I went to the gym yesterday for a hip hop aerobics class, which was a fantastic workout! I then decided to go on the treadmill for 25 minutes. I had never done the sprint 30 second thing, so I decided to start out slow before building to the 6.5. I'm so glad I did because I was running at 4.5 and that was super tough! Maybe it was because I was already exhausted from the 1 hour hip hop class, but there is no way I could put it up to 5 and definitely not 6.5. I give everyone on the ranch and here who is able to do that a ton of kudos! It is definitely not easy! I do plan on working up to that as a cardio goal. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for me to make it to that goal. I'm going back tomorrow and I'm loving the challenge of the 30 second sprints, so I will be tackling it again. It also made the 25 minutes fly by!

    Keep up the good work everyone! I love getting on here and reading how everyone's days have been. It is great to have the support of all of you who are going through the same things as me.


  5. OH my gosh I am like on cloud 9. I hit my first 10 pounds down since the first of the year when I started getting serious. I have always heard the trick was to increase your cardio and I am finding this to be so true.

    This week has been rough in our house, my husband learned he is diabetic. The good news is it is causing him to now eat healthy, which will reduce the temptations in the house! And he is now working out with me, so that is also a good thing. Now I am not the only one in our house trying to get fit and healthy.


  6. I found a great new product yesterday! Chiquita puts out these little packages of fresh apples slices with a little tub of caramel sauce for only 70 CALORIES. They are great! Now would it be far healthier to just eat the apple slices? Definitely! But FAR HEALTHIER to eat something like this than a candy bar or the cherry chocolate kisses that I've been obsessing about since Matt posted their picture! LOL


  7. The apples with caramel sounds wornderful! Talking about apples, I went to Subway for lunch today after working out. I usually get the Baked Lays, but since I didnt' want to spend an extra 100+ calories on them, I went for the apples. This was the first time getting them and they were good, but I really don't like green apples because they are sour and there was a mixture of red and green. I wish they could have all been red! Anyway, that and my 6 inch ham and turkey on wheat really filled me up and I was satisfied! A good work out and a good lunch, always makes me happy!

    Another interesting thing that happend at Subway this afternoon was that I saw a current contestant on the Biggest Loser. I won't post who it was because I don't know if I should, but it was so random and I was in shock when I saw this person. It got me thinking about the time frame of being on the ranch and since I saw this person does it mean that they were voted off the ranch? I didn't talk to the person because I didn't feel like it was appropriate, but it was really interesting to see them.


  8. I'm not the greatest at keeping secrets, so I could tell, but should I?

    Matt: Do you think I can post who it was? Or is that not a good idea?

    I want to make sure I do the right thing. I'll wait until I get some more feedback on if I should post it or not.


  9. Woo Hoo did a full hour on the arc trainer at the gym (Type of elliptical). This is the first time I have done anything like that since pre knee surgery.

    I guess I should explain my knee surgery. Back in August I had surgery because they said my knee cap was peeling, thus catching on causing my knee to hurt and swell. Well they found that my femur is defective and had ridges in it because it was being ground away by my tibia and fibula. So they drilled holes in the bottom of my femur to try to get the bone marrow to let down and repair the damage. So I was zero weight bearing for 6 weeks and now in a brace for 2 more months. Also I ended up with blood clots (4 to be exact) from the surgery. So doing cardio has been a challenge but we are getting there.


  10. Wow Jeanette, that is great that you have came so far!

    It sounds like everyone is having a great weekend. I am starting back on the treadmill tomorrow. I have have given that muscle 3 days off to heal….I hope I don't make it hurt again. It is driving me crazy not being able to workout.

    Since I have heard a couple of you talking about the "walk away the pounds" dvds, I am planning on getting one of those this week. I read about them on the website and I know exactly which one I want.

    I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday:)


  11. Hey all, it looks like you have all had a great day. I spent the day with friends in Detroit, attempting to get tot he auto show…no luck with road conditions, but we did make it to watch our Beloved Detroit Pistons play some ball Detroit style! Didn't get a workout in unless I count the 2 times I climbed the stairs to our very last row in the building seats or teh sprint across teh parking lot (from the very back) to the building without stopping the whole time! FOr a day out of the house with friends, I don't think I did too shabby on calories either. Although I have to look some things up. I probably did go over a bit…but I don't think too bad! Now that it is almost 4 AM and I am jsut getting home…I am going to bed folks!


  12. Jeanette…I am definitely looking forward to summer. By July, I will have made a significant change in my appearance. My in-laws have a big 4th of July party at their house every year. It has been about 5 years since we have made it out to TX for that party — but we are going to try to make it this year. I probably won't have a chance to see any of them until then — so it will be fun to see their surprise. We are also doing a "biggest loser" style challenge at church. That competition ends around July 1st too. So, I have extra motivation to achieve some MAJOR change by the end of June!! 🙂 It's gonna be fun!


  13. AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying to know!!!

    Jeanette I just stepped on the scale this morning too and I am also down 10lbs since last week. I know WI day isn't here yet and it could be more bu OMG I am excited.

    RIght now I am eating a yummy afternoon treat… A slice of FF angel food cake with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries with a 4 tbls of ff cool whip. It's a great healthy treat that helps the sweet tooth.

    On a side note.. I am going to see Rascal Flatts concert tonight and will be shaking m bootie off. they give a great concert.


  14. Hi Everyone,

    Great to hear that everyone is doing well. I have not gotten on the scale yet – not until Tuesday – – I really fear week # 2…I lost really big last week and fear I will be like the contestants on the show that lose 1-2#'s….

    The GOOD news I have been writing every thing down that I eat – keeping on the BL plan and doing the Jillian "Shred" dvd 3 times a week. This is a huge accomplishment. My husband and I make a different BL recipe every night for dinner…we just love the variety.

    The BEST news is that we went away for the weekend to celebrate our 4th anniversary and we stayed ON track – – not even 1 bite off track…we had so much fun…..we even for the 1st time in our lives went to the hotel gym and worked out for 30 minutes then went swimming! How exciting – I am so happy!

    *Karla B – Try "Kens Northern Italian Lite Italian Dressing" it is out of this world on salads and I even use it to marinade with it.

    Thank you all for great support and info. Please keep me in your thougths I am flying to Indianapolis from Tue-Thu and I am so scared I'll overeat and not lose. "Praying for a good loss in week #2" Lisa J.


  15. Loren- Angel food cake is naturally fat free. You can pick up a mix, make it from scratch or buy one at the store. I baked one, sliced it in 100 calorie servings then wrapped them individually and froze them. Definitely a nice treat to pull out (and if it's in the freezer I don't eat more than one slice!).


  16. Loren- I just got it in the bakery section of my grocery store. You can make your own but I don't bake so I buy it. The calories were not listed on my package I bought but 75-100 calories sounds about right depending on how big the slice is. Accouriding to dietfacts.com 2.32oz piece is 155 calories.


  17. WI day tomorrow.. How is everyone feeling about it?? As of right now I am down 3.2 so hoping for a bit more by tomorrow. Think I will hit the gym for my LCWO.


  18. I am nervous about weigh-in day tomorrow. I really want to have 1% or more every week. I know that may not happen but it would be nice:)

    I went to 4 different places looking for the "Walk Away The Pounds" dvds. I finally found one. It wasn't the one I wanted but at least I found one. I hope I like it.

    It is snowing here today so I seem to have extra energy. I love snow and my daughter can't wait to out and build a snowman. I always burn calories trying to keep up with her, so that is a good thing.

    Anyway…..good luck to all on the weigh in!


  19. A friend of mine emailed me about going to a boot camp class our gym has. I don't know.. I might be one of those you see on BL that pukes.. LOL I am afraid i will not be able to keep up considering I have no idea what they do in the class.


  20. Karla, you should at least try it. You will never know until you do and it may be your thing:) I wish I had access to something like that. I would definitley take advantage of it. I am sure everyone there had a hard time their first time, keeping up and knowing what to do. Go for it! Trying new things makes us stronger.


  21. Our gym does a boot camp program….have not looked into it, since I am sure part of it is running and I am not supose to try to run for another 2 months.

    I am so ready for tomorrow. So far I am down 4 pounds from last week, so here is hoping for another point.

    I have also been doing my measurements and I have to shrink about 6 inches across my torso in order to fit into the dress I want to wear. So far it looks like we have lost between 1 and 2 of those inches. I have till June to get there, I really think this is doable.

    The only issue I am having is coming up with lunch. I try to eat 4 oz of fish everyday with lunch and I am having a hard time finding ways to cook my fish other then to cook it on the grill plate. Today I put lemon pepper on it and that helped.


  22. Well, I really like th "walk away the pounds" dvd. I didn't think I was going to make it thru the 2 mile workout but I pushed myself and did it. I am so proud of me.

    I am wondering how I figure out the calories I burned in the workout. It has intervals of other exercises in the middle of walking. She said if you are counting miles it was 2 miles. It was 30 minutes, so do I just look up walking at 4 miles an hour for 30 minutes? I am just really into writing everything down and I don't want to get it wrong. Does anyone else use those dvd's and keep track of calories burned/ how do you do it?


  23. Karla B, DO the Bootcamp! THe first time I went to any class at the Y I was super intimidated wondering if I could keep up myself. GO early, talk to the instructor and let him/her know where you are at. Yes I know, that is intimidating in itself, but if they know you are new to the class and even new to exercise they are then able to support you better so you wnat to come back. Most of what they do, doesnt have to be done at the same speed at which they do it, as long as you are going as fast and hard as you can. GOtta catch me Karla B….so GO GO GO!!!


  24. so far down 2 lbs, which will not put me in the 1% category, but it is a loss adn I am stil playing with my calorie intake as I correct what I have been doing wrong for 4 months….plus I had california pizza kitchen this past weekend….


  25. 2lbs is still awesome Kim! I think if my friend is up for it I will try it I mean if it's not for me at least I gave it a shot right? Oh and I will catch ya 😉


  26. you know what would be fun!! At the end of the competition, we all meet somewhere for a long weekend and actually meet each other…work out together….have fun!!! Just a thought!!


  27. It is looking like you are all doing really well this week and losing weight! I'm not as lucky. I have not lost any weight this week. I've been a little depressed about it, but I keep trying to tell myself that I lost 10 pounds the first week, so that is why. I knew it was a possibility that I wouldn't loose in week 2, but I was hoping that I could get at least 1 pound. Maybe there is still hope for the weigh in tomorrow. I didn't get a chance to weigh today, so maybe I lost a pound sometime today! 🙂

    By the way, it would be awesome to meet up after the callenge, if we could find a central location somewhere.


  28. I just started this competition today. (Monday) as far as losing weight goes. Before I was trying to maintain due to personal reasons. Now I'm clear to lose it. Tomorrow is the first weight I'm using as my starting weight even though today is when I started doing Dr. H's plan again, 1500 calories for me. I'm excited to really be IN this now and not just maintaining. Can't wait for the Biggest Loser workouts to come (Matt I still haven't heard anything from you :o( so I can use those too.


  29. Amanda don't let it get you down. There is plenty of time just keep moving forward you can do it.

    Rebecca welcome to the game.. LOL You got this.. I know you and you can keep on going!


  30. Ya I'm pretty happy to see 232.4. That's only 2 pounds higher than when I quit a month ago losing weight! Two pounds is nothing when you consider all the junk I ate for Christmas and the entire month AND it's down from last week. I'm back, watch out world lol


  31. Thanks guys for the support! I'm going to be better with sticking to it this time when I don't loose weight. That has always caused me problems and I eventually quit, but not this time! I'm fighting through all the plateaus!

    I did the 3 mile Walk Away The Pounds this morning, as well as the Biggest Loser Strength and Sculpt and I feel great. We had a snow day today, so I thought I might as well get my workout in early. Someone asked about the caloriese burned for Walk Away the Pounds. The way I do it is use the link that someone provided above. The 2 mile walk takes 30 minutes and the 3 mile walk takes 45 minutes.

    You can decide if you feel it is high or low impact. I'm thinking low, so I go with those calories burned. Who knows how accurate it is, but it's closer then me guessing!

    Good luck on the weigh in everyone!


  32. Hey Karla — I do a boot camp class at my gym and I LOVE IT! It can be intimidating at first and there are times when I think it is really hard, but the trainer that runs it is good to give me a modification when necessary and everyone in the class (which ranges from the very fit to the very not with lots of variation in between) has been very supportive. Ours runs for a month at a time and we have a pretty cohesive group–I miss them when I'm not able to go and have found their support to be every bit as important to me as the work outs are. Good luck!


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