Biggest Loser: Couples episode 2

Well, that was a downer of an elimination!  I felt myself choking up a little just at Jerry’s response to the results on the scale, you could just feel the disappointment and heartbreak from him.  It was a brutal weigh in.  In the end, I think the contestants made the same vote I would have in their shoes, but what a brutal choice to have to face.  I loved how gracious he was through it all.

On the other hand, Jerry’s progress is nothing short of amazing!  There are contestants half his age that are eliminated and don’t accomplish what he did in the space of about four months!  Over eighty pounds lost?  The man is superstar!  Absolutely an inspiration to everyone who watches!

Okay, so how many people are dying to have one of those canoes or kayaks or whatever they were that they used for the challenge?  Those things are awesome!  I’d love to putter around a lake in one of those!  Yeah, it would be a killer workout for the legs, but they looked so fun!

7 thoughts on “Biggest Loser: Couples episode 2

  1. I was so sad to see Jerry go! He is such a sweet man! But having seen his accomplishments so far, I have no doubt that he will be even healthier and thinner at the finale! He is definitely an inspiration and a great example of what you can do when you put your heart and soul into something!


  2. Yeah, we were very sad to see him go. What a great role model he was in the Grace filled way he responded. And he does look great.

    Joelle better get her butt in gear. Can't believe she set the zen master off like that but she does seem to have a thousand excuses. We were rooting for her to go.


  3. Looked at the video of Bob explaining his outburst. Clearly she doesn't like not being in control. She won't last with that attitude.

    Oh and Bob mentions "cashout". What does that mean Matthew?


  4. I choked back more than just a few tears when I watched that episode. And, I for one, would love one of those Kayaks. It looked to me like it would be a really good core workout too!


  5. The kayaks were SO COOL! Are those the ones by Hobie? They really don't cost a fortune = $1500. (I mean definitely not cheap – but not like buying a car, boat, or plane!!) I would buy one in a minute if I had a LAKE around here! (Live in the desert = Tucson) There are some lakes nearby so I will definitely check them out. What a TERRIFIC way to get exercise!!

    I felt a little sorry for Joelle because it was obvious that she just had NO money. So it is somewhat understandable that she was tempted. I was rather shocked that Bob lost it so much with the swearing but the show only reveals so much so perhaps she totally wasn't trying at all.


  6. I so cried when Jerry got kicked off but I loved loved loved Bob going off! It was great to see he has that in him when he needs it becasue in the end she did it.

    I think Jerry looked great lost 82lbs at home. Go Jerry.


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