Zachary is almost mobile …


Uh oh … this kid is almost ready to crawl.  Now that he’s at the ripe old age of five months, I think he’s sick of being the only one in the house who can’t get around!  He can somewhat scoot backwards now, and he rolls all over, but now he’s getting ready to go on all fours.  Put away the breakables!


7 thoughts on “Zachary is almost mobile …

  1. So, Matt!! This is not possible!! He is still. Tiny little newborn to me 🙂 🙂 Wow!! He's changed so much! How sweet!! Enjoy having 4 boys who are busy and active!! What a blast….crazy….but still a wonderful time!


  2. Oh, my word! Your boys are growing so fast! It seems like yesterday you were in Maine and just expecting the 4th. We miss you guys. Love Ya!


  3. With the number of boys in your house I have to ask this question. You have breakables?! I would have thought his older sibs would have taken care of those years ago!


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