Random cell pics


Every once and a while a see a sign that makes me laugh.  I was in a class room at a local school the other day and saw the above on the chalk board.  I have to wonder how effective it actually is, since from the moment I saw it I felt compelled to call people stuff.  Seriously.  It was all I could think about.

The one below was in our church’s conference room.  You know, the one the deacon board meets in and a dozen other groups, Bible studies, and staff members.  It also houses the coffee pot, snacks, and other assorted goodies.  Basically, just about every one in the church in leadership spends significant time there.  Oh yeah, and the 11th grade girls small group meets in there.  What makes me laugh the most is that has been sitting on the board in there for a couple months now … which I guess implies that no one disputes their claim to awesomeness …


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