My Flooded Youth Room …


What a night!  We were having a goodbye party for one of my youth leader volunteers who is heading back home in Sweden this Friday when all sorts of craziness busted loose in our youth room (we were actually down the hall at the time).  Our sprinkler system went haywire and unleashed a torrent of water on my youth room.  A bunch of it built up in the ceiling until the weight was too much for the sheet rock to take, and then it crashed to the floor.  Hence the massive hole in the ceiling.  A bunch of photos and posters were potentially ruined, and the air hockey is probably fried, otherwise I think we minimized the damage.  It actually went through the floor to the room below (all the students mopping in the photo below), and then through that floor to the basement.  Sheesh.  I’m exhausted.

It’s a downer to see my space in a shambles, but it gives us an excuse to do some of the rearranging and physical changes I’ve been thinking about since coming here, so that’s a plus.



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