Tending the Temple week 2 results!


Week two has flown by!  You guys are still plugging away and that’s AWESOME.  I know there was some disappointment that week two did not have the same kind of results as week one, but those big drops reflected water weight loss, not just fat – this week was probably a more realistic number of actual fat being worked off!  Just to remind you all, 1-2 pounds a week for a woman and 2-3 pounds a week for a man is GREAT weight loss in the real world!

Our Biggest Loser of the week, with a 2.86% loss, is Jodi B!!!  Awesome work!  We actually had two others in the 2% club; Rodney W. with a 2.12% and Loren G. with a 2.09% loss!  You guys rock!

Our 1% Hall of Fame this week includes (in no particular order) …  Christina B, Joel S, Tina B, Heidi T, Karla B, Sam H, Tony R, Thomas P, Tracey W, Scott T, Jana S, Lisa J, Rebecca B, Jake F, Teresa, Jeanette P, and Kelsey C!  Keep it up!

If you haven’t gotten your weight to me yet, you can still send it on in!  The accountability is good for you!

111 thoughts on “Tending the Temple week 2 results!

  1. Nancy I like the skinny vibes you sent. I appreciate them. I will need them this week as my friend called the monthly came today. :o( It just had to be this week. :o(


  2. ~~~~skinny vibes all around~~~~ We are going to have a great WI day tomorrow right??? I said Right?? I can't hear you!!

    I am not letting my sons injury get the best of me. Although I had that whopper last night today has been much better.
    Kim his crib wasn't all the way down. It is now.. lol but it dropped another 4-6 inches so I think for now it will help. At least I know for another 4-6 weeks he won't be climbing with 1 arm. We might get a toddler bed to try out.


  3. Yes Karla, SKINNY VIBES ALL AROUND!!!!!! 🙂 I am going to go home and work my butt off. literally. lol
    I hope Coop sleeps good for you tonight and isn't in any pain. Talk to you tomorrow after the big weight in. 🙂


  4. Ok…someone isn't sending enough SKINNY VIBES my way!! I weighed in this morning and had a .2 gain. It's just NOT right. Maybe something miraculous will happen between now and my "official" weigh in.

    Praying for all of us!! 🙂 Super proud of all the work everyone is doing!!!


  5. Jenn (is it okay to call you that? Because I always screw up the spelling of your name)…

    Amazing things can happen in one day! I would really really like to see 229 tomorrow but right now I am still 231. *sigh* doesn't help that the past two weeks diet change (ok sorry TMI) has uh… made me back up lol. Can't wait for that to get better again.



  6. I am heading to my LCW, soon. SPin class with Jeff! I have already done a pilates class and ran for 50 minutes. I weighted my self on Sat nad had not lost anything….sooo ummmm we will see…I might be steeling myself against dissappointment, but I am not expecting anything.

    Sunday was a bad day of eating, but I refuse to beat myself up over it. Had On the Border for lunch with a friend. Got fajitas, not bad. Then went to my cousins for a birthday dinner and had some cake as well has cheesy potatoes….what can ya do….Just roll with it I say!


  7. I don't work so I have been able to wear sweatpants and big t-shirts 95% of the time since I started this challenge. The only time I have put on anything else (besides huge pj's) has been oversized clothes on church days and today I had an appointment with an attorney so I ofcourse had to where something else. I had worn them to hide any signs of weightloss, because I haven't told anyone except my husband and 6 yr. old daughter that I was doing this challenge. My husband seen me in "real clothes" and he was real quick to say "you ARE losing weight"! I think he was really amazed because he hadn't been able to see it until right then. That made me feel so good. Little (big to me)things like that can really keep me motivated.

    I don't know how I will do on weigh in tomorrow. I may not make the 1% this time…..but I am still hoping anyway. Good Luck all!!!


  8. Rebecca…Jen is fine. 🙂 Most of my friends call me Jen.

    Maybe a little back up is my problem too. LOL. Just had a great workout with Ken…thankful for that.

    Kim…you are killing it. Awesome!!


  9. Good Evening ladies.. Well I will spend most of the morning at least in the doctors office. Going to find out if Cooper will need surgery or not. I pray not. I will be packing snacks to prevent myself from starving. I will WI in the morning and hope for more loss. Good luck to everyone in the morning.


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