Church was GOOD

Today was a really good day for me.  Maybe not for everyone, but I came away from church this morning thinking to myself, “this is why I’m a youth pastor.”  And it’s funny, because it’s the little things that just really get me pumped.  There was a new girl there today so I grabbed one of our regulars and asked her to go introduce herself to her.  I was just hoping for a few moments of conversation, something to let this new student feel like it’s not just the adults talking to her, you know?  That just makes a kid feel even more out of place.  Ten minutes later, Emily was still talking away with her, introducing her to other girls, finding out all about her.  Awesome.  Absolutely awesome!

Then, we opened up the hour with some open sharing about last weekend’s mission trip to Philadelphia.  Four kids shared, and one of the adults, before we ran out of time and I sent the different age groups in different directions for the Sunday morning jr. and sr. high classes.  But one kid in particular was an absolute thrill to listen to and watch.  It was waaaaay out of his comfort zone, but Jonathan had an absolutely great story about an encounter with a homeless man that really got him thinking and made a great impact.  He had shared it with us in Philly, and I was so glad when he agreed to share it with the rest of the group.  He was nervous – it’s not easy standing in front of that many peers, but he brought it home!  It was just so awesome seeing God working through these young people with their peers!

2 thoughts on “Church was GOOD

  1. Wow!! That is awesome!! Pastor Stu gave a great sermon today!! I really felt drawn to his words and could've sat there all day listening to him preach. It was an excellent Church day on the East Coast, I guess!! LOL


  2. I work with youth alot too and through that I have noticed that they are more willing to be used by God than adults alot of the time. I always say that if we just stop and take more time to pay attention to our youth that are Christians they could teach us alot. God works in them just like he does us. They don't get enough credit most of the time. I think it is great that you get a blessing listening to them.


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