Tending the Temple week 3 results!


Apparently I’m moving slow this week.  Yikes!  My mom is in town and I haven’t been around my computer too much!  You guys are all doing great!!!  I’m loving all of the great support, community and discussion happening here – I can’t keep up with it all!  Support and community plays a vital role in weightloss – so you guys are on the right track!

Once again … you are not allowed to complain about a pound or two being a small weight loss: 1-2 pounds a week for a woman and 2-3 pounds a week for a man is GREAT weight loss in the real world!  But on to the results:

Our Biggest Loser of the week, with a 2.17% loss, is Judi T!  Right behind her with a 2.14% loss is Steve P.  Also deserving special mention is Alex J who managed to drop a whopping 2%!  All three of you are amazing!

Our 1% Hall of Fame this week includes (in no particular order) …  Jake F, Tracey W, Jodi B, Mandy P, Christina B, Karla B, Sean W, Thomas P, Felicia T, Susan P, Sandra C, Rodney W, and Lisa J!  I know I say it a lot, but I’m always blown away when people can drop more than 1% in a mere seven days!  Your work is paying off – and it shows!

And if you’re one of the handful that haven’t gotten your weight to me yet, you can still send it on in!  The accountability is good for you!

38 thoughts on “Tending the Temple week 3 results!

  1. Awesome job everyone. Here's the scripture that I'm holding onto since the scales aren't showing me what I want to see right now.

    Galatians 6:9 “and let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”


  2. Amen to that verse Jennileigh – thank you for sharing!

    Matt – how do you get the % again?
    Weekly loss/Last weeks weight= weekly % lost?

    I keep figuring mine and Alex's out wrong I think. I am so proud of my Alex J. he did great this week!

    Guess what ladies – I spent 10 hours in a conference today and ate really well for all 3 meals that I had NO control over what was served – I didn't eat the ice cream sundeas or cookies they had for dessert!



  3. Jennileigh, that is a great verse….it will be the one I fall back on too from now on.

    Lisa J, I Divide pounds lost by Last week's weight and then multiply by 100. Somebody (sorry, I don't remember who) put that formula on here a week or two ago and I wrote it down. You did great on the eating healthy at the conference.


  4. I am going to change the spelling of my name on here to Leisia. The reason I am doing this is because when the weekly results get put up it is confusing because we have Lisa Janelle (Lisa J) and (me) Lisa and my last name starts with a J (therefore: Lisa J) so I figured it would be better for me to just change the spelling of my first name. I usually use this way to spell my name anyway so it isn't a big deal, I just wanted to let you guys know that it is still me when I post something:) Sorry guys, I am easily confused.


  5. Great scripture, I need to write that down and post it where I can see it!

    Lisa J – great discipline. I know how hard it is to in those conference environments. Hope I can do as well (I have a big one coming up in a couple months!)

    I was on the smaller end of the weight loss this week (I'm NOT complaining I swear Matt! lol) and I do have to keep reminding myself – every loss is a good loss. Every pound takes me one step closer to my goals.

    Keep up the good work.


  6. Way to go everyone! What a great week..

    Well my little guy came out of surgery just fine and is with Grandma today. He just wants to lay around which I guess is great healing. I did horrible with food but today is a new day and I will rock it!

    Keep up the awesome work.


  7. I can't even describe the chocolate craving I had last night. I popped in some gum and thank God it passed. I did step on the scale this morning and I am up but I expected that because I haven't been that great. It's okay I know I will get back at it.

    Where is everyone..


  8. Karla, I know what you mean about craving chocolate…I have been doing the same thing. My little girl's 7th birthday is next Saturday and she told me she wants chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I about killed over when I heard her say that. I decided that I am just going to buy cupcakes the day before her birthday and take them to school and let her friends help her eat them. I am not even going to have that temptation in this house- no way. We are also going to take her out for the whole day on her birthday so that means eating out twice….but maybe I can survive that.

    Where is everybody? It has been like a ghost town on here, I am getting lonely:( I didn't realize how much I had started depending on the support of this message board. It really helps to know I am not alone in my efforts. I have become quite attached to you-guys:)


  9. I just don't think I could look at chocolate in my kitchen and not eat some. Then I would feel so guilty I would probably mess up that much more. I just don't want anything to mess me up. I think this is the longest I have been able to stick to a diet (I hate that word) in my life and I have really done so good this time. I feel like this is really it… I am finally learning the healthy way to lose weight. There are no miracle drugs or miracle diets out there…. I just have to control what goes in and I have to get off my butt and burn some calories. I am so happy with where I am physically right now because I know where I am headed.


  10. Hey ladies…it has been pretty quiet. I'm doing ok. The first month is almost gone. I was really hoping that I would lose more total weight this month. But I believe that I have been adding muscle weight with the extra strength training that I've been doing. I know that the added muscle will help me in the long run but I've always been so tied to the scale that it is frustrating. Overall my weight loss for this month has been good…just not great by my own self imposed ideas. When I weighed in yesterday, I had lost a total of 12.8 pounds for the month of January. I will probably weigh again tomorrow just to get my official January loss.

    There was some talk about a reward jar in another post. Are those of you who were talking about it doing it? How's that going? I'm thinking about doing it to save towards some big reward in a few months.

    Keep up the good work ladies (and gents)!


  11. ok I lost another -3.6 which means I have lost 17lbs since Jan 1
    How do you figure your weigh lost and how do you turn it in to you. IM not sure I have
    Im confussed about that part

    Great job everyone ;o)


  12. try making the cupcakes or cake low fat
    I make the low far cake mix (the 50% less sugar one)
    I mix the dry with a can of pumpkin NOTHING ELSE no egg no water nothing and its very low in points on weight watchers. I control but just putting 2 tablespoons in a coffee mug and microwaving one at a time ;o)

    but noone will know the cake is made any different I never told my family for months. there is no pumkin taste either.
    very moist and just like the far version.

    I sell dove chocolate discoveries for a living so im around it all the time at parties I just show people how to make our items low fat and when you are eating really good chocolate you dont need alot.


  13. Leisia I feel this is really it for me too. Although I am just going with the flow it seems to be working for me. I don't think I will have a good week but Im okay with that.

    Anne H- yeah I don't bake but I have heard the versions with the pumpkin are good. Now if I could only get the stores to make them for me.. lol

    Jenn- I am not doing a reward jar, Anne W is doing it for her exercise. I am going to consider doing one for my weight loss. I am thinking $1 for every pound I lose goes in and if I gain I take out. I haven't decided yet what I might do though. Are you thinking about it?


  14. I haven't known what to say. Sorry I've been quiet. I haven't seen results much from what I was when I started a couple weeks ago.. can't wait till I do.



  15. I'm thinking about doing the reward jar and putting $1 for every hour exercised. If I skip a day other than my one rest day a week, then I'll take a $1 out. My mom mentioned adding smaller amounts for other goals like water and calories recorded (and in line).

    I'm thinking about Scuba lessons. I don't know how much they are but I've never wanted to think about putting on a wetsuit at my current weight. 🙂 The term beached whale always comes to mind. I realize that lots of people dive even if they are overweight — so it is a mental thing with me. But anyway…that's what I'm thinking about.


  16. Keeping it real so wanted to post that I put back on 3 of the 4 pounds I lost thus far. Ughhhh! So back on track today with a 300 calories breakfast. Told my husband and he is so supportive of me and will pray for me. Thank you Lord for a godly husband. How is everyone else's week going?


  17. I haven't lost any this week so far, but I haven't gained either. I am planning on working hard over the weekend to try to stay on the 1% honor roll. I am stuck in a rut and need to pick it up a little I guess. And it is so hard to work out while my husband and daughter are home….I will just have to work around them this weekend. "Move outta my way people- I gotta workout!!!" 🙂

    I don't have a problem eating right, it is the working out that I am having a hard time fitting in. I have found some awesome recipes on sparkrecipes.com and believe me I am using them. My husband has lost 9 pounds (uuuurg!) and he isn't even doing this with me… just eating dinner has done that. So, I know I am doing something right way down here in Tennessee:) I lost 12 pounds in January, so that is pretty good:)


  18. I'm pooped! I went to an activity center for Justis's bday. He's four today. (my middle child) Man you should have seen me climbing in and out of tubes, up and down nets and slides, jumping in the ball pits, it was a blast. I'm SO sore though. I felt like I was in an episode of "Wipeout". OY. I don't need the gym today. We also went to McDonalds and I got a Southwestern salad with 50 calorie dressing. Man was it good and big too! I'm proud of myself for not getting my favorite meal, Big Mac. :o) Tonight Travis and I are going on a date to a buffet but I'm ONLY doing salad. I love it there. :o) Doing good on eating.



  19. Wow Rebecca it really sounds like you got a good workout today. And it sounds like your son had a great birthday. I don't know if I could've went to McDonalds today and had so much willpower. I don't know why but this week I have been starving. I hope next week I am over that.


  20. Rebecca at least you stopped at 1 LOL

    I also stepped on the scale and I haven't lost anything either this week but haven't gained. Considering I wasn't that great on food a couple days I will take it. I am trying to be good until Tues morning to see if I can lose anything. If I don't I am okay with that and I know what i need to do.

    We can do this if we stick together. If we are frustrated just post up. We can learn from each other! Who need the campus when you have this board and nobody gets kicked out.. LOL


  21. Hey guys,

    I am not sure how much I will be posting this week. I am housesitting where the computer is old and slow. I type a sentence then have to wait for it to catch up with me. And I am NOT a fast typer. I am hoping I will figure out how to get my laptop connected to their wireless network…not only for speed but because i am housesitting and cat sitting…my allergies are flairing up. The cats do not go in teh bedrooms so it would be good breathing wise for me to be able to hang out in there without having to be exposed too much.

    With all that said, I started filming my audition video last night. 4 hours later we were finally done with umm jsut the interview portion. We have yet to film me living my regular life…which is in transition right now…or me at the gym. I was far more comfortable than I thought i would be, probably helped that I had 2 of my best friends in the room, Coach and Aaron…and they were actually the ones asking teh questions so it became like a regular conversation with them, just on a whole new level. I am excited to see what my film guy does with this. He is a real pro…he was filming me on a camera that costs 65 THOUSAND dollars….I was a little intimidated to say the least! And if I don't make the show, I will have a great video for my blog that will tell my story, and hopefully encourage and inspire others!

    On another front, I did something new at the gym today. I ran the track instead of teh treadmill…and instead of stopping for my rest periods I walked. Also instead of going 30 seconds my goal was 1 lap running, 1 lap walking! Did 2 MIles!!! My lungs were burning!!! Still burn actually. AM not sure if that is because it was hard, or compromised lungs due to cat exposure, or if I am getting a cold. I am hoping for just hard! Cuz a cold combined with my allergies is not a good thing!!Jsut weakens my lungs more!

    Somethign I noticed while running. YOu get far more exposure running the track than on a treadmill. By that I mean, more people notice what you are doing. After filming last night and posting that link to Jason's blog about looking at people, I tried it sort of, at least at first. But then, I noticed that more people sought out my eye contact. Like one woman actually came up next to me while I was running with my head down just concentrating on breathing and keeping one foot in front of the other, and put her hand in front to get my attention, when I looked up she smiled and gave me the thumbs up. Another guy smiled at me as he was walking past. Then he left the track and went to the "meathead" area. Whenever I passed him, he would look up, catch my eye and nod or smile! I caught several people watching me and smiling, not in laughter but what I imagine is a "look at her go" kind of way! It was kind of cool!

    Ok, sorry for such a long post, I feel like I haven't said anything ina while…Keep up your hard work ladies (and gents) You are all strong! You are worth the effort! and you are all capable of far more than you could hope or imagine. Jennileigh!! GO scuba-ing!


  22. Kim, it sounds like you did great running. I hope to be to that point one day myself. I am glad you posted….I was wondering where you were. Keep up the good work!


  23. Ewwww…cats!!! Wisdom from a bumper sticker: "So many cats…so few recipes."

    I have allergies too. I get flushed, my heart races, and my breathing gets labored.

    Scuba…definitely going to be my reward!! 🙂


  24. I did great tonight at the sports bar! I'm super proud. They had an all you can eat bar with NOTHING but spinach dip, nachoes and cheese, wings, and pizza. I called ahead of time and asked them if I could please please order something off the menu and they said yes. So I ordered a chicken dish with grilled veggies. It was insanely delicious and I was such a good girl. I"m very proud. I had diet pepsi too. Wings are something I LOVE so I am excited I didn't even cheat and have one.



  25. Kim, thanks for sharing the info about your experiment with eye contact at the gym — very encouraging. And, way to go with the running on the track!


  26. Yes, I am doing a combination of walking and jogging on the treadmill now. I can't jog the whole time I am on there but I am getting better at it everyday. I am proud just to be at that point…I thought I would never get there.

    Rebecca, you did great! And didn't it make you feel really good about yourself? Tests like that show us just how much control we can have and how strong we actually are now:)


  27. I'm so excited. I'm in the 220's now! I hope it is the same tomorrow and not up so I can put that for my weigh in. I haven't been in the 220's in probably 12 or more years. (remember last year I started at 288!)


  28. Rebecca you did awesome so proud of you.. Keep it up!

    foodwise I had an okay weekend. Wasn't the best but I am refocuing and getting back to what I was doing 2 weeks ago. I hope to make it to the gym this week too. Going to try for Tues for sure during BL.

    Kim- Wow that is a great expirence I hope one day SOON to be able to just jog on the treadmill without feeling like an idiot.


  29. Rebecca that is great, wow….60 pounds gone. What is your goal weight? About a year ago I weighed 230, I am trying to break 200…I seem to be kinda stuck at202. That is so aggravatting. My ultimate goal is 160 but when I get there I may choose to keep going, it depends on how comfortable I am at that weight. And now I know it can be done with a little work and good friends to encourage me. 🙂


  30. You guys are doing great!! I so proud of you.

    I spent some time yesterday reviewing my progress for January. I was pleased to see the changes that have been made. I'm impatient though and want it all NOW. I'm working hard this time around to acknowledge the victories along the way. I'm determined to be in it for the long haul. 🙂


  31. I don't know what my goal is. I'm starting it at 165. But I have a feeling it may go down a little. It's SO wierd! I think I wrote this before but right now I'm a size 18 pants and 228. Last time I got to almost my goal (the only time I ever yoyo'd) I was 180 and a size 16. How can I possibly be only ONE size away from a 16 and 230!??? Wierd!! So this time around I have a feeling I'm going to get under a size ten or something… WOW that's incredible. I am shooting for 11/12 pant size but I am posotive with the way I fit into 18's I'll get to that goal at around 180ish. :o) I'm just gonna keep going until I'm very fit.



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