Weigh in day!!!


It’s Tuesday!  Time to weigh yourself and get the numbers to me!  Remember, I need your first and last name, and current weight (not just pounds lost/gained).  And no need for photos!  Thanks, guys!

Check back tomorrow and I’ll post the Biggest Loser of the week, and the hall of fame superstars – anyone who lost 1% or more in the space of just a week, always an impressive feat!  You guys rock!  Keep it up!

Also … I realized I haven’t posted the prizes yet (can you tell I’m forgetful?) … stayed tuned … ; )

43 thoughts on “Weigh in day!!!

  1. Just sent my zero gain/loss in. Bit disappointed but will move forward. Today I have my food packed for the day.

    Anyone know an easy way to eat a grapefruit? I love them but such a pain to eat.


  2. Well now I don't feel so bad. Got caught in a "perfect storm" My hometown team in the Super Bowl and caught between gym memberships. Won't be back in the gym till next week it looks like.

    (What's that? What about the HOME exercise equipment lying dormant in the corner? Shush!)


  3. Wow, Matt, I am sorry i forgot to give you my last name when i sent you the weeks..results. BUT you will just have to get over it! I think you can figure it out.

    Don't give up people that surprise prize will be motivating us! Now we need to see the leader board and figure out how many pounds we need to lose to catch up…Maybe some weekly biggest loser prizes thrown in to boot…Just suggestions Matt. Not that you don't already have enough to do. i should probably just shut up now…. 🙂 🙂


  4. Hey everyone…after a .5 loss last week…I'm celebrating 3 lbs loss this week!!! I know it is super discouraging when we have those off weeks…but we are in it for the long run. This is our year. 🙂


  5. I like the idea of a leader board….like top 10 so far!

    Karla eat the grapfruit like an orange…peel it and separate into wedges!

    Great job everyone…I have not been o tthe weigh in yet…been getting yelled at by "Coach" for saying I was gonna run again today. H eis concerned I am running too much and putting myself at too great a risk for injury…grrrr….


  6. the problem is…anythign less than that level of intensity feels like less of a workout now…and I jsut did spinning last night. will probably end up walking instead, but I iwll have to figure out how to make it feel liek a good hard workout! The thing he did not realize is that I have not increased the amount of running I do…jsut the location…treadmill to track. I have been running 6 days a week…jsut in 30 econd sprints instead of teh run a lap walk a lap…He is jsut getting clued in as he hasn't worked out with me in a bit…he is a little upset with me right now 🙂


  7. I think my loss was 3 or 4 pounds so I'm happy. I can't believe I have 28 left to go till I'm under 200. That is awesome to me. You all did great. Even the ones who stayed the same. It happens. :o) And usually the next week you lose weight.



  8. Hi Everyone!

    BECAUSE you all were SOO supportive last week and this week while I have been traveling….I lost 5#'s this week! Thank you all sooo much for your support and encouragement while I was away from home it means the world to me. I'm flying back to Indy Wed-Fri next week!

    Rebecca – I am dreaming of under 200 but have a long way to go to get there! I am so proud of you!

    Take care everyone!
    Lisa J


  9. ummm if the scale at the house where I am at is accurate to what I have been weighing in on at the gym…then I may have lsot 4.5 to 5 lbs this week! Trying to contain my excitement until I go to the gym and check my regular scale. If so…that is pretty incredible since…well since it is "that time" and I usually gain 5 lbs of water weight!


  10. Rebecca.. way to go your so close! You go girl

    Lisa that is great you were able to do that. See anything is possible if we just do the work. (need to listen to myself)

    Kim even if that isn't totally accurate it might be close and that is awesome.. Having trouble catching you but I am not giving up! LOL


  11. I lost…get this— .9% I tried so hard to stay on the 1% list:( Oh well, I am just really glad I lost 2lbs. instead of gaining any. I knew I should've put in a couple of extra miles.:)

    I am so glad everyone sounds like they done great this week. Even when we don't loose any weight we still do great when we don't let it get us down….all that hard work shows up eventually!

    I am anxious to see what the prizes are. I also think something like a top 10 list would give us something to work for…a little incentive;)


  12. HAHA Wanna hear something funny? "Coach" thinks I should write a book when this is all over with…hehehe he thinks I have funny stories….at this point, I think he is silly!! But I won't say no at this point…we will see got a few lbs to go before it is all said and done!


  13. I'm up a ghastly 6 pounds. What is up with that? GRRRR. I'm anticipating that its a water retention issue related to a new medication, but it is indeed frustrating!

    Kim, if you are looking for a good non-running but still intense work out, try doing walking incline intervals on the treadmill. That usually works well for me (I obviously haven't done any this week 🙂 ) and I still get a really good calorie burn. Just kick the incline up high for two or three (or however many minutes) and bring it back down for a recovery period and do it again. Good stuff! If you still don't feel like that is intense enough, grab some dumbells and do some upper body work while you walk the inclines.


  14. Kim, that is so funny that you would mention writing a book. I have been seriously considering writing a book, not about weight loss but about some other things I have gone through. I have been considering it for about 9 months but this morning while thinking about it I came up with my title and my starting point on it. I don't think it is something you should discount, you could do it and be successful at it. I am going to start mine within the next few weeks, if not sooner.


  15. Teresa- I'm right there beside ya! I had a gain last week AND this week. I can't blame water though…I've just not been doing what I know I need to do. I have gotta get movin- FAST!

    I sent a request to join the facebook group!


  16. Hi Everyone!

    I just watched BL – – it was exciting to hear that both BOB and JILLIAN said that 2#'s a week at home is a great weight loss! So all of you hang in there – we are going to get there!

    **** GUESS WHAT????? ******
    All the at home BL's came back and weighed in tonight after 4 weeks at home – – the weight loss ranged from 2# to 25# in 4 weeks. The highest % of weight loss out of all of them was Sione with 7.16% lost in 4 weeks. In 4 weeks my husband Alex Lost a whopping 9.14% and I lost 7.52% – WOW I was BLOWN AWAY even with my 2 weeks of business travel. I can't believe we both beat everyone from the show who were home for 4 weeks.!!! Can you believe this? I am extatic to say the least!

    The message I'm trying to share is that WE CAN DO IT at home with support from each other and dedication! For those who are struggling….I KNOW how you feel I didn't lose much at all last week but it showed up this week with a 5# loss. So STAY focused and I promise it will come off.

    Be the Biggest Loser you can be EVERYDAY! I am so thankful for all of you.
    Lisa J.


  17. HHHEEEhEEEHEE HAHAHA HOHOHO!! I am super excited…my biggest losss yet….5 lbs!!!! oh man!! then to see on the show tonight that I lost more than some of those that were on the ranch?!?!? seriously???? too exciting….


  18. Kim, my book…..I was part of a national research study for PTSD called MDMA. It is one of the best things I have ever done…an awesome experience. I am one of very few people that has been cured of PTSD. By medical association standards PTSD is incurable. I am blessed:) It really changed my life dramatically.


  19. Kim way to go on the 5lbs.. Lisa.. I so needed that post. I feel myself slipping and I need to refoucs. I am not binging or anything but it's the little here and the little there that is going to catch up with me. Who needs the campus/ranch right??? We have this group and we will all be our own Biggest Losers!


  20. Hi Karla B!

    You hang righ in there – you CAN and WILL do it! I'm here to support you. I was so discouraged last week and look it showed up this week. How are you doing eating a fun variety of foods? That seems to be my saving grace. We still make a different BL receipe most every night.

    I still can't believe that all the at home BL’s had a weight loss ranging from 2# to 25# in 4 weeks. The highest being Sione with 7.16% lost in 4 weeks. I am truly stunned that in 4 weeks my husband Alex Lost a whopping 9.14% and I lost 7.52% – WOW I was BLOWN AWAY even with my 2 weeks of business travel. I can’t believe we both beat everyone from the show who were home for 4 weeks.!!!

    We have the Biggest Loser right here in this competition with Matt – we blew them out of the water! What do you think about that Matt?

    Karla – what can I do to help? Do you need recipes or to chat every other day and share what we have done for exercise and food?

    I read this quote somewhere that helps me get through on rough days:
    "Noone remembers the 1825 failed attempts they only focus on the 1 success"
    The meaning I think is not to beat yourself up too much that when you succeed and you will that all the bad weeks will fade away!

    Lisa J


  21. Lisa J, I would love to have some recipes (if that offer is open to me too). I am glad you made the point about us losing as much or more than the at home bl contestants. I hadn't thought about that until I read your post. I lost 6.5% in the first 4 weeks, yay me. We are all awesome. We can do this if we stick together and keep supporting eachother. I really believe that is why I am doing so good this time…all the support I am getting here. I feel like I have made some terrific friends here. Thanks guys:) I couldn't have came this far without you.


  22. WOW Leisha – great job!

    Look Matt you have a growing group of contestants right here that beat the at home BL contestants!

    WOOHOO –

    I can either post some recipes here or ???? I would need an email address or I can give you guys mine and anyone here on line can email me and I will send out some every week…. what would you like to do?


  23. I don't know how to calculate my weight loss % for the entire time I've been doing it. Can someone do it for me? I'm terrible at math! Here is what I can tell you:

    I've lost sixty pounds in 5 months. Started at 288 and am now 228.



  24. REBECCA – I am giving you a standing "O"! I am so proud of you!

    #'s lost divided by starting weight = %
    60/288 = 20.83%

    CONGRATULATIONS! I pray to be there with you in 4 more months! 🙂


  25. Yay! I can't remember how much the contestants at home normally lose. I am not losing it as fast as I should be because I still cheat, I'll admit it!


  26. Lisa, here is my email address (ljohnson1227@ymail.com). If others want recipes you could have your own little mailing list going on:) Or you could just post them here on the message board. Either way is fine with me. Thanks!

    Wow, Rebecca you have done great! I think really the slower it comes off the easier it will be to keep it off but that is just what I think. You are doing great!


  27. Maybe we can start a something on the facebook group for recipes.. My problem is I don't cook.. LOL Hubby does the cooking and is good about making it healthy. It's what I eat late at night (like chips and salsa) or if I do go out the quality I eat. there is a place that has strawberry silk pie only at Valentines day. I love the stuff and want a piece. I havne't been excelllent this week so I shouldn't have one but man do I want it.

    I have lost 4%.. Rebecca you have done excellent.

    If you guys haven't already hugrygirl.com has some excellent recipes. If you sign up for the newsletter you don't have to even go to the site. they not only give recipes but they tell you about new products out there. It's great.

    Lisa J thanks for the support.. I think coming here helps ALOT..

    Hey I think we need a team color??? What should we be?? A color that isn't on the show perhaps?


  28. Fuscia? lol then the guys wouldn't like that. Hmmm

    Thanks everyone. This last 60ish pounds is the hardest for me. And I was HORRIBLE eating today. I confess, I broke down and had chocolate (250 calories eeeeks!!!!) because I am having a chocolate craving from hell!



  29. I have officially started on my book.:) I am excited but at the same time it will take me on a roller coaster of emotions. Wish me luck …..no….wish me many thoughts filled with the right words:)


  30. I, too, was excited to see that I'd lost more than some of the at-home players who'd spent a week on the ranch. Reading your comments has been very helpful! I only lost a pound this week, but truthfully I wasn't sure I'd lose anything, so I was grateful. I seem to be on a cycle — 5 lbs., 1 lb., 5 lbs., 1 lb. So, hoping for 5 next week! Congrats to all of you who had such great numbers this week!


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