Sacred Space

Dan Kimball and Lilly Lewin have teamed up to create ‘Sacred Space,’ a great resource for creating multisensory worship experiences for student ministry!   The book opens with a few short chapters on why creative prayer and worship activities are important and valuable, and some of the practicalities behind getting started and making it happen.  The rest of the book is a collection of great ideas with detailed descriptions on what’s needed, how to set up, and how to lead students through the various sacred spaces.  Even more than the book itself, I loved that it comes with a cd-rom loaded with all of the printouts for signs, handouts and more for all of the different worship ideas, as well as hundreds of photos of these different prayer stations in action.  Personally, I love the photos because it was such a great help to have something to not only give me a visual reference to understand what was being described, but it also gives me the ability to print them out and use them as kind of road maps for setting up.    So to sum up, it’s well written, very practical, full of great ideas and definitely worth checking out!

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