Tuesday is weigh in day!


It’s Tuesday!  Time to weigh yourself and get the numbers to me!  Remember, I need your first and last name, and current weight (not just pounds lost/gained).  And no need for photos!  Thanks, guys!

Check back tomorrow and I’ll post the Biggest Loser of the week, and the hall of fame superstars – anyone who lost 1% or more in the space of just a week, always an impressive feat!

17 thoughts on “Tuesday is weigh in day!

  1. I'm still floating back and forth over the same two pound span. Being between gym memberships didn't help(fixed now). At my doctor's recommendation I've just started the South Beach Diet. If I'm diligent this week I will probably post a ridiculously large number next week. My priest went on the diet a week ago and lost 10 pound his first week. So we'll see. The first two weeks on this plan are a pain but it appears to work and my M.D. is a big fan.

    Wish me luck.


  2. Good Luck Jay, I hope it works well for you. I was told about that diet but I just didn't think it would workout for me. I just count calories, it seems like the easiest thing to do.


  3. Forgive me Teal team for I have sinned.. OMG I totally blew lunch. I was so hungry I went to the first place I saw. I haven't done that in a long time. I needed to come here to confess and be accoutable for what I have done.. i think salad in in order tonight.


  4. Well no more ten pound loss for me. I gained 9 of it back. UG! I only lost one pound, but hey it's a loss, I'll take it!



  5. Hi Everyone!

    We are so EXCITED – We have lost 5 weeks in a ROW with a TOTAL weight loss between us of 53 1/2#'s! We are absolutely BLOWN away!

    I traveled 3 of those weeks and we went away for the weekend to boot! (I fly tomorrow at 5:30am AGAIN then we are going away for Valentine's weekend!)

    Alex lost 4.5#'s -this week
    Lisa J lost 3.5#'s this week

    OMG let me just say our bed is like whew 531/2#'s off is a good thing – hehe

    Hang in there everyone you can do it…we are a team!


  6. I ended up loosing 1 pound. I'm very excited for that 1 pound because I was sick all week and only exercised once and I ate out several times this weekend. I'm feeling better and have already worked out yesterday and today and I'm eating much better. I know I will get a good number this week!

    Good job this week everyone and keep up the good work this week. I know it is hard not to get discouraged, but just know you can do it!


  7. Yes on Tuesday last week I think I was at 228. Friday I believe I weighed in out of curiousity due to working out SO hard this week and it said 218! I was shocked and didn't believe it…so I made my hubby check the batteries, get on the scale, then get on with a 4 pound bag of flour LOL It was right! I was so excited!! But by today I'm back to 227. GRR. I am on my you know what though so that may be part of it. I just can't believe the body can change THAT much in one week you know?



  8. I am just really having a hard time. I am going thru some very stressful home problems and it is making it hard for me to eat right. I'm not eating too much, it is the opposite…I am so nervous I am sick to my stomach and I am having a hard time making myself eat. By bedtime last night I had not even ate 500 calories. I'm not doing it intentionally, I just really am so nervous that it is making me sick. I wanted to have a good weigh-in next week but if I can't get thru this it is going to be another non-honor roll week. I know you-guys don't want to listen to someone whine about problems and I am so sorry to do that but just to be honest I don't have much of a life here. I don't work and I am at home 90% of the time, therefore I don't have any friends to lean on. I have got to lose this weight so I can get a life and start getting out more and doing things. This (weight-loss) is the first step in all that. OMG!!! Why did all this trash have to happen now?! Isn't that the way it goes….finally when ya start doing something good something always comes along to knock you back down. I really can't let that happen this time. I have to do this. If any of you-all pray please remember me when you do. I know this is far off of the stuff we usually talk about on here but I just had to get it out. I guess I feel close to you-guys because lately this is the most comunication I have had with anyone outside my home. I listen to everyone talking about work and traveling and going out with friends and those are things I don't want to miss out on forever. This weight-loss is extremely important to me, just as your weight-loss is to you-all too.

    Sorry…I had to get that out of my system…I hope I didn't bum anyone out. See, I am still smiling 🙂 thru it all.


  9. Lisa J you guys are on a roll way to go!

    Leisia you can do this. When you make a poor choice stop and think before you bite. Say to yourself is this gonna help lose weight or hinder it. I so should have done that all day yesterday. We all fall down but the important part is to get up and keep walking forward. You have to put yourself first. If you watched BL last night you will see Bob said to the brown team you have to eat to lose. If there are things in your life you need to change to be successful, then do it. I just did that myself. I changed gyms because the one I was at had funky hours and i never could make it so I paid a large fee to cancel there and signed up to a 24 hour place. it was something i needed to do if I was going to make this happen. You can do. I am normally on the computer all day long during the week so if you want to email back and forth I am game. Find me on facebook for my email address. You can do this!


  10. Thanks so much Karla. I do know there are some things in my life that are going to have to change, and real soon. I am trying to learn to take care of me. I have always took care of my family and put myself last but now 3 of my children are grown and not at home and there is only 1 child and my husband left to take care of.

    This morning I went to a different website than I had used the first time to see what my calorie intake needed to be and I think I have been taking in way too few calories this whole time. I don't know how to calculate it myself so I just googled for a website, when I first started 1700 calories a day (then I deduct 500 off)was what the first website said I needed to maintain my weight. This other website said I needed 2100 to maintain my weight (and that is after losing 15 pounds). There is a big difference in a 1200 and 1600 calorie intake per day. Maybe that has been my problem all this time. Does anyone know how to calculate calorie intake needs yourself? I would like to know how to do that because now I am all confused about how much I really need to be eating.


  11. If you click on jennileigh's name and go to her blog, on Jan 8th she gives a formula to figure how much you should be eating. Try that and see if it comes close to your websie.


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