Weigh in day and THE PRIZE!


It’s weigh in day!  Get your weights to me and I’ll post the results at some point tomorrow (it seems I’m getting a little later in the day on Wednesdays … but it will happen at some point on Wednesday!).  And I know, I know, this has taken me waaaaay too long … but at last, finally, the information you’ve been wondering about … the prize for our own Biggest Loser!


Here we go!  We’ve got some great organizations that have jumped in to contribute to our prize, making it possible for our big winner to walk away with over $180 worth of prizes!  Click their links and check ’em out!

  • The Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter, $7.95 (from me)
  • The Biggest Loser Cookbook, $21.95 (from me)
  • Destination Transformation, $14.95; my first book!  Co-written by myself and ten other former Biggest Loser contestants!
  • Race This! Volume 1, $39.00; Simply Youth Ministry has donated this great collection of dot style races!
  • HEAL: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living, $12.99; a great new resource from Simply Youth Ministry all about pursuing health in a way that honors God!
  • Refuel, $12.99; the new book from Doug Fields on connecting with God, another great donation from Simply Youth Ministry!
  • Millennial Influence podcast CD’s, $15.00; a great ministry to those who work with teenagers, Millennial Influence has donated several cd’s of their podcast, each containing three episodes.  Check them out here!
  • Motor Tabs, $55.98; Motor Tabs has donated two boxes of their rehydration tabs, each worth $27.99!  They’re a great way to stay hydrated during your workouts, and as an added bonus, they’re low calorie!  I love using them while I’m at the gym!

24 thoughts on “Weigh in day and THE PRIZE!

  1. Wow, those are great prizes. 🙂 It makes me want to work harder for sure!

    I lost 1 pound this week, same as last week. It looks like I am stuck on the one pound thing. I am just really glad I am not gaining. I feel so good now that the numbers on the scales don't get me down like they did before. I just love feeling this good.


  2. Awesome prizes. I did lost 1.6 but it's what I gained last week so I am back to where I was 3 weeks ago.. Gotta keep moving on!


  3. Great prize without a doubt.

    Week one of the new South Beach Diet went very well.

    But I'm afraid you folks will stop talking to me lol!

    I lost 7 pounds (ducks and covers)

    My wife who is doing this along side me lost 9. But she had a very carb heavy diet before anyway so I expected she'd beat me. Another week on the strict regime then we ease off for something more normal. Weight loss should drop down to something more normal then.

    Hey don't blame me, my MD prescribed this diet!



  4. For the FIRST time I consistently wrote down food intake, drank lots of water and exercised everyday (albeit 20 minutes) and geuss what? I lost 4.6 pounds! Up until last week I had a net gain of .8 at the end of the first four weeks (in a yo yo of losing and gaining). Reading the posts here are very helpful in this journey. Thank you all.


  5. Stay tuned guys….someone jsut told me about a recipe….he is gonna get it from his wife for me….but mashed cauliflower as an alternative to mashed potatos…..once I get it I will probably try it, then post it on my blog 🙂 hehehhe then let ya know here too!! 🙂


  6. Hi Everyone,

    I haven't weighed in yet…my husband and I weigh in at night together..I'll let you know.

    I have the cauliflower mashed recipe and it is WONDERFUL!

    I'll also post my Meatloaf recipe tonight that is from the BL cookbook – it is to die for!

    Praying for a loss tonight – I was away 5 days this week and I'm scared. I've lost 5 weeks in a row and don't want to blow it now.

    Stay tuned!


  7. We won't stop talking to you Jay:), I am sure we are all happy for you that you have found something that works for you.

    I am wondering how many people are still doing this competition, and how many have dropped out. I am really hoping that everyone is hanging in there and are still doing this. I think there was like 70 (?) and I hope there is still 70. This is the longest I have ever been able to stick with healthier decisions (I hate the four letter word: diet) and I really believe it is due to the support we give eachother here. Thanks guys!!!


  8. *throws shoes/stapler/telephone at Jay*
    Okay see I feel better now.. Way to go Jay! that is awesome. I have hard of the cauliflower as mashed potato but I have never done it. A recipe would be good.

    Lisa J I have the BL cookbook but haven't used it yet but I will look for that recipe. I love meatloaf. Do they make it with ground beef or turkey? I have been using Turkey.


  9. Okay, I just got back from my doctor's office. He told me the most basic way to know how many calories you need to maintain your weight is to multiply your current weight by 10. Ofcouse he said this is just basic and I may have to play around with the number and adjust it to fit my individual needs but actually it came out the same as the website I used this last time. So I wasn't off track at all after I recalculate everything last week, thank goodness. 🙂 Now I feel better.


  10. I have a recepe for the cauliflower one too and I made it for Thanksgiving. It's awesome!!! And mine turned out smooth not lumpy. So it can be done. I just cooked them longer. Way to go Jay and everyone else!



  11. Karla B – I use ground turkey but I have used ground Moose meat as well as it is extremely lean! There are 2 meatloaf recipes in the book – I will have to look up the page number but it's the one with the bbq topping.

    We are back on tracking planning and cooking 4 BL recipes a week. I am also trying the broccoli and cheese fratatas tomorrow morning… I can't wait.

    Praying to have a loss tonight….cross your eyes for me 🙂


  12. Jay! How can we be mad at you for finding something that works! You don't have to lose for me to win!!! 🙂 heheheh

    I am down 3. However, since I have moved I am now switching scales again mid competition….grrr. I weighed in on Sunday before I left so I would know exactly where i was at on my regular scale. THen went to the local Y this morning…get this….it said I was down 15 lbs since Sunday! I wish! But I think not!!! So I am in search of a scale that is mor ein line with where I have been at…contacting my old Dr to see if I can weigh in there each week without having to pay anything.

    In teh meantime, I am taking SUnday's weight as my weigh in # for the week! This makes 6 weeks of steady losses for me! Super excited about that!

    Recipes sound yummy!!! I made pancakes for my nieces and nephews this morning, using whole wheat flour. MOm has NO IDEA and said they were really good! hehehe I will trick her into eating healthier if I have to!! Although she ruined any good teh flour might have done by slathering each cake with a TBS of butter!!! 🙂 I didn't let her touch mine!!!


  13. I did well this week. The best since week 1. I lost 3.5 pounds. I'm back on the honor roll! I'm still amazed what eating healthy, drinking water, and exercising can do! I've lost consistently for all 6 weeks of the challenge. I've dieted and lost weight in the past, but I've never had the mind frame of this is a lifestyle change that will make me healthy. I'm proud of myself for finally making the change that can save my life.

    It's also great to have all of you here for support. I'm so proud of all of us for all the hard work we have done. The prizes are awesome and it would be great to win, but getting my life on track and getting healthy is the best prize.

    Keep up the great work everyone!


  14. Welll…….we weighed in…..

    Alex lost 1/2#
    I lost 1# this week.

    Good things to focus on:
    * Both lost 6 weeks in a row
    * Total loss together in 6 weeks -55#'s
    * Both keeping a detailed menu daily
    * Both exercising 3-4 times per week
    * We are working it each day!

    "Enjoy the essence of life. Every day you decide how you're going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus."

    Thank you all for the support – we appreciate every one of you!


  15. That is great Amanda and Lisa J.. a loss is a loss no matter waht. You guys have done awesome these 6 weeks.. Just keep on going.


  16. Working 🙂

    We are thankful for a loss!

    Karla B – great on losing 1.6 this week. May I ask how you are doing for the 6 weeks?

    Do you want me to give you page numbers of the recipes we have tried and love or do you want me to email them to you? (just give me your email address)


  17. Rainy and yucky here too. It's been a long day and I just got done at the gym at a cardio and resistence training combo class. Definitely a good all around workout. Now I'm on my way home to eat dinner and watch The Biggest Loser we DVRed last night.


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