Star Trek: The Motion Picture

It has begun!  Every time a new Star Trek movie comes out I have to prepare.  In other words, I watch all the previous Star Trek films, in order, before I watch the new one.  Since this new one will be the eleventh film, this will take a while!  Tuesday night, Jim Bob, Seth and I parked ourselves at the Stein’s house and popped in the first film of all … the Motion Picture.  Sweet!  It was actually the Director’s edition, where Robert Wise had gone in and redone some of the special effects, added some new digital magic, and made an otherwise long and slow moving film into a slightly longer, prettier slow moving film.

Having said that, I still love it.  Yes, it’s slow, and yes it’s not exactely the most riveting of plot lines.  But there’s a part of me that revels in the fact that the reason those shots are so drawn out of the Enterprise is the love for that ship and passion to see it on the big screen at long last led them to dwell on it way too long.  There’s a part of me that loves those long, drawn out sequences.  The rest of me uses them as opportunities for bathroom breaks and snack runs …

One down, nine to go.  And then … I will be prepared!

3 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  1. Dude, that's just so long. That shot of the Enterprise borders on the pornographic. The first one is easily the worst of the bunch and the only one I resist watching over again.

    I AM looking forward to the new one.


  2. STTMP is not the worst, although it is slow. That being said, I can't believe you are going to make people sit through "Star Trek V" – you are a cruel, cruel man…


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