Star Wars Invincible

I finally finished book nine, the final book in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.  Here’s the deal; I think the series was about three books too long.  It just felt at times like they were dragging it out, but this final chapter was definitely worth the read.  It was pretty much nonstop action, with Jaina Solo on the hunt for Jacen Solo, her twin brother gone evil, the whole book.  For the uninitiated, Jaina and Jacen are the twin children of Han and Leia Solo. 

What I liked so much with this last book, as opposed to a bunch of the books in the middle of the series, was that the pacing was fast, focused and riveting.  The writing was great, and I kept thinking as these two twins duked it out that I would LOVE to see this in film.  Their lightsaber battles and force duels would be amazing … and probably very difficult to actually film.

Anyway, there you go.  At long last, after a couple years of picking at the Legacy of the Force series, I am finally finished.  I’m sure you’re all very, very impressed.  😉

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