Snow Day!


The boys are home playing in the snow!  They are much more excited about this weather than I am!!!  Noah (3 years old) is the top picture, Caleb (5 years old) is the lower photo!


3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Wait I thought you said you had a snow day!
    With only that much snow!??!?!!?!?!?!
    Somedays I don't even shovel that little snow!

    I'm definitely living in the wrong part of the country.


  2. lol … yeah, it's a little strange compared to Maine. Everything was cancelled everywhere from about 4pm on yesterday … even though the snow didn't start up until the middle of the night. Yup, the state shut down because of the forecast …


  3. Haha! That happens here in NC also! Snow was in the forcast for yesterday on Sunday night and they started out delaying the school two hours, but by the time I went to bed at 11pm, they had already canceled the schools. It did snow, but we only got between 1-4 inches of snow. They were all concerned about the black ice. Since school has been cancelled three times this year, we are now having to make them up during the first 2 days of our spring break. All us teachers are very upset and it was for less then 5 inches of snow!! We even had a two hour delay this morning even though it hasn't snowed since yesterday morning. Again, they were worried about black ice. I'm from Ohio, so this is absolutely nothing to me. We wouldn't get a snow day unless we had 2 to 3 times that much snow. People in the south (and it looks like Maine) are wussy!


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