Tending the Temple week eight results!


Eight weeks and you guys are still rocking this challenge!  It’s fun seeing your weights average down, the excited emails and discussion about the numbers of pounds you guys are losing!  Keep it up!  Which brings us to …

Our Biggest Loser of the week, with an impressive 1.65% loss, is Thomas P!  Following him with a 1.63% loss is Sandra C!  That’s practically a tie!  You two are AMAZING!

Our 1% Hall of Fame this week includes (okay, I threw in a couple people that were in the 0.95% range …) Amanda K, Rebecca B, Cheryll, Jason D, Michael C, Felicia T, Jodi B, Mandy P and Jennifer M!  Awesome work guys!  You’re doing fantastic!

24 thoughts on “Tending the Temple week eight results!

  1. We are still doing amazing! Great job everyone!

    Thanks for including me in the honor roll, Matt! I figured out my percentage and I saw that I was a little under 1% and I was sad that I didn't make the honor roll, but you surprised me and added me anyway! Thanks!! It makes me feel good! 🙂


  2. its amazing how well everyone is doing. what kind of exercise is everyone doing? its had been hard trying to eat right and exercise and work and keep up home life… what a challenge…. im just usually wore plum out by the time i get home from work and working at athletic club also. and then the energy to find to keep my HEALTHY menus going when others at home dont want things as healthy — what a challenge — anyone have that challenge that no one in the house needs to lose weight but yourself so it puts a strain on the menus? i dont get to get on here much because of time but i do try to at least read what everyone is typing. good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Sandra,
    Just because others in the house may not need to lose weight, there is no reason that everyone can't eat healthier! Maybe let them have a little larger portion or an extra side dish if they need more calories.


  4. what do you do when they want fried eggs bacon biscuits and gravy and you need to eat fruit, oatmeal, cottage cheese, or egg white omelet etc — trying to get ground if anyone has to deal with these kind of things and how do they cook that kind of stuff and then sit down the their healthy meal — its VERY hard for me and its hard to eat the right things after cooking stuff like that.


  5. If that's what they want to eat (and are old enough) then the only way they can have it is to make it themselves. Can you sit down and talk to your family to seriously talk about that stuff just isn't good for you OR them, even if their weight isn't high? Sure it's hard not to want to eat the stuff that got us to the point of being overweight to start with, but you have to be willing to change your life forever. Otherwise you will end up at this point again. Do you really want to eat a plate of bacon & fried eggs after working out so hard and losing so much weight?
    Try searching online for some lower calorie recipes that have some flavor to them. Healthy doesn't have to be bland too.


  6. Oh, and you asked, how do you cook that stuff then sit down to healthy food… I don't cook that stuff. I will agree that it is a million times easier that now that everyone in our house agrees that things are going to be cooked healthy and if they don't like that, they are on their own for food for the meal.


  7. My whole family has made the change with me. I am the only one that needs to lose weight but we know that all of us had bad eating habits. It wouldn't work for me unless it was going to be a lifestyle change (permenantley not just Temporarily). So, we are all getting healthy here. "Lifestyle Change"….that is definetley the key to success.


  8. I hear you Sandra. I live with my mom and while she SAYS she needs to lose weight (not to mention control her cholesterol, protect her heart, build up her lungs, lower her blood pressure etc) she is not willing to switch things up for herself. So I cook my own stuff, and she cooks hers….but it is soo hard to not eat hers…it is wha I grew up on and unfortunately, whiile my head knows it is not good for me….my stomach still likes it! and I WANT it.


  9. thanks for the feedback — its always easier said then done with just tell them this is how it is — especially after being married 24 yrs — i dont want to deprive my husband of the foods he loves because of my "weaknesses" i just want to learn how to be stronger — he is being pretty supportive on meals — i havent fried anything in a while — i have had over 20 yrs of struggling with my weight —

    I joined the gym April 1, 2008 and as of today – i have lost 101 pounds….. i have never done that in my life to lose that much in one year — its been hard – thats why this challenge means alot to me — i would like to feel like i have accomplished something in my life — i can finally feel my bones — which i know sounds little retarded to be excited about that but i havent been able to in YEARS!!! I have went from 28 pants to 18 and 4X tshirts (26/28 womens shirts) to L/XL tshirts and (18/20 womens shirts) — but what sucks is I still have a good 75 lb to lose — hope not to bore everyone with stuff – but this is a good way to vent and you guys are all so cool to help out with advice etc.

    thanks for everything and if anyone has some really good low fat/low cal/low carb recipes that would have time to share and email that would be awesome!!!! i am still learning.

    everyone have a GREAT weekend!!!!!


  10. Sandra, you could never bore me; I would follow you anywhere. What a heroic story, 101 pounds in a year! You say you have 75 more to go and I for one will be cheering you after every pound. You are inspiring and I don't know why I haven't come here and posted more. I've been wavering all over the place since my great weigh in this last week, trip to Seattle with free food all over the place, then to Spokane… now I'm home for the rest of the weekend and able to make better choices. One choice is to come here. Thanks for the posts, everyone!


  11. Rebecca, I am the same way. I check all weekend for posts and am so dissappointed when there are none. This message board helps me so much.

    My cousin (and he was more like a best friend) died thursday and I have had a hard time eating. I hope I haven't blew my weight loss this week. I don't know how long it takes your body to go into starvation mode. I have really tried to keep eating but I haven't been able to stay anywhere close to my calorie intake need. I was having to force myself to eat anything because I was so sick to my stomach. I am hoping I can get back on track today and that it hasn't effected my weight loss. So, anyway that is why I didn't post over the weekend.

    I hope everyone has a great start to the new week. 🙂


  12. Sorry I normally get one once a day on the weekend but it was a bad weekend so I didn't post. Here is to a fresh week!


  13. Leisia, so sorry to hear about your loss…that is always a hard time to control anything!

    I too have had a busy weekend. I am visiting my beloved GR for a few days and finsihed filming Saturday. We definitely caused a scene at the Y because on Sunday at chuech some girl came up to me and asked if I was the one being filmed at the Y yesterday….ok, when in GR I go to a church with 10K people!! I can barely find my friends let alone random people finding me! Regardless of what the scale says tomorrow, I have desperately needed this visit here. It is doing my heart good and I feel re-energized to keep going! With that said, I am not even sure I am going to be able to weigh in tomorrow. I would typically do this at the Y, however, there was a shooting there last week and they are not allowing guests in the building…members only and since I moved I am no longer a member. I had to get special permission to film there…and I think they said yes because it could potentially lead to good press fo rthem…which they need! Soooo we will see…I will haave to figure something out….


  14. Thanks Darla and Kim. I am trying to just stay busy and keep moving on. That is what he would have wanted me to do.

    I hope you get to weigh-in today kim. Maybe you can find a doctor's office to weigh at.

    Good luck to everyone on weigh-in today. 🙂


  15. Hi All,
    ? for you… My husband had been eating exactly his calorie amount (1800) for weeks. He was disappointed with his weight loss. This week, he quit soda and also had 1 or 2 days he went over calories, and ended up losing 2%! Any ideas as to why this happened?

    Hoping he's the Biggest Loser this week! 🙂



  16. I've been soda isn't good for you even if it is diet because of the sodium and caffeine. In the past I never gave up diet soda, but I have this time and I have been seeing a difference.

    Also, where did he find out that his calorie needs was 1800? I was told by a trainer this weekend that the days you workout, you need to eat at the top of your calorie range because you are burning a lot of calories and you may be bringing you body down into the starvation stage after burning the calories. My range is 1400-2000, so on workout days, I need to make myself eat at least 1800 calories even though it may be tough.

    I hope this helps!


  17. Hi Amanda,
    We used Matt's formula to figure out the calories. Where did you find your calorie range? I'd like to play around with it a bit. I noticed that went I eat a little more, I lose more. I was on 1200/day, and now am up to 1400 and sometimes do 1600, so I can see where you're coming from with the starvation bit.
    thanks for your response!


  18. I got a test done at my gym where they look at your oxygen and CO2 levels. I don't really understand it, but it is the most accurate way to find your needed calories. The trainer who did the test then explained the importance of eating the different amounts of calories depending on whether you work out that day. This is my first week trying it, so I will let you know how it goes. Good luck! It is so hard to know what is the right thing to do.


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