Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

My quest to prepare for the new Star Trek movie continues!  I am working my way through all ten Trek films, one per week, to ready myself for the May arrival of the new film.  I actually watched Star Trek III about a week and a half ago, but my computer died a tragic, crashing death and I’ve only just now gotten it back to 100%, so here’s my late review!

This film probably ranks in my top three Trek films for a few reasons …

  • It was the first film directed by Leonard Nimoy.  Like Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker) directing the Next Generation films, Nimoy just understood the characters and the trek universe as only one of the actors could … which is probably why his films are some of the best.
  • One of Captain Kirk’s most powerful on screen moments – his reaction to the death of his son.  Seeing him stumble as he reels back is absolutely moving.  Interesting bit of trivia: originally he wasn’t supposed to stumble.  One of the times they were filming, however, Shatner tripped as he stepped back and Nimoy realized the image of the Captain Kirk stumbling back was so much more powerful.  Great, great moment.
  • The destruction of the Enterprise.  It’s still shocking to see.  Decades later, the various lead starships in the different Trek shows and movies have all been destroyed multiple times, but this was the first.  And for fans who would have to wait years for another movie, if left the question of whether or not there would ever be another one.  It was definitely a bold move on the part of the writers – the Enterprise is one of the lead characters, and it’s always risky to kill of a lead.

Okay, so I’m biased – as a massive Star Trek fan it’s a given that I like the film.  However, after seeing this thing countless times, it’s still a great story.  I’m just sayin’.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

  1. I agree and I just watched it again a couple weeks ago. III was one of if not the best of the movies. I do like The Voyage Home too it cracks me up.


  2. To me, in a lot of ways, III was the riskiest and bravest of all the movies; they killed the Enterprise, they turned the crew until law breakers, they killed Kirk's son, Spock barely had a cameo, and they ended it with them flying a stolen Klingon ship. It was also the darkest of all the movies, yet I think we saw more of the characters than we did in so many of the films. Very, very cool film. 🙂


  3. Oh yes, we are trekkies in this house. All of them. The movies some were better thann others but the shows were all great.

    I did love this particular one, maybe this will be our movie we watch this week.


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