Week 11 Challenge results!



You guys are amazing!  Week after week, now month after month, you are plugging away, doing the work, and losing the weight!  Amazing!

Our Biggest Loser of the week actually managed to break the 2% barrier!  Felicia T dropped an impressive 2.14% this week!  Close behind, with a 1.69%, Lisa J took second place for the week! 

Our 1% Hall of Fame this week includes Leisia J, Jay P, and Alex J!  You guys are amazing!  The Hall of Fame is a little smaller this week (literally and figuratively), but there were a bunch of you that posted losses this week, so I’m still excited about the progress people are making!!!  I’m expecting next week’s Hall of Fame to be huge!

10 thoughts on “Week 11 Challenge results!

  1. Felicia you did amazing. Way to go.

    Eveyone did awesome. I am hoping to be on that 1% next week. I am working by butt off.


  2. Congrats Felicia….I wasn't even a close 2nd….yikes I need to get on that treadmill more…watch out I'm running right behin you….ok so maybe just walking but I'm moving 🙂

    Have a Great week everyone – I'm off to NY for the week for work….this is going to be hard being back on the road.

    Lisa J.


  3. Congrats to Lisa J and Leisia J, Jay P, and Alex J! And to everyone for staying in the challenge nomatter what.
    I am thankful for the challenge. When I started this challenge I had gained weight and then for months (Jan 6 until recently)plateaued and really wanted to give up. I was logging my food and the scale didn't move in the right direction. Then I went to God's Word and read the reminder that the race is not given to the swift nor the battle to the strong (Eccl) and then reading the one who got the prize endured till the end (Matt) , I haven't hit goal YET, Notice I said yet. I have a long way to go and maintenance is after that. I Started walking with Leslie Sansone DVD's (which changed up my routine) the scale is moving in the right direction and I fell the difference, Thank God. Thanks for continuing to post, I got back on the band wagon.


  4. Felicia, I am so glad things are going better for you. This is the way I am looking at it…."the slower this weight comes off – the longer I have to get used to a new healthier lifestyle – therefore it is less likely that I will gain it back later because I am ready to keep doing what I am doing for the rest of my life to ensure myself good health". You are obviously doing something right so hang in there and keep it up!!!! 🙂


  5. how was everyone's weekend? I was busy but still didn't seem like I got anything done. My eating is still not that great. Could be far worse though. Does anyone eat the protein type bars? If so waht do you eat?


  6. After I workout, I eat a Luna bar. I was told by the tainer who did my metabolic and caloric tests that after I work out, I should be eating 3 times as many carbs as protein within 45 minutes after my workout. The Luna bars and Cliff bars both fit this criteria. I like the Luna bars better because they taste a little bit better and they have less calories.


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