Such a proud parent … or not …

Wow.  So on Wednesday we had our six month checkup with Noah, our three year old.  It was actually about his eye, not his general health.  He has Ptosis, which is the fancy word for a droopy eye lid.  It’s serious enough that he actually had to have surgery on it just before his first birthday to insert a sling inside his eyelid to hold it up.  This is something that will have to happen every few years for the rest of his life.

So Wednesday was his first appointment here in Delaware which meant it ended up being about three hours long.  Ug.  He was doing pretty awesome until the last half hour when he couldn’t sit still any more.  Heather had gone and picked up Caleb (5 year old) from preschool, and the two of them started wrestling around while the doctor was talking us through some stuff.  Next thing we know, Noah is on top of Caleb and just absolutely rips one.  Loud.

That wasn’t the horrifically embarrassing part.  That came next:

Noah starts laughing and screaming, “HA HA HA!!!  I FART ON YOU!  I FART ON YOU!!!”

I think they heard him in the waiting room …

5 thoughts on “Such a proud parent … or not …

  1. Awesome!!! I jsut learned about "beef stew" from my almost 9 yr old NIECE, who taught it to the almost 8 yr old NEPHEW!.

    What is beef stew you might ask? Apparently you get the person to whom you are giving beef stew to on the floor, face up…then you proceed to squat over their face and let one rip! Yep…that is the daughter of my youngest brother teaching the son of my oldest brother such things.


  2. My son(who in now almost 16) had a droopy eyelid. His was really bad. We prayed and prayed and prayed. The wanted to perform surgery on his also. Over the years it straighten and it what they call normal now. We still have the pictures so he can see how it was. He had it from newborn until he was about 5 years old and I think by the time he was size it had straighten. The boys are just being boys with the passing of the gas-and when they get older and you tell them some of the things they did they will say NA-UN we didn't do that, so take some time and log, journal that stuff down in a book for them and give it to them when their 18 it's a blast.


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