Church was AWESOME

I had a loooong, but GREAT Sunday.  During our Sunday School hour, which we call Student Quest, we had middle school and senior combined for the last week in a series we’ve been doing based on Bill Hybel’s book, Just Walk Across the Room (great book, by the way).  I kept the talk short so at the end we ended up with about twenty minutes for kids to share their 100 word stories.

Here’s the premise; Bill Hybels encourages people to write out and be able to tell their story – their experience with God and how He has made an impact in their life – in a hundred words or less.  To be honest, I didn’t stress over the word count.  I told the teens the point was being about to tell it in a couple minutes or less, to keep it focused.  A bunch of kids went, from sixth graders to seniors, which was AWESOME because it was a room with close to a hundred people in it, and I’m always blown away when kids get up, take the mic and run with it in front of their peers like that!  I have to admit, I was particular impressed with the middle schoolers that did it – it’s tough to get up in front of high schoolers and do that!  Very, very cool way to wrap up the series!

From there I spent the afternoon in missions trip meetings!  First was the Maine mission trip meeting.  We’ve got a large group of teens and adults heading up to the northern most parts of Maine this summer for an annual trip.  It was fun to have the whole group in one room for the first time – it’s going to be a great trip!  There is a lot of energy and excitement!  After that I had my Nicaragua team meeting.  There are about seventeen of us heading to Nicaragua for a couple weeks to do ministry in the dump, local schools and a camp.  We had a great meeting, they’re rolling on their assignments for the trip, and we had an awesome time of prayer.

Then I wrapped up the day with our student small groups!  All in all, I was at church for close to twelve hours … but it was an amazing way to spend the day!

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