I’m lovin’ Playswitch!

Okay, I’m lovin’ Playswitch right about now.  I tend to go on binges with this website, which is fun for me.  Basically, it’s a video game swap site; you list the games that you have that you’re ready to trade off, and then you list the games you want … and they hook you up with people!  Here’s what I’m so happy about … I traded off four or five games that I haven’t touched in half a year or more, or that my kids and I were disappointed with to begin with, and in return I got four or five games I’ve been dying to get (or that my kids wanted)!  Soul Caliber IV, Lego Indiana Jones, Ratatouille (sp???), and a couple others.  Easily over a hundred bucks worth of games.

I have to admit, I’m kind of sneaky about it.  I have several of the kids’ games hidden in my office to bring home on special occasions and surprise them with.  It’s nice having an ace in the hole like that!  Anyway, if you’re a gamer, check it out!

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