36 Parables: Blue

I just finished checking out the Youth Specialties DVD curriculum, ’36 Parables: Blue,’ and I love it!  It’s one of a series of DVDs they’ve put together, each containing three modern day parables that illustrate parables from the New Testament.  They’re about ten minutes each, so the DVD has about 30 minutes worth of footage on it (I got crazy good math skills).  In addition to some resources on the disc (playable from a dvd player or computer), there are also discussion guides available online here.

I thought the production value was great on these three films.  This particular disc had modern day versions of ‘The Hidden Treasure,’ ‘The Two Debtors,’ and ‘The Unmerciful Servant.’  All three had completely different tones; one was sad and serious, another silly, while the third was wistful.  All three were compelling, and I think what I really liked was that while this was designed for youth ministry, I could see myself using it with adults as well – not something that can be pulled off with most videos out there.

All in all, a great video resource that’s cheaper than most dvd illustrations out there.  Great as a message illustration, or a stand alone lesson and discussion.  Well worth the cost – and now it’s got me wanting the rest of the series!

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