Weigh in day!


It’s weigh in day!  Get your weights to me and I’ll post the results tomorrow night!  If you haven’t reported in a while, it’s okay to jump back in!  We’ve got until May 12th, the Biggest Loser season seven finale to lose the weight for the contest and that’s still plenty of time to pull it off!  And just to remind you, here’s the prize!


We’ve got some great organizations that have jumped in to contribute to our prize, making it possible for our big winner to walk away with over $180 worth of prizes!  Click their links and check ‘em out!

  • The Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter, $7.95 (from me)
  • The Biggest Loser Cookbook, $21.95 (from me)
  • Destination Transformation, $14.95; my first book!  Co-written by myself and ten other former Biggest Loser contestants!
  • Race This! Volume 1, $39.00; Simply Youth Ministry has donated this great collection of dot style races!
  • HEAL: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living, $12.99; a great new resource from Simply Youth Ministry all about pursuing health in a way that honors God!
  • Refuel, $12.99; the new book from Doug Fields on connecting with God, another great donation from Simply Youth Ministry!
  • Millennial Influence podcast CD’s, $15.00; a great ministry to those who work with teenagers, Millennial Influence has donated several cd’s of their podcast, each containing three episodes.  Check them out here!
  • Motor Tabs, $55.98; Motor Tabs has donated two boxes of their rehydration tabs, each worth $27.99!  They’re a great way to stay hydrated during your workouts, and as an added bonus, they’re low calorie!  I love using them while I’m at the gym!

24 thoughts on “Weigh in day!

  1. I had my first gain of 1 pound this week. 😦 All this running to class, court, and everything else is making it hard to get time to eat right and exercise. I will be glad when all this is over and our new girl is home with us.


  2. Hi Leisha!

    Hang in there….keep in mind a number of BL contestants including Michelle gained 1-2 times but kept on going. Keep your eye on the prize.

    We had a very very emotional eating week with losing a dear friend. We were blessed to both stay the same.

    Keep your eye on the prize!
    Lisa J. and Alex J.


  3. Thanks Lisa, I am trying to hang in there. At these parenting class the instructors set up tables of food, and the sweets they bring in- I have know idea where they find this stuff… it is sinfully good. Yes, I have messed up and tried some of it, as we can see from my gain. 😦 I felt so guilty, but this stuff is so tempting it is so hard not to eat it. The meetings are at times where you are there at dinner time on tuesdays and at lunch time on Saturdays so it is just hard. I watch everyone sitting around eating and having a good time like they don't have a care in the world. But something that just now occured to me is that 95% of them are overweight. There is obviously a big difference between me and them, I now know that the reason I am overweight in the first place is because of overeating and especially junk food. That food is my enemy! So I just need to be strong and keep telling myself these things while I am in class. I know I can do this… I just need to be strong. My husband has been so supportive of my efforts but even he is sitting down with big plates of cookies, chips & dip, creampuffs (that are sinfully delicious), and anything else that he can fit on there. I only have 4 more class (2 weeks) to go, I will make it through this- I have to!


  4. Does anyone on here have a myspace? I am on facebook but I kinda like myspace better. If anyone is- let me know.

    I hope everyone is having a good week!


  5. I am on myspace but I like Facebook better. I play the games on Facebook and I think Myspace runs slow. I never get on there anymore. I did for the first time today.

    My weight stayed the same yet again. I am hanging in there. Soon it will break.


  6. I don't know anyone in Omaha, we're trying to sell a house in Raleigh, NC. 🙂

    Hang in there if you didn't loose any this week. I stayed the same last week, but lost 3 pounds this week. In the past I would have gotten all frustrated and sabatoged myself, but not this time! I fought through it and it brought me great results this week.

    A yogurt parfait sounds great! I've never tried one. I do treat myself to an ice cream cone from there now and then. They're yogurt, very yummy and only 150 calories!

    Well, have a great week everyone! I'm finally on spring break, so I'm getting some extra gym time in!


  7. All I know is the new wardrobe I have looks GREAT! Everyone is now commenting on the slimmer me. I have not reached my goal, but the tortoise keeps plodding forward…I will get to the finish line.


  8. Loren, that is great…the good comments will push you to lose even more.

    I hope everyone is having a great week!

    I am back on blogger again. I just kinda quit using it and I didn't realize (Kim) that people had even been reading my blogs. I am so sorry that I didn't know there were comments on there until today. Kim, did you get to do the memory quilt for your friend? Let me know, I am curious.


  9. Morning all,
    Bad week last week, a friend died unexpectedly (bad week for that apparently) plus I hosted a ministry group for three days. Managed a good workout every day but ate out every day too. Held the weight gain to only 2 pounds. I can live with that.

    Don't do MySpace anymore they just annoy me.


  10. Hi Jay,

    We lost one of our closest friends last week unexpectedly….we have been eating emotionally as well but we were blessed and both stayed exactly the same this week.

    We know how hard it is…you are in our prayers
    Lisa and Alex J


  11. How is everyone doing this week? Would like to know what you are planning on doing for Easter and to contol the eating? It wil be a huge issue for me.


  12. Karla- I have the same question for the group. This weekend I have a baby shower, Easter dinner with the in-laws, and Easter lunch with my parents. My mom is bringing dessert. Greaaaat.

    Would love to see peoples ideas!


  13. We are celebrating at church but we are baptist and baptists sure do like to eat! We celebrate for 3 days at our church, I had to turn down pizza, coke and candy tonight. It isn't easy, I will say that…. just think about having to lose that weight all over again- not me. 🙂


  14. Leisia- I have not done it yet. My friend said at some point she might be interested in one, but not now. Too hard to think about, but she is willing to save some of her dad's clothes until she decides.

    All- I have been sucking lately. FLoudering this week is an under statement. Good comments? Actually send me the opposite way and I eat more…tons of fears going on and financial stress due to being out of work for over a year now is kicking in hard core. I keep starting new again each day, but by the end of the day, all will-power seems to have gone. TOday I go again!

    Matt- DId you forget to post the results?

    Easter dinner- We have one meal planned with family. Just plan on doing the best I can…but part of me wishes my whole family didn't know what I was doing…just feels like more pressure as they watch what I eat and talk of nothing else but food.


  15. Kim, the only people that know I am trying to lose weight is my best friend, my daughter, and my husband. It is like everybody wants to judge everything you do (or eat) when they know and I don't know about you- but that itself can cause me to fail.


  16. Liesia, I started out with jsut a few who really knew what was going on…a bunch that suspected and my family knew nothing. Well, since then my weight loss has become a part of a fundraiser for a local organization….and my family now all knows about it. So it has opened myself up for some scrutiny! Just another piece I get to walk through…cuz I am about this being bigger than me and letting GOd have this…even teh process…


  17. Kim I know its hard but you know what you have to do to be successful. Don't let others comments influence you. I do that and it's getting me nowhere either. I have been doing all these hard workouts and haven't lost a pound because I am so infulenced but outside things. It's very frustrating.

    Hello Matt??? Did we get lost with the results?

    Hope everyone had a good Easter.


  18. Wow! That was so weird! I never even noticed it didn't publish – I thought I had blogged the results last Wednesday but it saved it as a draft instead of putting on the blog! Sorry!!! It's been sitting there this whole time and I never even noticed!


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